hey guys welcome to my channel and
welcome today 19 of 30 days keto diet transformation challenge it’s about 12 o
clock we have a lot of work to do so we heading out to Starbucks as usual have
some coffee and we probably gonna have a lunch out so I’m gonna show you what you
can get on a keto diet when you’re on to go yes we have the work for today done
and we decided to try the five guys today so let’s make the order here is the faking of the bunless burger
in the bulb it some extra lettuce some pickles or the Riley shoes and how many
developing you know a lot of things in the end mushrooms jalapenos jalapenos
bacon very so many things going on in this amazing oh yeah sitting in work you can start back some
and Margaret I heard little bacon bacon with may of with relish regular mustard
on the end with jalapeno feathers extra dice
pickles Tomatoes growth Filipinos green peppers and Rob
actually has extra patties otherwise the same order it was delicious hey guys we back from our working at
Starbucks having awesome watch at Five Guys and we actually stopped at Ollie’s
which which I told you yesterday that we still need to pick up some other
groceries so I’m gonna now show you our grocery haul we’ve picked up some wild
caught salmon these are frozen Phyllis there are four of them awesome deal for
four dollars I just like to have them in the freezer
if I don’t have time cooking and I just want something quick and healthy I just
take it out it’s thaw it and sing it takes about ten minutes and then you can
have an amazing lunch or dinner we got this pork loin which was dull 89 a pound
I just like to cut it into about inch big pieces as a steak size and I use it
on a grill or you can even cut it into cubes and make some whatever sauces you
wish to just a great piece of fatty meat then we got this Black Angus top sirloin
I’m probably gonna make a shish kabob tonight with some mushrooms onion and
peppers and zucchinis and a leftover of that will be maybe a steak we’ll see how
long this goes now we got black forest ham will like it on sandwiches obviously
Kherson which is gorgeous as well roll-ups with some salami and pickles
and speaking of salami is this genuine salami is great for those roll-ups or
just to spread a little cream cheese and rolling it up great snack and you never
had enough salami so we have this hard salami which are these bite-sized they
great rap like them with hard-boiled eggs so you can have them just like that
or just the snake on a great high fat snack I got this small cocktail sausages
I don’t I’m gonna do with them yet I’ll probably
can make a shish kabob with those or jalapeno poppers or just have them as a
snack with hard-boiled egg we’ll see then I have this xxx snack sausages
sticks which are also great just on the go you can put it in your pocketbook
into a little ziplock and when you were hungry on the go or at work you can
snack on those they great Rock picked up this smoked sausage as I mentioned
already he loved his sausage with hardball eggs as his afternoon snack and
then I got this ground turkey this is a great deal it’s about two dollars at all
these and I like to make a meatballs or you can make your breakfast muffins egg
muffins with these and there is a lot of things a lot of variety you can use this
sausage for so we picked up one of these okay that’s a it for the meat section
and let’s move on to the dairy get some shredded sharp cheddar we like it as I’m
making it chips or making a taco shell so it has a lot of variety you can pop
it on your morning eggs so it’s always good to have one back then we got some
sliced monster cheese for sandwiches or roll-ups with ham and salami then we
picked up some Colby jack a string cheese this one is actually the first
time we trying this one it’s just good to have it when you don’t really have a
time or you don’t know what to grab as a snack to take with Rob likes to take it
to work obviously never forget your grass-fed cabbie gold butter and I
wanted to try this marinade it’s mozzarella it’s marinated in crushed
peppers and the garlic just sliced up with some tomatoes as an afternoon snack
or a little salty dessert and I picked up my favorite mozzarella rolled up with
prosciutto I like to snack on this at night while I’m watching some movie
heavy whipping cream which we use in our coffee so I use it to make my desserts
and also the keto pink drink homemade version and dozen of eggs you know that
I like to make everything from scratch and at home at all kind
for that but today I actually end up picking it this cauliflower rice because
it was on sale for dollar 80 so I just figured that sometimes I just want to
have it in the freezer take it out with no work maybe bit the settlement that
would be a great combo when we’re running late or you just don’t feel like
cooking great to have it in the freezer for bedtimes moving on to our greens we
picked up dollar twenty-nine whole bag of spinach all the rocks then I got
romaine lettuce I find out that that’s kind of lettuce and spinach or kale last
the longest and I gotta be honest with you my bunny loved this one the most so
I gotta get this one two bags of mushrooms I’m gonna use it for my shish
kabob and I like to use it with even like an alfredo sauce and fake pasta
shirataki so two of those right on the end fresh kabob and also we like red
onion on our sandwiches or salads it just adds more color it’s more fun than
the regular onion I got six avocados we eat about an avocado a day on its own or
with eggs or I’m making desserts out of a there is a ladder use so we have at
least six for the for the week then we got these colored peppers I’m gonna use
it for the shish kabob and also we like it in just like a stir-fry with some
chicken or pork let me get two grape tomatoes I like grape tomatoes to put
them in a salad because when you chop the regular tomato it just kind of gets
a nice oh this is a better option or just like a snack to dip it into some
sour cream I also picked up one eggplant I was thinking that I may use it as a
fake pasta with alfredo sauce and mushrooms
so one eggplant and if you watch my videos you know that I kind of have this
little cookie fetish so I picked up a new organic coffee we have the blender
so we blend our own fresh ground coffee and so this one is a para one so new
coffee almost forgot we picked up to try out
this garlic dressing because this one has zero carbs and zero sugar and 140
calories in two tablespoons 16 grams was fat so this one I think will be awesome
on my cell instead of like a ranch dressing or also just to dip your
barbeque chicken in it so we’re gonna try this one out and let you know how
did we like it I’m cute diet we kind of starting to experience a little
constipation we’re gonna make a completely separate video about that
topic and that problem but we were really looking for some great key or
fiber supplement they didn’t have the one we want it so we kind of had to go
with this amazing quest bars they are I have like six of
them I got cinnamon roll I got chocolate
peanut butter I got the s’mores and chocolate chip cookie dough and
another s’mores because my darling doesn’t want to share it with me so they
claim they have just four grams net carbs and 14 grams of fiber you should
kind of consume about 30 grams or 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day and on keto diet
it’s sometimes really hard to knit so this baby is gonna help it and it’s a
nice treat or dessert we ordered our Akito fiber a supplement they didn’t
have it in stock so it’s gonna come next week we’re gonna test it out for you and
then let you know how’d it work and how did we like it and that’s it for today’s
grocery haul alright guys so we had a lot of running around shopping keto
holing and I am just a little hungry from that and I’m just gonna have two
hard-boiled eggs with some little pepper and some slices of Cabasa and I like to
put them together like this that’s good that’s yummy we also got this published sodas there
are no artificial sweeteners and they are good if you’re just tired of
drinking plain water it’s a nice change in those are grapefruit they also good
with vodka but you know how it goes I’m not hungry yet for a snack so I’m
just making some coffee and the whipping cream skies are gonna be my snack so we
also bought ourselves some soccer balls so we thinking about getting some little
exercise and chasing the ball it’s actually like this multi-purpose ball
you can use it even for like a volley ball so we’re gonna have some fun if it
ever stops raining guys you’ve heard the word shish kebab in today’s video a lot
and that’s because I’m gonna be making some for tonight so I have 250 grams of
beef i cubed it and i make a little marinade using some pepper some liquid
smoke some extra-virgin olive oil some onion powder a little bit of sugar-free
honey barbecue sauce and some soy sauce and I just placed it in I’m gonna mix it
up and put it in the fridge for about three hours before I’m ready to do the
shish kebabs okay so the meat is in the fridge and now I just prepared all the
veggies which is gonna go on my gosh kabob I chopped some zucchinis some
mushrooms I have some three color bell peppers and what else we have here our
red onion I just put some our extra virgin olive oil in there I’m gonna use
a little bit of pepper and some Oregon leaves and mix it all up I’m gonna let
it chill until we’re ready to assemble turkish kebab and grill so all the
flavors okay and this is how it looks like all put together I use some little
cherry tomatoes and this is a beautiful rainbow color shish kebab so we are
ready to put them on the ground okay guys this is the dinner looking for 1840 amazing the raw red this shish
kebab like tell them it was so okay it was so good way I wanted to make it
really pretty that’s why Miz is like a rainbow thing but I’m gonna show you in
another video that if you wanted to make it more functional we will actually want
to put the meat with the tomatoes because they cook the fastest and then
the vegetables on a separate shish kebab because the zucchini were a little
tender still and the meat almost overcooked we still enjoyed it it looked
pretty it’s great for my Instagram pictures but next time and how you want
to make it is really separate them for you know how fast everything cooks now
it’s time to have a little dessert for today’s dessert we have some
strawberries and blueberries from our previous keelhaul which you can go and
watch after this video and I’m just gonna top it with some heavy whipping
cream and maybe a little lillies chocolate and that’s gonna be it for
today I might throw some flax seeds on she’s a little more fiber than the flax
seeds yeah or chia seeds as well is the poopy guy right yeah amazing dessert if you love fruit and
you’re missing fruit on Keo diet definitely get yourself some berries and
put some whipping cream on it a lot of chocolate or even nuts or a little
peanut butter whatever you prefer it’s amazing dessert well I’m gonna wrap up
today’s video so let’s do the most important thing day 19 of this 30 days
keto diet transformation challenge is ova thank
you guys so much for watching today’s video I hoped you liked it and you to
find some inspiration and some good keto meals ideas if you did give it a thumbs
up and don’t forget to subscribe because we still have 11 days to go so do not
miss it and until then good night


  1. Mmmm that mozzerella looked delicious! Those cocktail sausages go well with a BBQ mustard sauce or you can also wrap them in fathead dough and bake. I love grocery hauls! And those shishkabobs looked incredible! Rob the poopy guy I'm dying here thanks. 😀

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