HEALTHY FOOD • Alimentation + 4 Recettes Anti-Acné & Énergie, compléments alimentaires naturels

HEALTHY FOOD • Alimentation + 4 Recettes Anti-Acné & Énergie, compléments alimentaires naturels

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today we’ll be talking about cooking and diet. It’s really different from what I usually do. I’m not a big fan of cooking. When I cook, I make things that are really simple, so that’s what you’ll be seeing in this video. My favourite and most practical recipes. Easy, everday recipes. Since my teenage years, I’ve regularly had pimples. I’ve noticed that depending on what I eat, I have more or fewer pimples. So I figured it could be interesting for you. I know there are some who are interested in this. I’ll also do a video on my skin-care routine. I’ve recently changed it, as I’ve still been trying new things. I’m trying to perfect it. I’ve been trying to perfect it for years! I think I’ve found a pretty good routine that could be interesting to share. I’ll share it with you soon. I’m also going to talk about nutritional supplements because you’ve asked for it. In my opinion, it’s part of your diet. As I said in my hair growth video about how to naturally stimulate hair growth, I don’t take supplements to make my hair grow but I do take them to improve my energy levels, so I can feel like I’m in shape I know that my diet has a big effect on that. So I’m going to explain how and why in this video. Maybe it will give you some ideas. So the first thing is 1. Eat a balanced and varied diet I think you all know that it’s important to have a varied diet, that your diet should be balanced, you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables Mainly, that’s what I try to do. 2. Listen to your body
I try to limit certain foods because I’ve noticed that they made me break out or I didn’t digest them well or my body just didn’t like them. On the other hand, I try to eat foods that I know make me feel good and look good. I learned from experience. When I was a bit younger I was sure that my diet had no effect on my blemishes or my skin but I saw that my brother was really careful about what he ate He told me that if he ate too much sugar, pork, or other foods it would make him break out. I thought it was really strange but I could see the difference in his skin Over time he had a lot fewer blemishes and I figured that it had to be because of that because he’s a guy and he doesn’t wear any make up He does the bare minimum to his skin So I thought that there might be a little something I could change in my own diet Foods I avoid:
I followed his example and started limiting the sugar I ate I’ve been watching how much sugar I eat for a few years now…time goes so fast. It’s been about a year and a half. In the beginning I put sugar in my tea, my coffee in my yogurt, and everything else that you can sweeten because I love sugar but I tried to cut down Little by little I went from one sugar to half a sugar, and then a little bit less Your body gets used to it. My taste changed too and gradually got used to it. Now I don’t put any sugar in my tea or coffee at all I don’t add sugar anymore. 3. Avoid refined sugars
I don’t use refined sugars anymore I try to eat cakes and sweet things in general as little as possible I really have a thing for ice cream If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that! Sometimes I really feel like eating ice cream and I do I don’t deprive myself, but I do know that the next day I may have a pimple or two. I’ll see them pretty quickly. If I want to eat a waffle or… pancakes with loooads of Nutella I know that I’m going to have pimples afterwards but I accept it and at least I’m aware of it I can choose whether or not I want to be careful. Put it this way: I limit sugar as much as I can. 4. Avoid foods with a high glycemic index So I think this video will be very useful for people with diabetes as well. 5. Limit dairy products I do eat dairy at times but I limit the amount that I eat. I haven’t noticed that dairy makes me break out but, – I know it’s weird – I think that the extra calcium makes me feel depressed. I don’t feel good. I eat meat, I eat fish, I’m not vegetarian. It’s not mandatory. You don’t HAVE to eat meat or fish. If you can limit those, it’s actually better. You can definitely get plant proteins from plant foods. 6. Limit red meat and fatty meats
I try to eat more fish because I think it’s easier for me to digest White meat too. Actually, I rarely eat red meat. I’ve always preferred the taste of white meat. Often when I eat a lot of meat – red meat – I feel more tired the next day than I do when I don’t eat meat and I have less energy. It’s more difficult to digest. It takes longer so your body uses more energy. 7. Eat organic foods
I try to buy organic foods as much as possible Honestly, I can’t always do it, but when I can I do because it’s healthier 8. I eat when I’m hungry
When I’m not hungry, I don’t eat. This is really important too because we tend to think that we have to eat three times a day, every day No. If you’re not hungry then there’s no reason to eat Eat reasonable portions, and eat when you’re hungry. The more you eat, the hungrier you’ll be because your stomach expands 9. Eat reasonable portion sizes
You shouldn’t feel like you’ve eaten waaay too much after a meal You’ll feel better because digestion uses energy and you don’t necessarily feel great afterwards. so I’am also careful about that. In the Morning I mainly try to eat fruits. I make a lot of smoothies. I try to eat a lot of freshly cut fruits in the morning. I also eat a lot of seeds, almonds, walnuts A few years ago I was allergic to walnuts. Now it’s gotten a lot better but sometimes if I eat too much, I’ll have a reaction I just can’t eat a lot It’s more filling than fruits that are digested quite quickly Smoothies made with seasonal fruits, or more exotic fruits that I love like mango, pineapple, pomegranate, or other fruits that you can’t always find nearby in France but I really love them I try to mix them up and make as many different combinations as I can I love using kiwi, banana, or apple as bases for my smoothies. I notice that I mix all the fruits that I like Good to know: Bananas create a nice texture. Avocoado too. If you only have berries or very watery fruits like clementines add some banana Apples too. They add a nice texture to smoothies without changing the flavour. Sweet and savoury mixes aren’t really for me but I think cucumber goes well with something sweet Carrots go well in a sweet mix Smoothies allow you to eat more fruits (and vegetables if you make them savoury) because when you blend them, it reduces their size so you end up adding more When you eat them, you tend to have less so try blending them. You can add chia seeds. I usually prepare them the night before. I let them soak in water. I don’t use any plant-based milks I’ve tried it, but it’s not really my thing. Let them soak in the fridge. The next day, I blend them with my fruits. It makes the mix thicker and it’s really healthy. When I have more time, I make acaï bowls I showed you one of my recipes in my last vlog It’s really simple Blend acaï pulp – you can find it in health food stores – with banana ADD SOME WATER, THEN MIX. Usually acai berry pulp is kept in the freezer because it goes bad very easily. It’s a berry from South America that is very rich in antioxidants. It’s really good for you. I mix it with bananas. I only add a little water. You want to avoid it being too runny. You want it to have a yogurty texture. PUT SOME CEREAL IN A BOWL THEN ADD THE ACAI/BANANA PUREE. Right now I’m liking the oat flakes and fruit mix that Bjorg recently put out. I put the cereal in the bowl, then I cover it with the acai/banana puree. I think I’ll try it with other fruits. Then it won’t be called “acai bowl”, it wil be “smoothie bowl”! I add other fruits on top. I use lots of seeds, grains and fruits. It really fills you up for the morning. It tastes really good. There are lots of fruits and seeds. It’s really filling. LUNCH At lunch time I love having bread with different toppings. Usually with avocado because I love avocado. It has lots of iron in it. It’s good for the liver. I put salt and pepper on it. If I’m using salmon, I won’t add salt. I’m trying to reduce salt as well. I don’t add a lot of salt to my food. But I do add lots of pepper. I love using curry, curcuma, and garlic. They’re anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Sometimes onions. It’s not always fun cutting them though! AVOCADO BREAD I usually use gluten-free bread, whole wheat or multi-grain bread that will have fewer carbs. I try not to eat too much of it. 1. BLEND THE AVOCADO. you can season it at this point too. 2. SPREAD ON BREAD 3. IN A PAN, COOK ONE EGG 4. ADD THE EGG You can add salmon. We love salmon! I try to use organic salmon. I know there are lots of toxins in salmon. It’s hard for me to go without salmon. It’s also great because it’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids. I eat it a lot but I love it. David wanted to try something new and he added eggs! He just fried an egg and added it to the bread slices. The egg is optional! 4:00 PM SNACK If you’re hungry for a snack around 4 PM or if you want a breakfast that’s a bit sweeter you can make chocolate banana cookies They’re super healthy because you only use bananas and dark chocolate chips. They have a nice, light flavour and they’re easy to digest Crush 3 very ripe bananas, add 120 g of oats and mix. Spoon onto parchment paper. If you happen to have some over-ripe bananas then you can use them for this. Just add dark chocolate chips on top. You put them in the oven at 180°C for 40 minutes. It’s quick and easy. If you like bananas and chocolate, give it a try. EVENING I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t eat dinner, or who only eats soup for dinner I need to eat before I go to bed. I’m more likely to not eat lunch than to skip dinner. When I can’t sleep, sometimes I’ll eat a piece of bread or a fruit I fall asleep right away whwen I go back to bed. Eating a bit helps me sleep well. Of course I try not to eat too much, like I do for any other meal. I love rice, quinoa, lentils, simple things but when we want to take our time and do something special, right now we like making kale, carrot and black radish salad. It’s like lettuce leaves, but it’s a kind of cabbage. It’s good for you and your skin. It’s a nice change from other vegetables, or other traditional salads. You can put whatever you want in this salad. I like adding carrots I tried adding plain oat flakes and it’s really good. I also add slices of black radish. I love it. You can add cashews too. The dressing is really simple 2 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp cider vinegar, 1 tsp mustard, add pepper, and that’s it. I mix it all up and add the kale. Just describing it is… how do you say that again? Making my mouth water! Now I’m hungry! As for dietary supplements I usually take them in the morning I don’t take them all the time. Sometimes I’ll take a course of 2 or 3 months. I can feel when I’m lacking energy. When that’s the case, I’ll either use pollen I have some in my freezer I’m actually allergic to pollen in nature, but this edible pollen is not the same. I don’t get any allergic reaction from it It stimulates your immune system. I put one or two teaspoons in my smoothies depending on the amount of smoothie I’m making. It adds a kind of powdery texture but it’s barely noticeable It mixes especially well with kiwi-based smoothies. With the little kiwi seeds, you can’t tell the difference. It’s actually very nice. It gives me a lot of energy and it’s good for the skin. I sometimes will also do maca treatments. I’ve been using this one for a while now I had a problem with my thryoid a few years ago This really helped me and gave me a lot of energy I really notice the difference when I take it. I have much more energy. Maca can be taken once or twice daily I either take it in the morning and the afternoon if I feel I need it or I’ll only take it in the morning. It works well for me. The last supplement that my mom “offered” me recently is pure Korean red ginseng extract It looks like this… It’s a small bottle Apparently it’s Korean It’s great for boosting your energy. It’s also very natural. It’s pretty strong. The taste is very strong so I haven’t managed to take it regularly I think you really have to mix it with strong tasting foods I think it’s good and my mom has used it a lot Ginger is also good for energy and overall health If you use any supplements like ginseng, maca, or pollen let me know in the comments. I’m curious to know how you use them If you’re looking for more ideas I recently discoverd this book, “Belle dans mon assiette” by Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins from Clarins with illustrations by Fabien Legrand It mentions a few of the things I spoke about The great thing is that he gives lots of advice and talks about various foods. I like that there is a lot of information in this book It’s not only a recipe book There are recipes, but it’s more about explaining the benefits of eating certain foods. I started reading it, but I haven’t finished. There are lots of ideas and it deals with food in general, not only recipes. It’s also a beautiful book.There are lots of colours, the illustrations add some humour It’s a really nice book. So those were my recipes, my advice and my tips I think I covered everything. I think that’s it. My skin has completely changed since I started paying attention to what I eat I especially notice the difference on weeks when I eat really well really healthy, and I respect everything I shared with you in this video and the weeks when I treat myself. Of course it’s important to treat yourself but I know I’m going to break out afterwards, and often I do. In another video I’ll show you my skin care routine It has changed. It’s really good if you have acne, pimples, blemishes, or dark spots. I’ll show you that routine in another video But just by watching what you eat, if your body is anything like mine, it can make all the difference for your skin. It also helps with energy levels and well-being. Go ahead and share with me what you eat and what you’re careful about in your own diets You can also share your tips in the comments for having a healthy, balanced diet I would love to hear your tips for grocery shopping or cooking, I’m not an expert in the kitchen by any means I would love tips for going super fast and eating lots of good and healthy foods I hope you liked the video! If you did, don’t forget to like, comment, and share the video with other people who might be interested. I hope it will be useful for many people. Big kisses, and see you soon!

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