Healthy Gifts For The Holidays (A Healthy Eating Gift Guide!)

Healthy Gifts For The Holidays (A Healthy Eating Gift Guide!)

Hey, there. Lacey here with “A Sweet Pea Chef,” and I
cannot believe how close we are to the holiday season. Can you believe we’re already halfway through
December? It’s just ridiculous. That means it’s time to start looking into
some holiday gifts for our friends and family, maybe some for ourselves too. So today, I want to share some of my absolute
favorite go-to kitchen items that are healthy-eating essentials. So I know that there’s a lot of ground to
cover for what we can do for a healthy-eating kitchen essentials list, so I’ve broken it
into five categories to make it as simple to follow as possible, and then also to help
you kind of organize your thoughts on what might be helpful for you. So starting off, we’re going to talk about
meal prep storage because this is probably the number one question I get. What are my meal prep containers? What do I use to store my food in the fridge? Because meal prep is awesome and we need containers
to help us out with that. We’ll also be discussing healthy kitchen gadgets,
healthy cooking tools, the best cookware for eating healthy, and healthy pantry essentials,
and all of these are going to really help to understand what kind of can make up a healthy-eating
kitchen so that you can make your life easier and healthier very simply. All right, so, like I said, we are going to
start off with meal prep containers and meal storage. I absolutely think that meal prep is the key
to eating healthy and it’s really helped me on my weight loss journey and my healthy lifestyle
journey and it just is so awesome and it’s a really good storage saver in your kitchen
as well. So I absolutely adore these glass meal prep
containers. They come in a set of five and they are super
awesome. They’re airtight containers. You can microwave them, you can store them
in the fridge, you can see through them. They’re just super awesome. You can also opt to have plastic storage containers,
but I recommend for a healthy-eating lifestyle, definitely pick up some airtight containers. And if you can keep them as evenly sized as
possible, like I have a bunch of the same size, that way, you can keep your meals all
portioned out in even amounts and you don’t have to go and get some out of one container
and out of another container. It just makes life really easy. Some pros to a glass container over a plastic
container, while it does cost a little bit more, they will last longer, they’re a little
healthier for you, you don’t have to waste plastic, and they can be microwaved and placed
in the dishwasher without any issues. For all of these kitchen items that I’m sharing
today, I will have links for you in the description below so you can easily get what you’re looking
for, and I’m looking for the best price for you as well. In addition to my glass meal prep containers,
I also recommend getting some Mason jar containers. Mason jars are awesome. They’re also glass, which I really like because
they are just so durable and they store very well in the fridge and you can see through
them. I just love it. I recommend getting two different sizes of
Mason jars and the good news is they come in large packs and they’re pretty cheap as
well. I get the quart size for anything like a big
soup or a salad, something that I’m stacking up high and that doesn’t require a small portion,
and I use pint size for things like chia puddings, overnight oats, and things like that that
don’t need as much space. I also recommend these awesome Mason jar lids
that are reusable because that way, you can just wash them and rinse them as often as
you like and it just makes life a lot easier to store your Mason jars in the fridge. Speaking of airtight containers, I also highly
recommend having some airtight containers for your pantry, so you can store things like
coconut sugar, almond flour, coconut flour, and all of the essentials so that you can
have it easy to grab and they don’t go bad while they’re in your pantry. Okay, so now we’re going to talk about some
healthy eating kitchen gadgets. These are the fun things that you have in
your kitchen. They take up a little bit more space. They are a little bit more expensive, but
they’re so valuable and they’re so helpful for so many different things. First off, my spiralizer. I use this baby all of the time. It’s not too expensive, it’s a great gift. You can turn any vegetable into noodles, you
can shave things. It’s so helpful in the kitchen and it just
really can revolutionize healthy eating for anybody who loves pasta, but also wants to
eat healthy. Plus, you can also check out my really useful
spiralizer guide that I walk you through all sorts of fruits and veggies that you can use
with your spiralizers so you can know how to get started. Next, I highly recommend getting yourself
a high-quality, high-speed kitchen blender. I use mine all of the time. I recently got a Vitamix and I absolutely
adore it. It is super awesome, very powerful. I can make anything from blending mixes for
pancakes or waffles, to making smoothies, to blending up sauces. It is so awesome and I use it all of the time. If you have someone that you know that really
likes smoothies and soups and cashew butter and all that kind of stuff, I highly recommend
getting them one of these Vitamix blenders. They’re super awesome. Another great gift idea and healthy-eating
kitchen gadget is a food processor. I use this Cuisinart food processor. I’ve only owned Cuisinart food processors
and I absolutely love them. They are some powerful machines. I use them for hummus, making peanut butter,
making my sorbets. They’re so versatile. I can use them even to make like energy balls. I use it all the time. Basically, if you need something blended up
and grounded up, use a food processor. Or, you could also use a kitchen blender,
but they both do kind of different things. The kitchen blender is going to be more of
a liquid type based of a mixture, and then your food processor is going to be your more
substantial mixes. So both of these items are very valuable and
very helpful. Next, I definitely want to recommend a slow
cooker. Slow cookers are so helpful. You can just put your food in there, let it
go, let it set all day. You can even get pre-programmable ones, which
is the one I’m recommending. It is really easy and if you’ve watched my
recipe videos on how to use slow cookers to have healthy-eating meal prep, definitely
a valuable example of how this can be part of your healthy lifestyle as well. If you don’t want a slow cooker and you want
to speed things up, you can also get an instant pot, which are also super great. You can do a bunch more things in an instant
pot that you can in a slow cooker, but you can’t let it set all day, like you can with
a slow cooker. Instant pots are, like they sound, much more
fast-working. You basically can just put your things in
there, you use the pressure, it seals it on up, and then it cooks in usually less than
an hour for anything. And it’s very helpful. Especially for things that typically take
a little bit longer, like rice or stew, are much easier to do in an instant pot. Next up is my outdoor grill. I love grilling all year round. You can check out my fall meal prep grill
recipes. You can also check out my grilled pizza that
I just recently shared. Grilling is awesome. It’s a really good way to have a healthy lifestyle
since you don’t have to use a lot of butter or anything or oils and you get to get outside,
which is really cool. So I’m going to leave a link for my grill
and I definitely recommend, if you can, getting a propane grill so you can get some nice even
heating and you don’t have to worry about burning any coals. So definitely a grill is an absolute awesome
gift idea if you’re wanting to spend the money on yourself or on a loved one. My next favorite kitchen gadget is a digital
thermometer. Digital thermometers are awesome because they
really help you perfect how you cook your meat. You can just stick it on in the meat, let
it set, and then once it reaches the temperature that you absolutely know that you wanted it
at, so that it doesn’t overcook and it isn’t undercooked, it beeps and you’re ready to
go. It is so helpful and I use mine all the time. Plus, it makes a great stocking stuffer because
it doesn’t take up a lot of space. All right, so we talked about blending already,
we talked about using a kitchen blender or a food processor. I also love my immersion blender. It usually has a little lower of a price tag
than your other types of blenders. Using an immersion blender is awesome because
you can just blend right in the pot. You don’t have to transfer everything out
to a blender or something and potentially spill stuff or be blending hot stuff and having
it go everywhere. Instead, you just blend it right in the pot
and it’s really awesome. Plus, you can use it to make things like frothing
milk for lattes or you can use it as a whisk to make some whipped cream. It’s just a really cool, handy kitchen gadget. My final favorite kitchen gadget for a healthy-eating
lifestyle is a food scale. Being able to weigh your food to know how
many ounces of cheese you’re adding to something or how many ounces of meat you’re adding is
really helpful, especially when you’re trying to lose or gain weight and you really want
to follow a regimented weight loss or weight gain program so that you’re actually putting
the exact amount. If you need like four ounces of lean meat
on your plate, that way, you can guarantee that you’re getting it. So I highly recommend getting yourself or
a loved one a food scale. All right, next, we’re going to talk about
some healthy kitchen tools that I highly recommend, starting with things like cutlery, mixing
bowls, and food prep, and also some utensils that are very valuable on a daily basis. First up is mixing bowls. I don’t know about you, but I could not have
enough mixing bowls in my life. I love having different sizes. I want large ones, medium ones, and small
ones so that I have different needs for different purposes. Mixing ones, I definitely want a very large
bowl if I’m making like a salad. Or, if I just have a little bit of olive oil,
I can use a smaller one. So I definitely like getting all of my ingredients
out before it’s time to start cooking and being able to have them all in little containers
ready to go makes my life so much easier and also makes sure that you are doing no-fail
recipes because you have everything you need. To that point, I also highly recommend having
a good amount of measuring cups and measuring spoons because you can’t have enough of these
if you’re cooking a lot, and that way, you get the right amount. So you can follow instructions, you can follow
the directions and get the perfect amount in there. You don’t mess up things like eyeballing baking
powder and having things not work out. This is really going to help you have a really
good understanding of what’s going into your food so you can measure it out evenly. They also make great stocking stuffers and
don’t cost a lot of money. Next up, we are talking about cutlery, and
that is a huge part of eating healthy and cooking for yourself, is having a good knife
or a good set of knives. If you’re only getting one knife, you definitely
want to focus on getting a good quality chef knife. Also, good options for knives are paring knives
and bread knives. They both are very valuable. A paring knife is going to be used for things
like cutting small tomatoes, grape tomatoes, kiwis, anything smaller than a tomato essentially,
anything smaller than your hand. And then your chef knife is going to be used
for anything larger than that and really great for cutting meat and cutting into pineapple
and all that kind of stuff. And a bread knife, obviously, is going to
be for bread, and it’s going to be very helpful because it has a different type of blade that’s
going to be serrated. So all of those are really good options, they’re
great gifts, and highly recommend getting yourself or asking for or getting for a loved
one a good set of knives. Now I’m going to go through a quick list of
some other tools that I think are very valuable, and I use all the time in my kitchen. First is a potato masher. They’re used for potato mashing, yes, but
I also use them to mash bananas for banana bread. I use them for mashing beans to make kind
of like a refried bean texture. I use my potato masher all of the time. Super useful. Next is a whisk. Definitely get yourself one, two, three, or
four whisks. I use my whisk to whisk together dry mixtures,
also, wet mixtures. I use it all the time. They’re really great to just get everything
mixed together very evenly and they’re not very expensive at all. I also use a metal whisk for things that I’m
mixing in a bowl and I have a special rubber one or a silicone one that I use for whisking
things in the pot so I don’t scratch my pots. Next up is a vegetable peeler. You can either do a normal crescent style
vegetable peeler or you can use a Y-shaped one. It really just depends on how you prefer to
hold the vegetable that you’re peeling. It’s very valuable, very helpful because you
can remove the outer layer very quickly and easily and they are very good tools to have
in your kitchen. A fine mesh strainer or a set of different-sized
fine mesh trainers are very helpful. They’re also called sieves. I use them for straining out spices if I’m
making eggnog or a Chai Latte. I use them for straightening out bits of fruit
when I’m making my sodas. Anytime you need to remove a lot of particles
from something and you can just pour it on through and have it go into something else
below, these are awesome. I highly recommend them. They make it so you don’t have to use like
a cheesecloth or that you also can just get all those particles out of your liquid. Next up is a kitchen scraper. I love this tool because it’s so versatile. Not only can it be used to cut dough so that
you can separate dough out very evenly instead of having to use a knife, you can also use
it to easily scrape your kitchen counters when you are rolling out dough or a flour
of some sort because it really picks up all those extra pieces and basically scrapes all
of the trash off of your countertop when you’re using dough, which, as you know, if you’ve
done it before, it gets sticky on there and it gets stuck and it’s hard to get off with
a sponge. So using a kitchen scraper is a very versatile
tool. And, of course, graters are super helpful
in the kitchen. I have two different kinds. One, I use as a handheld standing greater
that I use for cheese or grating some cauliflower to make cauliflower rice. It’s very useful. I also use it for parmesan. It’s just really helpful to grate a lot of
stuff at once. I also love my microplaner, which I use to
get things like zest off of oranges or limes and it’s very helpful for that. I also use it to get shaved nutmeg. It’s just really awesome and very helpful
and I use both of them all the time. Next up is utensils. I use a set of silicone-covered utensils that
I really like. I like having them be silicone-coated because
they don’t scratch your cookware when you’re cooking with them and they’re also very easy
to clean. Most often, they’re dishwasher safe, so they’re
really cool. I use spatulas for things like cooking pancakes,
I use tongs for flipping things like spinach or meats, and I use my spoons for storing
things in my pots. I use these all the time. I have multiples of them. They make great stocking stuffers and they’re
super awesome. Next up, we’re going to be talking about healthy-eating
cookware. This is stuff like pots and pans, casserole
dishes, things you’re going to be cooking your food in. And it makes a very big difference to have
a better quality one versus a lesser quality because things might stick, it might not cook
evenly. So having yourself a good set is really absolutely
helpful for having a healthy lifestyle. First up, a large skillet is a great essential. You can choose either to have a stainless
steel skillet or you can choose nonstick. It’s up to you. Nonstick does make it easier because things
don’t stick to it, but a stainless steel skillet is also very valuable and I have one as well
and I love using it. I also recommend having a smaller skillet,
also called an omelet pan, because it’s smaller. These are really helpful if you are cooking
a smaller portion of things, you don’t need all that space in your skillet. Like some scrambled eggs would be a good thing
to use on this or if you’re just cooking a small portion of something. I use both of these depending on how much
of a volume of food that I’m making. Cast iron skillets are awesome. I have one. I use it because it has really good rounded
heating. It doesn’t have any issues with heating on
any of the sides and all heats up so nicely. You can get them covered like a Le Creuset
type, you can have enamel around it, or you can have just plain old old-style Lodge kind
of skillets that are cast iron. They’re super awesome. They stay hot forever too, so you can serve
things in them. Really valuable items. And I love my cast iron and I don’t feel like
I use it enough on this channel. I should definitely use it more. They’re just awesome. Next, a saucepan is super helpful. I use mine for so many different things. I use it for making like small sauces, I use
it for making whole meals, I use it for heating up soup. I use it so often and they have covers. They’re great for making things like quinoa
and rice and all of that. Super awesome, very valuable tool. And also, I recommend getting one that has
a lid. Definitely valuable. For things that are needing a little bit more
space than a saucepan, a stock pot is really awesome as well. I use mine for larger items like cooking noodles
or making large soups or anything that just needs a lot more space than a smaller saucepan. Casserole dishes are super awesome, also called
baking dishes. I have a 9 by 13 one, I have a square one. They’re really helpful for making things anywhere
from like cornbread, to enchiladas, to lasagnas, to nachos. They’re so helpful and they’re nice because
they have a higher rim, so you can have things pile up in there and you can have liquid come
out and it doesn’t overflow. So definitely recommend getting yourself some
casserole dishes. Along those same lines, I recommend having
some baking sheets. I like both having a rimmed baking sheet and
flat cookie sheets for different reasons. Cookie sheets, obviously, are helpful for
making cookies because you can slide the parchment paper on and off without damaging the cookies. I also like using rimmed baking sheets for
foods that might either drip off or roll off. So anything like that, I use a rimmed baking
sheet for and I use my cookie sheet for anything that doesn’t worry about sliding off. I love my loaf pans. I have a ton of them. I use them for things, obviously, like baking
bread, but I also use them for making frozen bars or cheesecakes in the freezer. I also use them for storing my sorbets when
I have them and I want to have something cold and just put them in there. They’re really great and I use them all the
time. Muffin tins are essential for eating healthy,
not only so that you can make healthy-eating muffins for grab-and-go breakfast, but also
so you can make easy cheesecakes, little mini cheesecakes, and egg muffins and all sorts
of really easy grab-and-go snacks or treats. They’re awesome and they’re very cheap as
well, so you don’t have to worry about spending a bunch of money on them, and they’re so helpful
to just have one or two sitting around. All right, so now we’ve gone through all of
the kitchen tools, the gadgets, the cookwares, the bakewares, all that kind of stuff. So next, we’re going to talk about pantry
staples. I’m not going to go through my entire pantry. Let me know in the comments below if you want
me to do that sometime. What I’m going to talk about are the things
that are just really great gift ideas for someone who eats healthy already or someone
you’re wanting to help along their journey and get started eating healthy. These ones are some really great things you
can just pick up at the store, bag them all together, and package them nicely, and you
can give as a cool gift. First up is oil. Oil is a great item to have on a healthy-eating
lifestyle if you have the right kind. I recommend olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado
oil. Those are my three go-to oils. I use them all the time and they aren’t a
little bit pricey. So if you’ve got a good quality set of them
or one and you just want to add it as a stocking stuffer or you want to put a package together,
they’re a really cool gift because everybody needs oil and this is also a really good way
to get somebody started on trying something new if they haven’t tried coconut oil, for
example. Next, we have sweeteners. Yes, even healthy-eating people need to have
some sweetness in their lives and there’s a few ways to do that. So if you’ve watched my “How to Quit Sugar”
video, which I can link to as well, you know my favorite types of healthy-eating sweeteners,
and those are raw honey, pure maple syrup, and coconut sugar. I also love using dates as an added sweetener,
but that’s not quite the same that you have to blend that as well. It’s not just a pour-and-go kind of a thing. All three of these are really great items
to add to your stocking. If you want to add to somebody’s healthy-eating
lifestyle and give them options, instead of white sugar, instead of brown sugar, or instead
of stevia or something like that, these are going to be healthier options that are unrefined,
useful items to have in the pantry right away. All right, so now how about some pantry essentials
that I have in my pantry at all times? If I see I’m getting low, I definitely go
and restock as soon as possible. Those are things like rolled oats. Bob’s Red Mill’s rolled oats are amazing,
so I get those. Quinoa is another great example of something
you can use instead of white rice. Brown rice is another good option. Whole wheat pastry flour is great for just
basically completely replacing all-purpose flour. You can use it for anything all-purpose flour
does. If you have a gluten-free friend or you’re
looking to do something more paleo, coconut flour is a really great option and almond
flour is a really great option. I love both of those flours. I also love chickpea flour, also called garbanzo
bean flour, which is really great to add as a coating that is healthy for you, high in
protein, high in fiber compared to something like all-purpose flour. Unsweetened cocoa powder, really great to
basically replace someone’s chocolate mix. Any raw nuts and seeds that you might want
to put together, like pepitas, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans, all of those are really great
items to have in your pantry and would make a really cool gift if you wanted to package
all of that together. And then, of course, plain old spices. Not things like mixes, which might potentially
have added salts and sugars and things like that, but instead, things like dried oregano,
dried thyme, dried basil, sea salt, and ground black pepper, garlic powder, cayenne, paprika,
things like that that aren’t really caring about a mix. Instead, they can just use them to add into
their meals and be healthy. I usually buy the organic one if I can, but
any option is going to be great. Just look for high quality, single options
for these spices and different herbs. All right, so now you have all of my faves
from cutlery, to bakeware, to pantry essentials, to meal prep containers, to gadgets and all
of those tools that I use every day to have a healthy eating lifestyle and to have a really
good healthy kitchen. I hope this helps you. Let me know, did I miss anything? Do you have a favorite tool that I didn’t
add here? Let me know in the comments below. I’ve also linked to everything that I’ve shared
today down below so you can go and get that link and you can pick it up for yourself,
for a loved one. You can put on your wishlist, you can just
have a really good basis for a healthy-eating gift guide for this holiday season. Thanks so much. I appreciate you sticking out with me and
I will see you next time. Bye-bye.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I struggle with trying to find the right gift that my friends and family will use or need; this video helps a great deal! 🎄Happy Holidays, Lacy🎄

  2. Super great ideas especially for new moms/wives!!
    I would stay away from microwaves tho. They take out all nutrients & vitamins our foods

  3. Thanks good ideas missing is lemon juicer, cutting board and wine bottle opener and Happy Holidays to you and your family

  4. Greatjob. Knives are way, way underestimated. I see people in their kitchens all the time with DULLand poor cutlery. Recommend a little hand juicer?

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