Healthy Raw Food Breakfast Recipes : Introduction to Raw Food Breakfast Recipes

DENISE BENNETT: Hello! My name is Denise Bennett
and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to make some breakfast today!
It’s going to not be your typical breakfast. We’re looking for something a lot healthier.
What we do is raw food. Looking for things that are good for the body and French toast,
eggs, bacon, sausage and all those things. Coffee… Whew! Not good for you! It might
be our typical breakfast from what we’re used to, but look at all the diseases too that
were used to. And so, if we change that and go back to a diet that make sense for us,
we won’t have to deal with heart disease and cancer and all the rest of that stuff that
we’re suffering from. So a lot of people are headed towards raw foods and I’m happy to
be a part of that. Okay. So what we’re going to do today is we’re going to start out with
a cereal. We’re going to do that first and we’re going to be using the dehydrator today.
We’re also going to make a type of yogurt. There are no animal products in anything we’re
making; no wheat; no soy. So everything is from vegetables and fruits and nuts and seeds.
What else are we doing? Then we’re going to have a little bit of fresh fruit as well.
So it’s going to be a nice little plate and we’re going to start off right now with the

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