Healthy South American Brunch | Jamie Oliver | #10HealthyMeals

Healthy South American Brunch | Jamie Oliver | #10HealthyMeals

Waddup Food Tuber’s. Jamie Oliver here. We are gonna make the best South American style brunch. It’s very healthful, it’s very colorful it perfect for the summer when you look
beautiful fresh ingredients I’m gonna be hero-ing this ingredient
here. Quinoa. This is from Bolivia, Peru. This is one of the earliest cultivated grains
on the planet and it’s kind of how you cook it, getting the textures right, and how you dress it. And then you can use it generically from
sweet to savoury. as a side dish and a salad. As a kind of
complementary part of any dish. You’re gonna love it. So let me show you
this brunch. Very, very nice. Let’s start with the Quinoa. We’re
going to cover it in some water. We’re gonna boil it sort of fairly hard. The seed will sort of swell and then like a little kind of shoot
will kind of cook out of it. It would take about 15-20 minutes to
cook. Moving on. black beans I wanna go to kinda crispy. I wanna kinda puffy crack it and puff it up. So we’re gonna go into a hot pan with a little olive oil I’m just gonna put a pinch of cumin, but
little pinch that’s what I love about cooking man. The tiniest pinch in the world right is
gonna make all the difference And just put enough flat beans in there to fry. Would you like me to clean you? Come here. So let these beans fry a little bit, a little pinch of salt. As soon as they get crispy we’re gonna turn that heat off. See how nice and light, they’re almost like little peanuts. Ok. Once they have got crispy just put them to one side. Like that. You can see the Quinoa boiling away. and that’s fine takes about 15-20
minutes to cook. Okay chillies. You can just chop them up by all means.
Pop them into a little ball, so a really nice pinch of salt, and I’m
gonna cover that with a little bit of sugar. Just to sweeten it lightly
and a little bit of vinegar. I’m just gonna scrunch that
around. Don’t worry about the seeds. You can even remove those or just go
with it I’m literally just gonna toss that up. Also it makes fabulous Chile vinegar, so you don’t have to throw any of it away. Oh, by the way. Lets talk about Quinoa. It is basically low in fat, it’s incredibly nutritious, high in iron, it’s also high in zync, it’s gluten-free so really, really good thing. In actual fact you should really all try it. So the Quinoa had about 20 minutes to cook. You know it’s cooked when you just nip a bit, taste a bit, it should be soft and delicious you can see it’s kind of plumped up, we’re
gonna drain that now. The residual heat, the steam, will also help to fluffen it up. Have a
little look at it, you can see is really plumped up I’m going to lay that out. On a tray. Look at that. As it steams it’ll start to kind of get fluffier, it’ll become lighter so it’s
nice and delicate. Olive oil. Just a little little squeeze of
lemon juice. Little pinch of salt, and that’s a really good
basic Quinoa Can use it sweet or savoury. Erm, you can use it as a side dish, as a salad. So, pan on a low heat, couple of fried eggs. I like the way that it’s kinda crispy on the bottom and just soft and silky on the top Gonna get that beautiful nice little
pile there you can see how lovely and light that is. Look at that.
Very beautiful. Just on the side like that, and of course
I’m gonna just give it a little poke. A nice little pile of the crispy black beans here. Half an avocado. We’ve got some beautiful tomatoes here. So have a look down the market’s see
what you’ve got available. Mint and coriander. Nice little wodge like that. These chiles, we’ll take some of that. and this little vinegar here is gold
dust so we’ll just put that over the avocado. Some spring onions do help the story So there you go guys. A beautiful brunch of Quinoa, crispy black beans all those wonderful summery things like tomatoes, spring onions, jalapenos, the avocado really really nice and of course because
we haven’t got enough chilli in this story already just a little bit of chilli sauce as
well as a little drizzle of olive oil There you go. Absolutely gorgeous. Something a bit different, and a little homage to our South American
Mexican brothers and sisters Beautiful. You’ve never tried it Have a go. if you like this video please like it and comment on the comment box. Tell us what you want. What you want me to do for you. That’s what it’s all about. Thanks very
much guys, and don’t get a lot more receipes go to Take care. Bye!

3 thoughts on “Healthy South American Brunch | Jamie Oliver | #10HealthyMeals

  1. EXACTLY what I was looking for to make on my Mexican vacation. I think I might make it for Thanksgiving. Can you repost how to make your basil sorbet so I can have it for dessert? I tried to make it from memory and it didn't turn out like it did before. Thanks.

  2. From Peru, came here looking for some fresh recipes after watching David Goggins. Thank you Jamie, back to my roots… To think that in Peru when I was a child, only the poor will eat it. I grew up on it 😉

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