High Protein Breakfast – Eggless (Egg) Paratha – Vegetarian Egg Roti – Weight Loss | Skinny Recipes

High Protein Breakfast – Eggless (Egg) Paratha – Vegetarian Egg Roti – Weight Loss  | Skinny Recipes

hey guys I’m Nisa Homey and welcome back
to my channel today I’m sharing a super healthy protein rich paratha with
leftover rotis this recipe is eggless and a vegetarian version of egg roti you
can call it as an eggless egg paratha it’s a special kind of protein rich
paratha and it’s easy to make especially in those busy mornings it has more
protein than an egg roti but it is made without egg and perfect for vegetarians
and vegans. This special paratha is a filling breakfast on those busy mornings
and bachelors and hostel students can make this in just under 10 minutes it
can also be made as a filling school lunch box meal for children or as an
office lunch box meal for adults. so let’s get started with this amazingly
special eggless egg roti recipe. I’m using leftover khapli wheat rotis in
this recipe however you can use ordinary wheat rotis. now, for those who are new to
khapli wheat, it it’s an ancient variety of wheat grain also known as Emmer wheat. Khapli wheat has a very weak gluten molecule when compared with modern
processed wheat and hence you will not have any digestive issues like bloating
when consuming rotis or parathas made with khapli wheat flour.
I have already shared a detailed video on khapli wheat along with its health
benefits please do check it out to understand more links will be updated
at the end of the video I have already chopped 1/4 of an onion, 2 tbsp coriander
leaves, and 2 green chillies into a small bowl I’m adding in 1/2 cup besan flour (chickpea flour),
1/2 TSP pink Himalayan salt, 1/4 TSP hing, 1/2 TSP turmeric powder, 1/3 TSP freshly
ground black pepper powder to help the turmeric absorb faster into your body
always remember that when you’re using turmeric you need to add in a little bit
of black pepper powder to help the turmeric assimilate faster into your
body, 1/2 TSP fennel seeds also known as saunf in Hindi, 1/3 TSP jeera
also known as cumin seeds, one teaspoon Kashmiri chilli powder
Kashmiri chilli powder has less heat but has more color so if you are using
ordinary chilli powder reduced by half also if you don’t like your eggless
paratha to be spicy you can totally omit the Kashmiri chilli
powder add in 1/4 TSP garam masala and mix everything really well and in 1/4
cup water little by little and mix well into a smooth batter. the batter should
neither be too thick nor too thin it should be of pourable consistency into
this add in the chopped coriander leaves, onion, and green chillies and mix well
note that the addition of hing saunf and jeera is very important especially if
you get digestive issues like bloating or gas when consuming Basin flour so do
not skip it place the roti onto a plate and take about 2 tbsp of the batter and
spread it all over the roti. Heat a cast-iron tava and drizzle in 1/2 TSP
wood pressed grounded oil or any locally sourced wood pressed oil from the place
you live in like a wood pressed coconut oil, mustard oil, or you can even use desi
ghee once the oil is heated reduce the flame to the lowest and place the roti
besan side down and allow it to cook place 2 tbsp of the besan mix on top of
the roti and spread it all over the roti drizzle in a little bit of oil and once
the bottom side is cooked. turn it over make sure you’re using a well-seasoned
cast and tava cooking in cast iron helps in better ion absorption so those with
iron deficiency anemia try to cook at least one of your meal in a cast iron
cookware once that side is cooked flip it over and my healthy filling
protein-rich eggless egg paratha is ready to serve you can also slice the
paratha into 4 equal parts and serve it with green chutney or pickle of your
choice so guys do try this special paratha and let me know how it turned
out don’t forget to like comment and share this video with family and friends
thank you for watching and until next time. take care, bye-bye

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    The recipe you shared, it's Super Tasty and filling.. Thank You for sharing such recipes. ❤️

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    Pure vegetarians never like such name
    Never hurt the feelings of vegetarian people in such ways
    We never eat any dish including the word egg or any other nonveg name
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