How I Lost 25 Pounds in 10 WEEKS|DIET|WORKOUT|TIPS|Supplements

How I Lost 25 Pounds in 10 WEEKS|DIET|WORKOUT|TIPS|Supplements

what’s up everybody so today I’m gonna tell you how I lost 25 pounds in 10 weeks and how you can do it too first let’s talk about diet we all know when it comes to fat loss nutrition is the most important part and if you want to lose weight you’ve got to be in a caloric deficit so pretty much my total daily energy expenditure was around 3000 calories and I was aiming to lose two pounds per week which equates to seven thousand calorie deficit so I had to eat around a thousand calorie deficit every
day in order to achieve that or I could eat 800 calories less today and maybe 1200 calories less tomorrow it doesn’t matter as long as I was the seven thousand
calorie deficit every week okay tip number one don’t weigh yourself
cus body weight varies on too many factors and you can’t control them maybe your body holds more water today so you weigh more and when you see weigh heavier you’re gonna feel depressed which most likely leads to failure and
you don’t want that so just don’t weigh yourself if you really wanna weigh yourself weigh yourself only once a week or twice a week and why you don’t really
need to weigh yourself is because as long as you’re in a caloric deficit
you’re gonna lose weight but how to make sure you lose fat not muscles which comes to the second topic weight training so for me I was doing full body workout every day which means I pretty much hit every part of my body every single day sometimes even twice a day if I had time so in total I was training
two to four hours a day but you don’t really need to do it the reason I did it is because I thought as long as I keep lifting I wouldn’t lose any muscle which is true because I didn’t really lose any muscle okay tip number two lift at least two to three times a week so you don’t lose any muscle and I think 2 to 3 times
of lifting per week is probably enough to keep the majority of your muscle alright, let’s talk about cardio I was doing boxing and running once or twice a week for an hour each session the reason I did it is because I wanted to burn more
calories and for my cardiovascular health but you don’t need to do cardio
at all as long as you have your nutrition on point and tip number three
if you overeat and you want to make it up just to cardio just like what Arnold said for every calorie you eat you have to burn it off because nobody’s going to do that for you so if you overeat just do cardio and you
burn it off so that’s like nothing happened just you have to spend extra
time to do cardio so if you can just don’t overeat because you don’t want to do
cardio because cardio is boring but we are only human
so most likely we will overeat just don’t stress yourself out just do cardio okay I already covered the important parts now I will tell you what
I really atet during those ten weeks in order to lose 25 pounds I’m not gonna lie I was eating junk food for like 80% of the time what I mean by junk food is
crispy chicken fried food curry chicken rice and braised food which are not that
unhealthy but compared to you know vegetables Whole Foods they’re unhealthy
and because I was eating out all the time because I didn’t have a kitchen so
I couldn’t cook and eating out makes me lack my protein intake so I had to drink
up to 4 to 5 scoops of whey protein every day but that’s all good because I
like whey protein they taste good I don’t really count my carbs or fat I just make sure I was in the caloric deficit and I hit my protein which was around
150 grams of protein every day and that’s all good for me and for supplements
it was pretty simple for me because I only took multivitamin and fish o and
before every workout I would have my pre-workout and I drank up to 10 cups of
coffee every day so my caffeine intake was around 800 to1000 mg everyday which I won’t recommend you to do that the only reason
I did that was because I was in school and I had to study I had to go to the
lab on top of all the workout I did while in the deficit
I was just drained out of energy so I had to have that caffeine in my veins you know
what I mean yeah pretty much that’s it everybody remember you don’t see the
progress on a daily basis but as long as you keep doing what I just told you you
will be losing fat I can almost guarantee you that so just give it time alright that’s it for today and I’m already 11 weeks into my this cut which I’m
eating raw vegan 80/10/10 you can say and I will share the results once I
finish this Cut which is probably in two more weeks so stay tuned and until

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  3. Hello Robert, you have simplified this so well that it makes perfect sense and is easy for anyone to follow. These are great tips and it is very generous of you to share your own experience. Thanks, take care 😁😁😁💙💙💙🦘🦘🦘

  4. Excellent information Robert. I like the idea of not weighing yourself because of the various factors that occur in your body. Thanks for being honest about your diet. I can't wait to see more of your great videos. Have a fantastic day Robert



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    As your life, workout and keeping upload videos periodically show that you're on the to success. Typer behind screen (like a nerd~~🤣🤣🤣

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