How Much Protein Do We Really Need? | Surprising Protein Content Fruits and Vegetables | Vegan

How Much Protein Do We Really Need? | Surprising Protein Content Fruits and Vegetables  | Vegan

how much protein do you really need it’s
probably not as much as you think in this video I’m going to break through
the confusion use some common sense and settle this debate once and for all let’s
get started right now hi I’m Kenny Loy I’m a certified nutritionist I’ve been
helping people with their health since 1999 if you’re excited to learn how much
protein you really need please hit that like button right now so what
exactly is protein it’s important because it’s a grouping of amino acids
nine of which that are essential to our basic functions our bodies can’t make essential acids so we have to rely on food to provide them for us they help us with
metabolism growth and muscle development most calculations are based on a
multiplier of grams per pound of body weight some show by percent of daily
calories now the value that’s accepted by most organizations is a safe level of
protein intake per day is about point three four grams per pound of body
weight that translates to about 11 percent of daily calories this is for a
normal active person but what about an athlete or a bodybuilder data from forty
nine studies with over 1,800 athletes was compiled to see the effects of
protein supplementation on muscle mass when weightlifting extra protein
definitely helped with gains and strength and muscle size for those that
participated however protein intakes greater than 0.7 grams per pound of body
weight did not further contribute to muscle mass so there’s really no need
for an athlete to go beyond this measurement
what percentage of daily calories is this now it’s twice the amount that the
normal person needs but is it really double the percentage of daily calories
not necessarily and now when athletes are training they need double the amount
of calories all together that means that they also double their fat and
carbohydrate intake so their total daily calorie still turn out to be about
eleven percent it’s simply not necessary to eat a lot of it it is an important
macronutrient but it’s easier to get too much than too little now let me ask you
some common sense questions wouldn’t you agree that an infant is growing at the
fastest rate of his lifetime he doubles in size the first six months of his life
that is when he would need the most protein in his diet right well wouldn’t you
also agree that mother’s milk is the perfect food for that infant mother’s
milk meets every nutritional need for that infant until he is weaned
how much protein do you think is in mothers
milk 50% no 30% lower 10% you’re getting warmer mother’s milk briefly reaches two
point three eight percent protein at the birth of the child and peaks at one
point six percent during those crucial six months of explosive growth one cup
of broccoli has four times that much most fruits and vegetables average
around four percent our bodies were not designed to need large amounts of it if
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best way to get your protein our bodies use the glucose from fruits vegetables
and sprouts as its first choice for energy starchy carbohydrates are the
body’s next choice as a source for energy then it uses fat protein is the
body’s last choice in fact excess protein gives the body too much nitrogen
which causes fatigue animal protein is highly acidic which causes calcium
to leach from our bones to neutralize the acid this causes osteoporosis which is
uncommon in whole food vegans be sure and look in the description below for a
free five day meal plan that will help you get your protein needs
overconsumption of protein has been linked to breast bladder and liver cancer
and to an increased incidence in leukemia according to William J Mayo the
founder of the Mayo Clinic meat eating has increased 400% in the last 100 years
cancer of the stomach forms nearly 1/3 of all cancers of the human body
if flesh foods are not fully broken up decompositions result and active poisons
are thrown into an organ not intended for their reception research from the
University of Sydney shows that that overconsumption of protein may reduce
lifespan negatively impact mood and lead to weight gain it also shows that it’s
best to vary sources of protein to ensure you’re getting the best amino
acid balance they recommend beans lentils nuts seeds and soy proteins for
vegetarians look in the description below to see the sources I use for this
video it is surprisingly easy to get plant-based protein even in fruits for
example if you were to eat just one cup of any of these fruits you’d get most of your
daily needs guavas contain 8% protein avocados
have 6% apricots Kiwis and blackberries have 4%
oranges bananas cantaloupe raspberries cherries and peaches have 3% protein
jackfruit is becoming more common and can be found in Asian markets and health
food stores to use as a vegetarian substitute for pulled pork roast beef
and Philly cheesesteak it has 6% surprised? It’s well known that you can
get plenty of protein from legumes nuts and seeds but what about raw vegetables
a cup of soy bean sprouts gives you 18% of your daily needs of protein spinach
has 11% asparagus has 9% artichokes Brussels sprouts and mushrooms have 8% and broccoli has 7% any of these or a combination will easily get
you to your 11 percent so eating a variety of vegan whole food is more than
adequate to supply your daily protein needs if you’re concerned you could add
a raw vegan whole food protein powder to your daily smoothie let me know what
protein powder you use in the comments below try getting about 10% of your
daily calories in protein at first that’s about point 3 grams per pound of
body weight experiment with increasing or decreasing that amount until your
body feels balanced if you’ve had bariatric surgery and you’re restricting
your calories below 1,800 calories per day start with a little more to be sure
if you must eat meat get it from a clean source free of GMOs pesticides and
hormones try to get pasture-raised meat and eggs or wild caught fish instead of
the factory farmed add more vegan sources of protein to crowd out the meat
fish and eggs from your plate you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel
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