How to Be on the Keto Diet the Healthy Way

How to Be on the Keto Diet the Healthy Way

you heard of Keita amazing you know is the best thing that has ever happened to me z-bo echo I plan to stick to itto go anywhere talk to anyone without hearing that word kitto and this the happy relatives around the keto diet the other half say they can’t wait to start but have you ever wondered if you or your friends and family are doing keto all wrong today we have the answer take a look at these photos there they’re flooding Instagram right under the hashtag dirty Kido they’re saying for example look at this one it says tacos with a taco shell made from fried cheese I mean it looks good but could you wait lose weight with that how about this one so it says a plate full of convenience store snacks and this is really fantastic even a pizza pie with all fried cheese crust and they’re still losing weight so what’s the catch magician expert and best-selling author Josh axe is here dr. axe gonna help us figure this out I think a lot of us are doing Tito either they didn’t do it the right way to begin with or they’ve tipped into dirty quito so I want you to if you can’t explain to us what regular quito is and what dirty quito is so we know what we’re really doing to ourselves yes so regular quito dr. oz is number one we want to get clean sources of protein wild-caught fish grass-fed beef legumes and beans and then the big part of the diet is 75% healthy fat avocados coconut cacao dark chocolate nuts and seeds flax seeds we should be doing loads and loads of healthy fats and then our 5% carbs here and that’s part of the key of getting into keto as you lower the carbs your body gets in that fat-burning zone but those carbs you want them to come from nutrient-dense vegetables loaded with vitamins and minerals that’s really the key to doing it the right way this is a healthy that no matter how you mix up the macronutrients ok what is dirty keto so now dirty kiddo here’s a surprising thing it’s the exact same macros but you’re just getting the completely wrong food in your diet for instance you know we see this on Instagram but you’re 20% of your proteins are coming from conventional beef and pork and bacon and you know a lot of your fat is coming from processed dairy and cheese and then your 5% carbs are coming from things like low carb pizza that’s full of preservatives and other chemicals so not good it’s really dirty all right so yeah now we know dirty versus clean some people own it right you dive right into the dirty version of keto and I see those posts all the time you’re very proud of it but other people have tipped in to being the dirty kiddo and haven’t even appreciated it you’ve seen a lot of confusion amongst your pages what are they saying to you yeah well one of the things I see pretty frequently for instance I had a patient come in he said dr. axe I’m on this new thing called the keto diet and I said hey that’s great where did you learn about it he said social media and I said well what are you eating for breakfast lunch and dinner I promise you this is what he was eating for breakfast butter bacon and eggs for lunch he would do a bacon burger and for dinner ruddy yes a bacon burger oh that was his entire diet was he losing weight you know here’s the thing is he was losing weight he did he lost about 15 pounds in 30 days but here’s the thing he was still sick on the inside he was bloated he was fatigued he wasn’t feeling well I think got him on eating the real keto diet the right way he continued to lose weight and continue to see even better result come on why don’t you meet someone Debbie’s here because she’s thinking about keto she sees all these delicious high fat foods and Instagram like the rest of us and you want to know a little bit more about this it does dirty keto work is that safe you just told us a patient of yours lost 15 panels so it does seem to work Debbie what’s what does dirty kiddo mean to you what’s the appeal going through a fast fast food joint drive-through this is what dirty heroes you know means to me it’s a quick easy food that you could just take the bun off the meat and you’re set to go somebody work walk you through some of things I get concerned about when I hear people pull into a fast food joint get them the burger without the bun think they’re on keto and a lot of you hearing about this with met fan members and yourselves eating unhealthy food and worrying about the saturated fats that could be concerned it has always been a concern it could be really an issue for your heart let’s go inside an artery and show you what is the big issue for doctors now the arteries inside the heart their passes way to life they bring nourishing blood everywhere the lining is very thin if it starts to get thickened because you’re building a plaque over time especially a bit inflammation watch what happens the flame plaque is prone to this a rupture it gets irritated and that little plaque begins to pull off now you better open scab inside the body buddy wants to heal that scab it starts to put blood in there because your inflamed and that scab now blocks off the artery completely so no blood can get through and feed the heart it has same thing can happen in the brain it can happen in other organs leading to strokes and heart attacks but if heart disease feels like something way off in the future Wow don’t worry about that because you’re losing weight you’re feeling good now right why eat enough diet full of pork rinds I hear ya this doesn’t seem like it’s an urgent issue but denying yourself the micronutrients the good stuff and food could be affecting your body right this minute and I want you to do someone that I care a lot about one of my producers Sasha who has discovered this brag on Sasha per second I wonderful mother wanted to lose some weight went on dirty keto about four months ago we’ve been hearing about we’ve been watching her on Instagram and that’s what I’ve been able to identify what you’re eating how many of all much weight did you lose 33 pounds in about four months but when I first started the keto plan I was all in doing it right eating the healthy fats but then life happens and then I started going for the shortcuts going on Instagram seeing that you can you know fry up some cheese or eat some bacon do the pork rinds I’d never had pork rinds before and I thought oh my god I can have this on keto so even though I did continue to lose the weight I was feeling more tired I was feeling bloated even and I just noticed that I needed to kind of like switch back and get back on the right track dr. axe concerns about pork rinds and a lot of other things that she’s posted by the way go check her out oh yeah check out my Instagram but getting the bacon the pork rinds cuz I’m on the go and I’m running fast but on Instagram they’re like these are keto friendly keto friend Lisa then I get excited yeah well I think you know one of the things to know is is that some of the symptoms you’re talking about you mentioned the bloating the lack of energy those are symptoms of what we call keto flu which is really common and that can happen even when you’re doing the keto diet the right way but typically the symptoms are less severe when you’re doing dirty keto the symptoms get exacerbated it can even lead to other health problems like constant dehydration other flu-like symptoms so we not only want people to lose weight we want people to be healthy on the inside getting those vitamins in minerals to help nourish our organs yeah we haven’t done big medical studies to prove all this yet but you mentioned inflammation that was the issue at the heart attacks nutrient deficiencies skin disorders yeah these are really calm you know inflammation is a major cause of arthritis heart disease chronic pain you know when we’re talking about some of the other conditions nutritional deficiency you can be deficient in vitamin b12 your energy vitamin magnesium and zinc for your immune system and also here’s the big thing rebounding weight get weight gain a lot of people when they’re not you doing this as a lifestyle eating these real foods they will gain the weight back really quickly the weight kind of like halted when I’m in that leg dirty like in a rush phase and I’m not really thinking about what I’m eating the weight kind of does halt the weight loss so what changes do you recommend to Sasha and others so they can keep losing the weight or stabilize where they want to be without tipping in the dirty key dough well here’s the truth it’s people can do the keto diet the right way and eat amazing and delicious food you know some of my favorite things I’ve had my patients do is I’ve had them consume things like almond butter with some really dark chocolate that’s delicious you know guacamole is a really high fat healthy food and then also you know there are recipes online now some are really bad okay and the fried cheese but there are recipes for keto chocolate chip cookies keto pancakes keto brownies where they’re using almond flour coconut flour coconut oil natural sweeteners in fact I have a lot of those you know foods in my book you can find a lot online but again there’s a right way to do keto that can still taste delicious yeah and I want to lose weight I just don’t want to be tired or feel bloated I wish I was working even harder at this is impossible I know I need more energy sure subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss anything remember to check back often to see what’s new

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  1. DrOZ. Please watch this video if you want to see the truth about the current heartdisease model and why it is wrong: . It is the only important video on heartdisease.

  2. This programming is absolutely unbelievable. Not one mention of the importance and sheer nutritional completion of free range eggs or grass fed organ meats. They make bacon and cheese look like the enemy by only talking about the processed version and completely neglecting the incredible micronutrient content of raw/pasture raised dairy and bacon. Then the suggestion of dark chocolate and almond butter (foods high in oxalytes) AND Keto baked goods should be the bulk of the diet, HUHHHHH?????? STILL no mention of the nutrition of eggs. Do you know why this is though ? Because this quack Dr. Oz has been selling you a false bill of goods with his "saturated animal fat is the cause of heart disease" and completely skating over the true cause of inflammation: Sugar and refined carbohydrates. So of course he won't make any mention to these types of foods cause it COMPLETELY negates his saturated fat theory. It is just so painfully obvious that they tried to shove keto into their low saturated fat box. Its just so frustrating seeing the american people lead astray when a diet that could be so good for you is being fasely projected and because the average person just simply does not posses the time to delve deeper into research, they take this Dr.'s word for it cause ya know it's the Dr. Oz show. What an absolute joke. 😑😑😑

  3. For those who is still trying to loose their fat with pills, crazy diets and hard exercises. That wonderful woman has given tip me how to burn fat fast still eating my favourite morning burger. Watch that short video here NODIET. XCOURSE. XYZ (without spaces) to know how!

  4. This just feels like common sense. Of course you can’t just eat bacon burgers, bacon and butter and be healthy.

  5. I mean some of these foods like the cheese and bacon are ok occasionally when on the diet, but it's a good idea to do clean keto for the majority of the time.

  6. FINALLY A DOCTOR THAT PUTS NUTRITION WITH KETO. Bacon has always and will always be trash. Avocado ✔

    2 tablespoons mixed in a glass of water should get rid of this problem 🇬🇧👍🏻

  8. Wow! I have been doing keto three years an this Dr Oz is a real miss leading Jerk. I cant watch this crap any longer. Hope people don't take him serious.

  9. For those of you who keep saying "Dr Berg needs to be on Dr Oz" here is a video that Dr. Berg posted. Sounds like Dr. Oz's folks need to apologize!

  10. So true! Found this great keto meal plan that's helping me keep it clean…

  11. Need help: I want to go Keto and eat min 2000 calories … but I can't eat nuts, or beans, or avocado allergic to those things .. any meal plan suggestions??

  12. Honestly I just used this @t for keto as a beginner and it still helps me till this day! I lost 3 pounds in one week and 12 pounds in a month. I'm proud because I lost weight the healthy way and did not have to starve myself.

  13. Burning fat is a complex process, and your body doesn’t burn fat and lose weight at the same time – it does one and then the other.I was taking pills and following the same keto rules.
    see the keto report here:

  14. I’m all about the pork. I eat it for breakfast and eat pork ribs without the sauces. The saturated fats are the secret with keto.

    I do agree in the sense that certain people are doing it the wrong way. Eat your meat fresh and as least processed as possible. Nuts should be in moderation including cheeses. Stick with fresh meats, fats and moderate amount of fresh vegetables. As too many can cause gas, bloating and take you out of ketosis. I typically just have one big fresh kale salad a day and the rest of my day is with meat and oils.

  15. Just wondering can you eat 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫chocolate on this diet or would I have to give it 🆙.

  16. Do you recommend Keto for someone on prednisone for an autoimmune disease? I’ve put on 80 in the last year due to my autoimmune disease and steroid use and I need to lose weight but I can’t seem to get my immune system to settle down so I can get off prednisone. Do you recommend Keto for me?

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  18. I've been using some ketosis pills I found on and they've helped me lose over 65 pounds

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  20. The keto diet has been debunked a million times! It’s unhealthy everyone knows that. In fact it is dangerous. Why anyone would believe these quack studies funded by meat, dairy and egg industries is beyond me. Dr.Gregor has a great resource for actually healthy food at so you can get healthy and fit for life, not short term

  21. Dr. Berg.. sigh
    This is what Dr. Berg has been preaching for such a long time.
    Also, Dr. Oz stole Dr. Berg's body type weight loss.

  22. Keto can wreck your health. For me, it caused far worse insulin resistance, raised LDL and Tryglicerides 5.5 times (!), caused heart palpitations and many other objective problems. I did everything "clean" with a nutritional app, too.
    If you are not obese and struggling with glucose issues please educate yourself on fat metabolism in cells. Don't be a victim of supplement commercials..
    I'm now on a balanced, tried and true Mediterranean Diet and all of my tests are finally normal.

  23. Really anyone who needs to lose weight fast with keto should try this it made me lose 7 pounds last week.

  24. I'm on low carb diet and go full keto from time to time. Works fine for me. Sometimes I might eat a bag of nuts or too much chocolate but don't consume a fraction as many carbs as I used to.

  25. I was recommended keto and lost about 20-30 pounds doing it. Wasn't clean though and I didn't feel good about it. Pretty sure my cholesterol shot up because of the meats. Trying it again, but doing it right. Lots of leafy veggies, healthy fats and clean meats.

  26. Since when has butter and cheese been dirty keto… these ARE healthy fats!
    Since when have legumes been okay on keto…..
    Hmmm I agree with everyone else, there are better sources of information on Keto than this……
    BTW I do dirty keto and feel GREAT…. not tired, loosing weight, clear skin, etc…..

  27. The best thing to use to get fast weight loss results with keto is it makes you lose weight so far Ive lost 43 pounds.

  28. I'm motivated to get in shape for summer after seeing 5 pounds come off this week by taking

  29. TO Dr. Oz or anyone who knows. The weight loss is amazing but there are a few things I know are wrong. Any suggestions would be so appreciative. Im doing Atkins if that matters. I used to be bloated crazy bloated to the point of wearing maternity pants. Im 5'3" and when I hit 199 my Dr. said do domthing and do it now your going to have diabetes in a week. Im 54 I have Fibromialgia. I did atkins 4 years ago and when i couldnt poop for 7 days with zero bloating my Dr. said go to the E.R. When i did they came in very quickly and hooked me up to a pottasium drip and told me i was so dyhydrated i had only a tiny bit and i could of had a major heart attack any min. I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days to get my b.m. coming out right (sorry) . This time thats all good but i dont feel well. Im afraid my pottadium in down again. I just ran across the street and got a coconut water and a banana and feel fine. How can you tell you need potassium or electrolights ? Maybe I should of read the book right ? I know im not the only one please any info on this i truley thank you for.

  30. Keto works I made a before and after transformation video that shows my results! People who are looking for a way to lose weight need to see it.

  31. The reason these people NEED to be on a diet in the first place is because they think taking the bun off a fast food burger or eating fried cheese is okay….keto diet is a fad/trend diet like every diet before it. In a year there will be a new one. The only real answer is to stick to a balanced diet of healthy whole food, don’t over eat, and be as active as you can be. Eat only what you need to survive and stop getting your information from Instagram….

  32. Dr Oz is a vile subhuman. He just said saturated fat was bad ? He is hurting people and should be caged and stoned. Who are these 966k people that subscribed to him ?

  33. The most fat loss you can loose in a week is 1-2 lbs. when we cut carbs we loose water weight because for every gram of carbs 3g of water is stored with it. So the weight you are losing is due to calorie restriction (starvation). Fat loss slows during ketosis because your body wants to hold on to as much as it can because it believes it is starving to death and it also starts using fat-free mass as energy. The keto diet promotes cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. If you want to loose weight the right way the only diet clinically proven to help people loose fat while reversing heart disease is a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle, they were also aloud to eat as many calories as they want. Excess carbs/sugar is burned as heat through dietary thermogenesis, so carbs will never make you fat. The fat you eat is the fat you wear.

  34. For fun I ordered some keto pills I saw on and to my surprise they actually really work

  35. I am super lazy lol luckily I found some keto pills on that are actually helping me lose weight

  36. This information is what made me lose weight with keto so far I been able to lose 43 pounds.

  37. Sell your kidney and liver and go on Dr Axe's and Dr Berg's "clean grass fed and organic nut" keto. You cannot afford it in other way.

  38. I tried the keto diet for over a month but had to quit because all the fat made me feel sick and not wanting to eat anymore. Couldn't eat any meat or dairy for a few weeks after that.🤮

  39. In the last few weeks I been able to lose 13 pounds because of this it helps control my appetite.

  40. I've lost 30 lbs on keto diet past 2 1/2 months. I just wish I would have discovered it in my 20's. But- saying there's dirty keto is misleading. Saying cheese is bad, is misleading, or a bit of bacon. When you eat a variety of foods, chicken, fish, beef, nuts, dark leafy greens, etc. You feel amazing. After a few months of a keto diet, I decided to test for keystone's. Nope! Not burning the fat on keto. It's very difficult and probably not safe to go into keto anyways, but I'm losing weight…so who cares? I eliminated 99% of the sugar from my diet, and breads, and BOOM! added nuts, berries, (NO BEANS, BTW) AND NO I DON'T FEEL SLUGGISH OR INFLAMED. Nor do I listen to either one of these Dr's because they are all hype. So- I'm on a keto diet, and could care less about actually being in keto. But see for yourself, you can buy the test strips to test for keystone's at your local Walmart. And, btw- anyone suggesting 'beans' on keto obviously isn't paying attention to the actual diet.

  41. no beans or legumes, unless your vegetarian..and still. No one mentioned Quest bars and diet Energy drinks as dirty keto. they targeted poor old bacon. and cheese.

  42. My life has changed since I found out how to lose.weight. I have lost 39 pounds in 2 months since I started taking this my stomach is smaller and I have more energy.

  43. hello girls my life has changed since I found out how-to-lose-weight-I have-lost 39 pounds in 2 months since I started taking-this my stomach is smaller and I have more energy

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