How to eat biscuits on a healthy diet

Eating a biscuit is not a sin. Eating a
biscuit is not cheating. Hello, how you doing? I’m at my Mum’s right now. My Mum’s made me a nice cup of coffee and invariably where the coffee comes out
these come out, the biscuits. My Mum knows I’m a sucker for these, shortbread fingers. I love them and am I gonna have one? Yeah I am. Am I gonna feel guilty in any way by having one or feel like I’ve cheated in
some way? Absolutely not. Things like this, cakes, chocolates, sweets should never be excluded from your diet. If you like them they should be a part
of your diet. If you love biscuits and you exclude them from your diet you’re
gonna have one day when you’ve maybe not quite got your eye on the ball, or you
feel a little bit rubbish for some reason or another. Then you’ll head for
the biscuit barrel or you’ll pop down the shops and buy a bar of chocolate.
Then suddenly you’ll feel guilty because you feel like you failed or you feel
like you’ve cheated on your diet. Here’s what happens. This is really
common. You might have heard yourself say this before. “That’s
all right I’ll start my diet tomorrow.” Then you’ll have a big blowout or
maybe you don’t even start your diet again at all and then six months later
the whole thing starts again. Some diets actually call things like this a
sin or say you can have them on your cheat day. Eating a biscuit is not a sin.
Eating a biscuit is not cheating. If you like a biscuit have a biscuit
occasionally. That’s the really important word ‘occasionally’. This is where most
people go wrong. These things start creeping into your diet on a daily basis.
If you have treats every day they’re not a treat anymore. These are treats, these
are something you should be having occasionally but you should be having
them. If you like a biscuit have a biscuit if you like chocolate have some chocolate but just don’t have it all the time. Regard it as a treat and don’t feel guilty about having it. Now I’m not gonna feel guilty right now about dunking this bad boy in my coffee. Have a great day. Bye! you

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