100 thoughts on “How to Eat Fast Food on a Healthy Diet

  1. @Tac1981 well i guess your family has some pretty tough organisms then! this is pretty rare to happen. usually fast food contains fat and that is really bad for you in big quantities so for the majority of people it has bad effects

  2. @Tac1981

    lol no j/k
    But seriously, call up Ripley's or Guinness or some shit.
    Maybe they'll get you an all-you-can-eat McDonalds card.

  3. Buy A Huge Big Mac Meal. Take out the burger out the bun and everything else… throw it away… bin fries… pour drink away… eat bun(: wait dont even do that. Throw away bun. Eat cardboard.

  4. This is so much trouble. Wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to just buy healthy groceries and cook at home? Then you don't have to place all those special orders and crap.

  5. YOu can avoid fat free, sugar, fructose but count the sodium on those buns, add the sodium in the chicken… deli meats are sodium sponges… reduced fat dressing is also higher in sodium to make up for taste loss from fat.

    My jaw dropped (I know its acting) when she threw away that Filet-O-Fish 1:48 … I'm sure there was a homeless person around there you can hand them something you don't want instead of tossing FOOD.

  6. They are assuming with the first step that EVERYONE lives in California and knows what In N Out Burger is; hence the secret sauce.

  7. @GENAROGARZONMEXICO you are disgusting.. this is trying to give tips on being healthy, you have no idea how serious bulimia is so just keep your stupid thoughtless comments to yourself

  8. @Lavaster true but that is if u drink like 5 diet sodas a day. and in reality diet soda is better then soda any day ifu drink it once a day.

  9. don't pass that fish sandwich that lady needs to eat that fish sandwich!!!!!! that lady needs to eat more meat!!!!
    with salads include bacon bits, noodles, and other toppings.

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