98 thoughts on “How to Feed Your Family Healthy Meals on a Tight Budget

  1. Hahaha! Im looking at an ad at the top right corner advertising taco bell's shrimp tacos. It says "Warning to customers with shrimp allergies: Shrimp products contain shrimp. LOL

  2. Tight Budget? put life insurance on urself and find a bridge. problem solved everyone eats better now!

  3. Great video. I buy extra of both fruits and veggies when they go on sale to freeze and use later.

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  5. @ExemplaryRadiation
    I heard wheat bread and white bread has the same nutrients. Though brown rice at least has different sugars than white.
    oh and before someone calls me naive or ignorant, wheat bread is different than whole grain or 7grain.

  6. Actually healthy food: brown rice, quinoa, kale, beets, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, grass fed organic LOCAL meats (avoid red meat), beans, organic local eggs, gluten free foods, no refined sugars or processed starches, micro biotics first thing in the morning (a.k.a. vegetables FRESH, not frozen) FRESH vegetables are more healthy than canned and frozen.

  7. @omgf34fme

    why isn't it healthy? it's only tougher meat from the same animal that makes the tender, more pricier meat cuts.

  8. @RenGrayson lol thanks for telling me the name of that thing, which according to some dictionary is "similar to a walnut". I do remember tasting something bitter in a different way once at this specialized shop, but it looked like walnut.

  9. Terrible advice. You guys need to study nutrition before telling everyone what to eat. 60% of the cows in the U.S. carry the leukemia virus, are sick from antibiotics & are injected with hormones. Dairy is not good for you & evaporated milk in a can is even worse!

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  11. apples are fruit they took this to the supreme court and we learned about this in class so i should know very well

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  16. A lot of people are starting to grow their own food to help offset what they would normally spend at the store. It's important to eat healthy nutritious foods so its good not too buy cheap empty calorie type foods just for the sake of saving money,

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  22. So everything that is healthy is cheaper so if somebody is poor and rather buy the cheaper side he doesn't even know he's eating healthy !!!

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  24. Healthy cheap food: ramen with all the noodles, half the seasoning, steamed veg and veggie meat=mmmmmmmm so yummy. Don't know if its ACTUALLY healthy but I LIKE IT!!!

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  28. Limit red meats to 1 time per week. Buy frozen chicken breasts and bake them for the week. Brown rice and spinach with chicken is one of my favorites. I'm surprised eggs were not pushed. Cheap source of protein. Pay a bit more and get cottage cheese, good casein protein. Assorted nuts are not cheap, generally are salted and will cause you to retain water.

  29. Sometimes I get so sad when I see homeless ppl and always gives them 10 or 20 bucks because my family makes a bit more then the average person and we have so much 😞

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  32. Hi Mohammed,

    You need help eating healthy? By your screename, is not Middle Eastern food healthy? I like the swharmas and falafel. Toubuleh and yougurt drinks are good too 😀

  33. Only problem is, tuna, evaporated milk, oatmeal, peanuts, walnuts, most meat, and eggs make my dad puke. Now what?!

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