How to Gain Weight if You’re Skinny (NUTRITION MYTH!)

How to Gain Weight if You’re Skinny (NUTRITION MYTH!)

100 thoughts on “How to Gain Weight if You’re Skinny (NUTRITION MYTH!)

  1. 1:50 Jeff.exe stopped working.

    Jokes aside, I love you man. Every single video in your channel is a powerpunch of truth and dedication to what you do. That's why I stepped aside from bullshit. You're the real deal.

  2. People say I'm so skinny and i don't eat but i do eat a ton I used to be called "very skinny an year ago" now I haven't gotten called skinny now since working out and bulking.

  3. I have tried eating healthy calorie dense foods to gain weight, coconut oil, peanut butter, mixed nuts etc, but have actually LOST weight? Turns out, high fat foods, although calorie dense, don't trigger enough insulin to cause any weight gain. High carbs will probably gainsome weight, but its unhealthy, increasing risk of diabetes and accelerated aging etc

  4. Hey Jeff I'm like 25 years but very skinny like my weight is like 50kg. I have tried almost everything mass booster thing n all but my body builds n then goes back down. I'm a student in Australia n can't afford to get a gym membership, so can u make a video for people like me plz..

  5. In my personal experience everyone is different. i found to go from 155 to 165lbs in about 6 months of semi serious commitment it took about 3600-4000 calories a day ranging mostly between different sources of carbs and proteins and 1 protein shake a day for me and 6 days a week with high intensity but good quality workouts, atleast 4 litres of water, 6-8 hours of good sleep. I don't look exactly like jeff but id say on an athletic level I'm pretty average for body weight exercises, cardio, weight exercises and flexibility. I tried my best to get atlas 4 days a week even if it was just body weight on a holiday to help with routine a little. we all have lives outside just getting healthier. Hopefully this helps in some way

  6. im 185 cm tall and im 65 KG. im going to try this stuff you said. ill reply to this comment in about a month and see how much i have gained. Thx Athlean

  7. Thank you Jeff, I started to listen to you in January/February 2019 when I got serious about getting fit.
    On January 2019 I was 126 pounds, today(December 2019) I am 157, your advice has been paramount to my success!

  8. I’m 5’11 and I’ve weighed around 125-130 for 5 years. I am 19 now.
    I wanted to try a dirty bulk but I was afraid of becoming diabetic or something/: I just wanna gain muscles in a step by step tutorial lol is that too much to ask 😭

  9. ATHLEAN-X my nutrition is not bad but, I'm still eating a bit too much processed meats. It's a serving of pepperoni slices and two serving of kielbasa. Beyond this, my diet is in solid shape. However, these foods are what I use to to hit my protein marker. Do you have any suggestions on alternative foods I could eat that are quick, easy, and reasonably priced?

  10. For me the biggest obstacle is not really not expanding my taste. The real issue has being lazy in the kitchen. Lazy to wake up early and prepare oatmeal, instead of having a crap breakfast at the office. Lazy to cook the brown rice for the week. That's the biggest obstacle to jump in my case. If I make myself time to spend on the kitchen to prepare my food, I should be ok.

  11. You gotta read this!
    You told me the thing. I'm skinny and my brother says that there isn't any matter where the calories come from. I almost decided to eat like he says..

    Luckily I have been eating healty and guality food. I'm gonna keep on doing it. Thank you.

  12. I don't think anyone will ever see this comment but I do not agree with Jeff on this one for the most part. I was 140 lb now I'm 190 lb and I'll tell you why I was skinny and how I got bigger. I was skinny because I did not have an appetite during the day although I would binge eat all through the night even waking up out of my sleep to eat. I would never gain weight, I would appear to eat a lot but no actuality I was probably consuming on average a little less than 2000 calories a day. I'm 5-11 I was 147 to 153 lb. I have gained weight before about 10 years ago and I let it all go away when I stop eating and working out. This time I came with the mindset of having accomplished a goal before and this time seeing it all the way through. If you are skinny and you get a gym membership so you can lift a little bit heavier weight than doing basic push-ups and Pull-Ups, you can eat almost whatever you want. Add 500 calories a day to what you are already eating and you will gain one pound per week. 2 protein shakes a day with at least 45 grams of protein and added dry oatmeal for your complex carbs. Have that before and after each workout. Incorporate two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a day on top of what you are already eating, that's about 400 or 500 calories. And then eat your meals like you had eaten before and this time when you go for a donut go for two, when you go for a slice of cake go for two if you eat a hamburger eat a bigger Burger than you usually eat. Trust me guys as long as you're working out hard and you're in the calorie Surplus you will gain muscle mass. Facts, it's science. Even if you're eating junk food, as a hardgainer your metabolism will pretty much keep you in Fairly good shape as you're bulking. This is tips for guys who have high metabolism, hardgainers and are skinny. Let's get it guys I went from 150 to 190 and I had to stop because I was getting too big.

  13. Really solid advice and well said, I’ve been struggling a lot on how to proceed but I think I’m going to shorten my workouts and focus on eating cleaner and better quality regardless of amount and macros and focus on that latwr

  14. im 160 lbs and 6'4 and i have been working for 8 months, i havent been seeing any weight gain but i am definitely stronger than when i first started

  15. I just follow my 1gram/lbs of protein routine and eat whatever carbs i can take with the condition of being as healthy as possible.

  16. Thanks Jeff. I really can't express enough how meaningful this video has been for me. I eat too much shit and junk food. I'm strong but everybody says u need to eat more. I'm gonna cut the shit and start eating healthier snacks. Thanks

  17. Mass gainers are very useful for people trying to reach a certain daily calorie intake, this guy is very biased and could do with some mass gainer himself

  18. I can’t eat enough of good quality foods to meet my caloric needs

    I need to eat 2000 to maintain my weight, i can’t even reach 1200 with quality food..

  19. I was 110pounds at the age of 25 with a hight off 180cm. You were a body builder compared to me. Wish there was beter guide for people that are really skinny and hardgainers. Took me 4 years to gain 40 pounds.

    Although quality over quantity did help me allot!

  20. i wish i had a lower metabolism because it gets really tedious having to shove food down your throat to gain weight and when you’re 18 and don’t have much money to keep purchasing quality foods to consume it becomes very difficult

  21. Calories arent good? But there's a guy on yt who said calories are necesary. He was skinny and now he's buffed af. And said that protein do help but you gotta eat soo much of those to work. And recomanded chocolate milk.

  22. There are really no shortcuts. I think it's about setting gradual consistent goals that you feel comfortable with and slowly build up. I've been working out for about four months and I've lost 13 pounds but I've made some adjustments along the way by tweaking what works and what doesn't for me particularly. I've been implementing some of the things Jeff is recommending and I'm already starting to feel better. This is great. Keep on going consistently ladies and gentlemen! We'll reach our goals together!

  23. Thanks jeff u made it better for me with ur food videos i thought it was only nasty food i had to eat but its not true i put syrup in my oats i thought that would destroy the quality but im still getting all the good stuff from honey cinnimon and oats i put brown suger and other things for extra calories now and its great so if i can have extra bowl i will i have seen new gains i was always ripped but skinny finally im building muscle jeff ur awesome man

  24. Here’s a great way for you to think about it , You wouldn’t put shit fuel in a Ferrari would you ? So don’t put shit fuel in you!

  25. For my meals, I take blend ground beef or chicken accompanied with white rice and kale and I enjoy it, but whenever I lay eyes on chocolate, cakes, cookies, etc I have a hard time resisting

  26. Please, I'm skinny and cant put on weight (18 yrs old 128Ibs) can someone please give me pointers? I have adjustable weights, a bench press, and a heck tons of motivation. Any advice is appreciated!

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