How To: Improve Acne with Diet at Water’s Edge Dermatology

How To: Improve Acne with Diet at Water’s Edge Dermatology

For many years, we believed you could eat what you want. There was no correlation between acne and diet. A study in 2002 looked at a certain populations in Papua New Guinea and Paraguay and none of these individuals had acne. They did not eat the typical US diet. Theirs were low glycemic index diets. So they did more studies and found there is a correlation between high glycemic index foods and acne. They’ve done some weaker studies on dairy, and dairy may contribute to acne. If you choose to avoid or limit dairy, I recommend taking vitamin D and calcium. There are also some other studies saying that maybe if you have a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin A, zinc and antioxidants, that might help with acne, but I still think we need to have more work. Will diet control or cure acne? No, but it definitely can help improve acne. I tell my patients to limit foods that get
broken down into simple sugars, such as white breads, white pastas, cookies, cereals, sugary drinks and sodas, and focus more on vegetables, fruits, whole grain breads and whole grain rice. That can improve your acne. Alone, the diet is not going to cure your acne. We have to look at other factors and put the whole package together to really treat your acne.

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