here we go Alright what’s up guys today I’m gonna explain to you what is a diet break, how to implement it and how this will actually affect you in your own diet okay so pretty much a diet break is one to two weeks you take off from dieting and return to maintenance what this does it helps you psychologically and physically
because things can happen one that some people that they’ve been dieting so long
that they can just go out they could just go totally off the diet which
that’s the type of behavior we don’t because they’ll start binge eating and just everything in sight so what the diet break does is pretty much get you back to base line and we’re
gonna be able to really hone in back those hormones your metabolism metabolic rate all those
things t3 t4 umm leptin, grelin all these
hormones that down-regulated when you are dieting so grenlin is pretty much the but
one that makes you crave so kind of that’s the one we want to bring down, because if grenlin is too high then your gonna be craving food more so we don’t want to be craving food more when were dieting because it gets harder harder and obviously metabolic slowdown will make
it harder, harder to diet to because you won’t be able to lose that much weight at the same amount of calories so the diet break just helps with that how are we gonna utilized a diet break we can have a couple of different scenarios here one a leaner individual wouldn’t have to diet break as
often so maybe every six to eight weeks a moderate individual that’s 12 to 15 to 16
percent body fat will probably utilize it every eight to 12 weeks and anyone obese anything
above 20 percent body fat I recommend somewhere between 16 and 24
weeks so they are you taking it chucks and you can not be so overwhelmed with
all my god I have to lose seventy pounds right you can say okay I can lose 15-20 here, 15-20 here, 15-20 here so it’s more of an obtainable goal let me just let me just say that this is
not for everyone some people that would go into a diet break they’ll probably just binge the first time they have an opportunity to lets say for a birthday while taking a diet break there probably go you
know off the rails and just binge with 6,8 slices of pizza and a lot of cake so just it’s
individualistic based so like every person would have to be different when there kind of doing a diet break some people can just go through it which I recommended you have no time
constraints then yes to take these diet breaks because it actually will enhance fat
loss and make make experienced a lot more enjoyable so how we implement this to your own diet how are we gonna start first we gotta get our maintenance, our maintenance calories so we can do this several ways we can use an calculator or we can use a body weight multiplier I went to the route with just the online
calculator you can use any online I recommend the mifflin calculators it’s a mifflin
equation sorry or you can use IIFYM dot com they have one there as well so you get it my was 2720 so 2720 and then I adjusted for umm metabolic slowdown which I got by Lyle McDonald’s he explains metabolic slowdown I can link that article below and then he used a 10% drop, so from 2720 I dropped 10% which 272 which gets me at 2,450 more or less okay so my macros previously to this was 210 carbs 45 fat and 190 protein so usually in a diet break you wanna increase carbs so I increased my carbs by nineteen and increase my fats by 10 which got me to that 2450 so right there I did for two weeks and that’s it so now you just do the same thing for
yourself and your done pretty much it Alright guys so the cool thing about dieting is might not even gain weight that’s the thing you might even lose weight and if you do gain weight it might be just water, muscle glycogen or you actually gained some muscle back because your training gets increased and you can increase volume so guys could probably just just maybe gain a pound or two I recommend if your gaining more than that probably back off maybe 25 to 50 carbs I’ll just 25 and go from there but if you gain more than three to five then
you’re pretty much over doing it so that’s why I used those online calculators give you
a rough estimate Would you guys use a diet break have you used a diet break in the past if you did how’d it make you feel, were you more motivated to finish off your diet Did that, gain weight lose weight what happened? I like to know all these things below so leave your comment will have a little conversation guys thank you guys for so much for watching this video if you made it this far please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t thank you guys very much peace out


  1. When I gave myself a diet break
    1. Way stronger
    2. Felt powerful
    3. More energy to move
    4. Better mood
    5. Overall healthier

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