How to make a Keto Margarita! | Keto Cocktails | Caveman Keto

How to make a Keto Margarita! | Keto Cocktails | Caveman Keto

welcome back to Caveman Keto’s YouTube Channel. Just because you’re on Keto you can’t have any fun today I’m going to show you how to make a
Keto Margarita it’s going to be pretty simple we’re going to start with
with obviously some tequila, then we’re going to add some sweetness with EZ-Sweetz which is liquid
sucralose then we’re going to make fresh lime juice out of a bunch of limes
or if you don’t have time you can buy pre-made lime juice let’s
get started we’re gonna start by dealing with the
limes the first thing I’m going to do is to slice up a
couple limes for garnish, which we’ll use on our cocktails we’ll just save these for later next we’re gonna actually juice the
lines we’re gonna roll it then we’re gonna
slice it in half now I’m going to use an electronic juicer, makes this a little bit easier and all you have to do is just push
down and it’ll start to spin and as you can see it extracts the lime juice and catches the pulp so if you look in here you can see that we now have some lime
juice that’s good for about 1 margarita but I’m going to keep going until we have
enough for a series of margaritas Now you can see we’ve got quite a bit
of a lime juice we can just filter this down here, and now you can see I will carefully pour this off into a measuring cup do really get about a cup we’re able to get about a cup and a quarter lime juice now we
want to do is fill a shaker with ice add what’s
called one jigger so take your measuring cup which is just
generally the top of the shaker or shot glass or
something and for each margarita you want to fill it to the top which is 1.5
ounces add that in there, and you want to take 1.5 ounces of tequila four drops EZ-Sweetz and you want to shake this Take a really cold glass, I just took this out of the refrigerator or out of the freezer pour out your drink, take one of your lime slices that you made earlier. Slip it on the side you got yourself a nice Keto Margarita well that’s it today from Caveman Keto’s YouTube channel – Cheers! Mmmmm! Very good!

24 thoughts on “How to make a Keto Margarita! | Keto Cocktails | Caveman Keto

  1. Love watching your videos! I started ketosis by following your 7-day meal plan (almost 2 years ago) and was so excited to see the new videos start up.
    Excited to try a ketosis margarita (and it made me smile when I realized the background music was a Puerto Rican song 💕)

  2. The part where the filthy mixer electric cord touched the lime made my OCD impulses shoot off like a rocket explosion

  3. CAREFUL, a lime has 4g of carbs per lime. This is not really keto in my opinion. Need to replace lime with some fake lime flavors

  4. I just made one similar but added some lime and orange zest and some pickled ginger into a magic bullet with swerve and ice. Over the top! woo hoo!😎 lol

  5. Add some orange extract, lime zest, then shake it hard, and add the mixture in the glass with some of the ice–or blend for a frozen marg!

  6. The simplest one I've found. Thanks for sharing. I can't find that sweetener you used, but will probably use Stevia since its glycemic index is zero.

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