How to Make a Protein-Heavy Meal Plan || Henry’s Kitchen: Masterclass

(soothing piano music) – Hey guys. Summertime’s over and it’s
time to start bulking up for autumn, and what better
way to do that than with my protein workout meal plan. It’s basically a protein
workout meal plan and what you’re gonna be doing
is, you’re gonna be eating the same thing for every meal, so you’re taking a lot of
guesswork out of eating, and it’s a win-win situation
because you’re not only saving yourself a lot of time, but
you’re also gaining a lot of weight. So let’s get started. Gonna start out with our carbs. Gonna be some kale. We’re gonna blend it up
with some feta cheese using this… thing. (mixer grinding) (bleep) OK, so we’re just gonna put that aside
and move on to our protein which is gonna be some tuna that we’re gonna
add in with some Greek yogurt and some Dijon mustard. Now we’re just gonna stir it on up. I remember when I was a
teenager and I got my first car, there was an elderly lady
named Lois who lived next door and she used to give me
five dollars to take her to the liquor store so
she could by cigarettes and lottery tickets. I guess one day she didn’t
have any money so she asked me if she could give me this
old, wool coat instead. And I told her I couldn’t
accept it because it smelled like cat piss. OK, so for our simple carbs I’ve got
some whole grain pasta here, and in order to get our monosaccharides, for dessert we’re gonna add one cake pop. OK, so we’re just gonna form sort of
an assembly line, if you will. Let’s start loading up
our plates for the week. We’re gonna start filling up these plates. Kale, tuna mixture, pasta, and
our cake pops for dessert, so… Let’s rock. (soothing piano music) So there you have it. This is basically a
protein-intensive workout meal and it’s gonna get you going,
it’s gonna give you the kind of body that you’re
looking for and it’s also gonna help your self-esteem. Oh, hi. And thanks for joining us here
on the Henry’s Kitchen Masterclass. I wanna remind you that
every Monday we’re gonna be uploading some really great recipes, so if you want, please subscribe to the Thrillist YouTube channel,
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