How to Make Cauliflower Rice Two Ways | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

How to Make Cauliflower Rice Two Ways | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Horns up and welcome to a brand new
episode of Headbangers Kitchen Keto Recipes Listen guys, it’s too damn hot in Mumbai,
so I’m not wearing my chef’s coat, so please pardon me. Today, I’m going to show you how to make
Cauliflower Rice. Yep, that’s right, if you watched my
Keto recipe for the mutton stew, I served it with Cauliflower Rice and
today I’m going to show you how to make that Cauliflower Rice. And that’s not all!
I’m going to show you how to make a delicious chorizo pulao with
Cauliflower Rice and also a delicious creamy mushroom risotto kind of dish, so
it’s going to be awesome. Let’s go make some Cauliflower Rice now.
Alright, so the first thing we’re going to do to make our Cauliflower Rice is
prep our cauliflower, and we’re going to do that by chopping off the florets from
the stalk and also make sure you give the cauliflower a good wash. Then we’re
going to use our food processor now to make the Cauliflower Rice. What we’re going to do is we’re going to
use the grater attachment and then just blitz all the cauliflower till you get a nice rice kind of
consistency. Now you can also use the regular blade
and constantly pulse it till you get nice fine grains of rice, which is actually
more like couscous, so it’s more like cauliflower couscous. that’s why i use the grater option
because I get like strands almost of cauliflower. So that’s what I’m doing and this is
kind of what it looks like and then we are ready to cook it. Then we’re going to
get a pan on the gas and we’re gonna add all our grated cauliflower into
that. Whoops, looks like i forgot to take out that the attachment. Anyway, don’t make that same mistake. The next
thing I’m going to do is season it with a stock cube instead of salt, because I
just prefer it like that. You can use salt, that’s fine. Then I’m going to add
in some water and cover this and we’re going to cook it for about five to six
minutes till the cauliflower is nice and tender. Now halfway through the cooking
you’re definitely want to take that lid off, give it a good
mix all around, make sure nothing is burning or sticking. Add a little bit of water
if you require and then this cook it and it’s completely tender. That looks like it’s perfectly cooked and
ready to go. So there you have it, Cauliflower Rice, that
all it is actually. so now it’s time to make that delicious
chorizo pulao using the cauliflower rice. And we’re going to
start out in a cold pan and we’re going to add in our chorizo and the idea is that the fat in the
chorizo starts to render out and it will release all its oils. Now I’m using the spanish chorizo but
you can use the local Indian stuff or you can even use goa sausage if you like I’m also going to add a little bit of
olive oil just to give it a little bit of help to start rendering of that fat.
You can see now the chorizo is releasing its oils and now we’re going
to add some cumin seeds to this and you can see that these start to sizzle
immediately Next we’re going to add in 1 chopped
onion and look at that! Mix everything around, Look at that, you can see that the onion
is stained with those red chorizo juices Next I’m going to add some ginger-garlic
paste and again give this a good mix Next I’m going to add one chopped tomato,
give that a good mix as well Now is the time to add in a little bit
of turmeric, a little bit of red chilli powder and now we just want to cook all
the spices a little bit to give it a good mix add a splash of water: this kind of helps the tomatoes to
break down a bit Now i’m going to give it a quick
seasoning with some salt and some pepper and then we add in our cauliflower rice
and give that a good mix till everything is well incorporated and it all looks
delicious And for the final touches I’m going to
throw in a handful of fresh coriander and give that another of final mix. Now
since your Cauliflower Rice is already precooked you don’t have to cook this
for a long time Your Cauliflower Rice is done in two
minutes. And there you have it! Cauliflower chorizo pulao is ready.
And I’ve garnished it with some fried chorizo bits Mmmm, that looks delicious! Well that’s one
down and one more to go So now we’re going to make that delicious
creamy mushroom risotto kind of dish And we’re going to start with some butter in
our pan To this we’re going to add some garlic
and i’m going to add some pepper as well, nice freshly ground pepper Next we’re going to add in our mushrooms
and you’re going to season this with some salt to bring out all the liquid
from the mushrooms. As the mushroom start to get some color we’re going to add in our cauliflower rice and sauté it together.
Then we add some fresh cream and then I’m going to grate some fresh
Parmesan cheese over it Oh my god, that looks delicious Give that a good mix and then I add some fresh parsley over
that give it another good mix and that’s it. Our mushroom risotto using the cauliflower rice is ready and oh my god that looks deeelicious And that’s it, that’s how
simple it is All right guys are now is the moment of
truth, time to taste the chorizo pulao with cauliflower rice and the mushroom
risotto kind of thing First of all, it’s really hot in the
kitchen and I’m really really really hungry and I’m also alone again today there’s nobody home to taste the food.
So, listen, I’m very serious, if any of you are in Mumbai and you think you
might want to come over to Juhu where I live, and taste the food on the next episode, leave me a comment below, let’s make it
happen. I think you guys are the viewers, so you should actually get to taste the food, but
for now let me just taste it The chorizo pulao Oh, sweet mother Jesus, Mary whatever. That is so good that
is flavorful, it’s crunchy chorizo. I’m out of words guys Time for the mushroom one You know, this is actually my last video recipe
for the next month or two months maybe because i’m going to the UK and things
like that. So I’m off Keto, actually and after eating this I’m like, why? This actually
tastes good enough for me to want to go back on Keto and I’m praising myself, I guess, but you
guys please try this recipe at home and tell me how it turned out, because I want you
to experience the pleasure that I’m experiencing right now. Anyway, if you
like the recipe, give the video a thumbs up, subscribe to the YouTube channel and
I will see you on the next episode of Headbangers Kitchen Cheers and keep cooking! – – –

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