HOW TO MAKE CHIA PUDDING – 5 Minute Recipe! 😱 5 WAYS | Healthy Breakfast Recipes | For WEIGHT LOSS

HOW TO MAKE CHIA PUDDING – 5 Minute Recipe! 😱 5 WAYS | Healthy Breakfast Recipes | For WEIGHT LOSS

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Clarissa’s
channel. I’ve received so many positive responses in these last few videos that
I’ve been posting and I just wanted to let you know all those suggestions that
you have sent over to me I’ve been definitely taking note of it
adding it to my list of ideas of what I’m gonna be creating for you in my next
upcoming videos. In fact a few of you have been wanting to see some healthy
breakfast ideas and today I’m so excited to share with you one of my favorite
ones I’m gonna be showing you how to make chia seed pudding in five different ways.
This is perfect if you like variety and will give you a different flavor every
day of the week. This can be done for a meal prep on Sunday the night before or
even the day of for breakfast. These are the five different chia seed puddings
we’re going to be making today. A layer with banana cinnamon and a drizzle of
honey peanut butter granola and honey matcha flavor with granola apples with
cinnamon and honey and chocolate espresso with cocoa nibs so for those
who eat healthy or are on track to eat healthy given that it’s the new year I
wanted to point out that chia seeds pudding is so good for you they are full
of important nutrients and an easy way to help you break it down so you
understand is that there are very high in fiber so if you are eating out at a
restaurant and you know that food it was really early or wasn’t as healthy as it
may I planned it to be definitely eat chia seeds because it will help ease your
digestion and then they’re also really high in iron
and calcium. As always please like and subscribe right down below and click
that notification bell if you would like to be alerted for upcoming videos on my
channel. Now let’s get cooking in the kitchen. Up first is the banana cinnamon
chia seed pudding so we’re gonna be using one banana as a topping and I did
not cut this banana really well I had a cut out that clip but I am cutting the
banana into thin slices and I’m gonna be setting that aside in a bowl so the
first chia seed pudding flavor we’re gonna be doing is the banana cinnamon
and this could be used as your Monday pudding Monday meal prep whatever you’re
gonna call it I had a two to three tablespoons of chia seeds a little pinch
of cinnamon and mix it throughout before I added the milk just because you don’t
want it to clump so that’s the trick there and I added 2/3 of a cup of almond
milk you do oatmeal you do soy milk regular milk whatever you want it to be
and you want to mix it all together so that way it doesn’t clump up then you’re
gonna add honey as a sweetener you could use coconut sugar maple syrup whatever
sweetener you would like and mix it all together again so it doesn’t clump up
and you can set it in the fridge or ice it just set it aside for it to thicken this chia seed pudding is actually one
of my favorites it’s super simple the face is still the same
chia seeds honey and almond milk and all I added was organic crunchy peanut
butter with no sugar added and organic unsweetened coconut flakes it is the
perfect combination with the perfect bite you just can’t resist but have more I’ll write my mantra lovers if you’re
one like me this is a perfect recipe for you
I had heated hot water in the microwave for about 30 seconds and I use a sweet
and barista matcha mix powder and I added two tablespoons and I did not have
the matcha whisk I will be getting that soon but I thought this would just do
the trick for a normal whisk if you have that at home that is completely okay
because I did that too I’m gonna be adding chia seeds almond
milk and honey mix it all together and this time around you’re gonna add that
matcha mix afterwards and this is really good to do with separately so that way
the chia seed pudding does not clump up with any of the powder so hope that you
found that to be very helpful I feel that apple and cinnamon are such
a good combination of flavor and I tend to use this with a lot of my breakfast
recipes or desserts and if you haven’t checked out my last video I did provide
a link down below it’s my apple crumble recipe that is
super quick and easy could be used as a dessert or a breakfast so make sure you
go check that out and let me know what you think and comment down below in that
video and I am adding these apples to the side I just cut them into dices and
this is used for the topping of the chia seed pudding and as that we did before
we’re gonna add chia seeds and almond milk as well as honey so this is also one of my favorite
recipes I know I’m going to keep on saying that but it truly is because you
get a blend of chocolate and espresso so sweet and a pick-me-up in the morning
when you’re really tired on your way to work or just wherever you’re heading on
so I added two tablespoons of coconut sugar two tablespoons of cocoa powder
and I mix that all together in warm water that I microwave for about 30
seconds and then I’m adding the espresso you just want to make sure it’s it’s
blended really well so that way there are no clumps when you add it to the
chia seed pudding I think it’s safe to say that we’re all
experts on how to make chia seed pudding so I added two to three tablespoons of
chia seeds I added the espresso mix with the coconut sugar and chocolate and
almond milk you can add extra honey if you would like but it’s not necessary
since we already have the coconut sugar in it but hey if you want to add more
honey go for it it’s a natural sweetener and never hurts to have something a
little bit more sweet so there you have it five easy ways to
make chia seed pudding for breakfast these are a few of my favorite flavors
that I never get tired of and give me a nice variety throughout the week when
I’m on my way to work I would love to see all your recreations being posted so
if you want to talk at courses kitchen that’s my youtube name also my Instagram
name and also the hashtag cook with me I would love to repost it to share with
more people and get them excited that it’s very doable to make a recipe like
this and so simple so quick so if you haven’t done so already while watching
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right down below thank you again for watching and I’ll see you next time and
Clarissa’s Kitchen.

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  1. HI! I followed the recipe in mason jars, shook vigorously, but both times , the next morning, most were in a big ball clumped together. Tried again and stirred every hour adding more mylk before I went to bed- same problem. I use almond or cashew milk.

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