How To Make Cloud Eggs | Easy Keto Breakfast

How To Make Cloud Eggs | Easy Keto Breakfast

Beautiful isn’t it? all those clouds or should I say, lack thereof anyways there’s many different types of clouds there’s cumulus clouds which are puffy and cotton-ball like there’s cirrus clouds which are thin and wispy and then my personal favorite cloud eggs although I haven’t really been able to spot any today Do you see any cloud eggs? Really where? Holy cannoli! Look at all those cloud eggs! Quick we have to hurry up and catch one! Follow me! Did you catch it? Wait you didn’t? Damn Well that’s okay I guess we can just make our own then It’s cooking time! First, you’re gonna preheat your oven to 450 degrees Then you’re gonna separate your egg yolks and your egg whites Hey wait a minute What he heck is that? I wonder what it does **Speed Mode Activated** Oh boy it’s gonna get a little crazy up in here deactivate speed mode deactivate speed mode! **Speed Mode Deactivated** That was crazy Okay Where was I? Oh yeah Pepper! But where’d I put it? Oh yeah! Ah hah! Crack a little bit of pepper on there Add a little salt Oh yeah Throw in the baking powder Eh let’s get a little bit more in there some extra hanging out and then whisk it until you get a foam
like texture and be sure to go as fast as humanly possible Here I’ll count us down, ready? Three Two One Go! Whooo! That was great! I didn’t even break a sweat Okay Let’s go Whoo! Let’s go to the oven Then, using an egg ring or a mason jar lid as a guide carefully pour the egg mixture onto the pan then using the back of a spoon carefully carve a nest-like indent in the middle of the eggs then carefully pour the egg yolks in the middle of the egg whites Then bake them in the oven for 4-5 minutes See you in a bit And now for the taste test it’s nice, it’s most, it’s fluffy and it’s an easy and great breakfast recipe all in all I give it 5 clouds I mean, 5 stars anyways I hope you liked the video be sure to like, comment and subscribe

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  1. Hi Steve, you are a creator. This was so very entertaining. I smiled all the way through. Found your channel from a shoutout from Sharon Hartley channel. Till the next time.💕. NonnaGrace

  2. Hey great video hun. Thanks for sharing. Just passing by to show love and support. I hope you can sub back 🌸😊

  3. I love burgers, no bun with a side salad! Hey is there a reason that I can’t comment on videos when they first get posted? I tried to leave this comment on your latest video but it wouldn’t let me click on comments.

  4. Keto Steve, thanks for the quick and simple ideas. Your editing is great, adds a lot of fun to the vids, good work. I just watched all of your videos and subcribed, keep them coming!

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