How To Make KETO Coffee

How To Make KETO Coffee

Hey you guys this is the Kaizen Man, welcoming
you to The Kaizen Projekt. And today’s video is about one of my favourite
favourite things in the world, and that is – coffee. Coffee is something that I’ve been enjoying
now for pretty much my entire life, my mom would feed it to me in instant coffee and
milk as I was growing up. So you can pretty much assume that I’m addicted
to coffee. That being said, coffee is something that
I enjoy every morning and I’ve tried it in many different ways and a lot of my friends
and people that I know are coming across the ketogenic diet or they’re starting to do intermittent
fasting. And intermittent fasting’s something I’ve
been doing now for the past 3 years and if you want to know a little more about that
you can go ahead and click the link right here. But, intermittent fasting gets a lot harder
if you’re not drinking caffeine in the morning because the coffee slows down the appetite
and also helps you be more energized, specially in the morning time. So I’ve come up with my own recipe for keto
coffee and in the keto coffee what I do is I first hand grind the beans and then I make
the coffee in the mocha pot, which is a stove-top espresso done italian style. And I add a little bit of coconut oil and
blend it in the magic bullet, because what that does is, the coconut oil and the caffeine
they bind together so when you’re blood stream absorbs the caffeine, it’s a much slower release
of the caffein e, which means you’re able to stay energized for a longer time as opposed
to usually when you have a cup of coffee there is a spike in energy and then a crash right
after. If you want a slower, more sustained release
of energy then the fat in the coconut oil or you can use butter as well helps to kind
of prolong that release of caffeine in your bloodstream, which makes it you know that
much easier to stay energized without food in your system if you’re doing Intermittent
fasting. And here we are cheers ! Fresh coffee, ground up with some coconut
oil, blended – Keto coffee – start the morning off right. Thank you so much for watching, until next
time, it’s The Kaizen Man, signing out.

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  1. Moka Pots are so much more environmentally friendly compared to Keurigs and Tassimos and Nespressos etc

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