How to make Super Crispy Wings | FryDay | Caveman Keto

How to make Super Crispy Wings | FryDay | Caveman Keto

Hi I’m Caveman Keto and today I’m going to show you how to make
crispy wings in a deep fryer this is in honor of the Super Bowl coming up, “Go Patriots!” and we’re going to also kick off a new
mini series entitled FryDay. A quick note about fry oil, personally I render my own leaf lard which is the fat around the
kidneys of the pig which is known to be a very pure high-quality fat for frying and I
just ordered these ball jars and you can take it out of the refrigerator or freezer when you need it heat it up on stove and use it in the fryer. If you are using an oil thats solid at room temperature, preheat it and then add it into the fryer turn the fryer onto 275 cooking crispy wings is actually a
two-step process first you cook the wings for 14 minutes at
275 or the lowest temperature your fryer will go to actually cook the wings then you turn it really high and you fry
them at the highest I’ll go which in this case
is 370 to get the crispness After 14 minutes the wings are physically cooked but not crisp yet so now put them on a paper towel I’ll let them
dry and come back to room temperature then will fry them at the high temperature to get them crisp Now that the oil is back up to 370 and the wings are cool can put them back
in the fryer the point of this step is to really
crisp up the wings well now the wings are all done as you can see the wings are nice and
crispy with golden brown skin like to take up one of my standard
prep bowls let me just take these and drain them I like to take one of my standard prep bowls and add 4 tablespoons butter and four tablespoons of hot sauce then you just mix that see it? you just add in these piping hot wings you give it a little bit a toss well the wings are done,we’ve tossed
them with some buffalo sauce now it’s just time to chow down! Mmmm! Very good!! the

37 thoughts on “How to make Super Crispy Wings | FryDay | Caveman Keto

  1. When you're done, do you drain the oil back into the same jars? How long do you keep the oil before disposing of it?

  2. YouTube again unsubscribed me from your channel this is beyond annoying I wish they would stop doing that , great video

  3. I like your content, but you come off as robotic at times. You don't smile (if you do, I've never seen you) and even when you joke, it's done flatly. Perk up a little.

  4. Have you considered a "Fry Day" episode featuring Turnip Fries or some other french fry substitute? I would be very interested in something like that, as I'm sure many other subscribers would be as well.

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