Namaste; Today I am going to share with you my experience with nursing twins. Techniques that I had used and how to supplement along with tips to boost milk supply. How I used exclusive pumping to feed my twins To feed them equally and efficiently, So these are the things I am going to share with you, also I will be adding some tips to boost milk supply so continue watching. Please remember to press the bell icon and select ALL to get notified when I upload videos. First of all I started with exclusive pumping before I breastfed my babies bcos Babies were born in 34 weeks and They didn’t know how to latch as it was so early and NICU nurses recommended to pump and feeding then via bottle when they are ready later introduce to breastfeeding So soon after delivering my twins I started pumping. Exclusive pumping is done by making use of a machine which replicates the sucking of a baby and milk is collected in these bottles. We can also know how much milk we get in one pumping session. whereas, while breastfeeding we may not know how much is one baby feeding or if he is full or needs more and how much both of them need at once. So at that time just like I said before I started pumping and nurses say that they need 50ml for each baby and the leftover is stashed in deep freezer for next feeding session. later each of them may need 100ml so, then we may need to feed 100ml so, earlier it was of the milk gets stashed in freezer. While breastfeeding only, it gets hard when it is twins So now how to breastfeed twins..thats a big question isn’t? So, in this video I want to tell you you can choose whichever technique you feel comfortable consult your doctor on which would be the better one. either exclusive pumping or breastfeeding I did exclusive pumping later on when my twins were going to be discharged Nicu had a lactation nurse come in t to help me in making them latch and teach breastfeeding techniques. and I started breastfeeding my twins but it didn’t last long, I tried for two weeks or more the reason being I wanted to feed them both equally and I didn’t know how much each was eating and if both of them are having equally. along with that, if the supply is keeping them full or not enough. so, since I started exclusive pumping before I got used to it and for the above reasons I opted for exclusive pumping you can also go for pumping + breastfeeding I even tried that for a while
but it was really hard
and I discontinued. Feeding Neil first and making hime sleep later feeding Nikki and putting her to sleep and then finding time to pump and the same over and over again. so I didn’t directly breastfeed them for a long time. Its on you what method you want to chose E.P helps in knowing our supply. Now Do we know if our milk supply is enough to feed two? When babies grow their demands are more and it is really hard to keep the supply up and meet the demands we off course can try but it depends. so initially doctors also recommended on using baby formula to supplement and I had used similac neosure the link is shared in the description box I used to supplement by taking all the breastmilk and dividing it among babies and adding the formula to meet the required qty. Say both of them drink 150ml each and 120ml of breastmilk is only available I take 30ml of formula and add it to each of them. In so manner, every 3 hours I pump and feed now how to breastfeed them directly is a tricky part there are twin feeding pillows available but I don’t think feeding both of the babies together is that easy and I don’t think that is friendly to use so, i used the basic single feeding pillow while I was feeding I also had mom during that time for help later, I used to keep two pillows side by side and feed To boost milk supply having plenty of water really helps having oats daily also is super good for boosting the supply at least one time a day having green leafy veggies like spinach morinja, fenugreek leaves (methi) capsules are really good for boosting milk supply my ob gyn recommended that to me I also consulted my pediatrician to know if it was safe you may not see a difference that soon but in a week or two you may notice change in your supply if it is not helping the its best to discontinue it too. I also used Dill leaves to boost my milk supply. you can cook them the same way you cook spinach and have them to see a boost by the rest of the day itself. you can find lot of other options like mother tea, lactation cookies and that may help too. I only fed my twins for one and a half years as my supply started to decrease and pumping started getting painful I started having injuries too so i didn’t want them to become infection and I
consulted my doctor and she said that it was ok to stop now in that way there will be always a balance in nutrition that the little ones are getting and pumping doesn’t weaken mom and childs attachment and all The relation and that bond is always strong no matter you pump or breastfeed. If you want me to talk more on exclusive pumping then please let me know in the comments section I will make a video on that Also feel free to ask If you found this video useful pls give a Like and Share and Subscribe If you are seeing me for the first time Feel free to visit my channel the link is shared in the description box I will be making a video with Neil and Nikki very soon So stay tuned,


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