How to Shop for Healthy Foods : Eating Healthy Organic Meats

How to Shop for Healthy Foods : Eating Healthy Organic Meats

Hi there! Back again. We’re here to talk about
another tip for healthy shopping. Meat, of course. There’s always this big thing everybody
knows about meats. “No! I love my red meat!”, and “Can I have my red meat?” I get those
questions all the time from my clients. So they’re like “…oh but I love to have my
red meat!” I’m fine with red meat. It can actually be quite healthy for you, especially
if you go to the store and you pick up organic meat. Organic meats are just in and of themselves,
are meats that are, or animals, I should say, that have either eaten organic grains that
have not been sprayed with pesticide. Additionally, these animals don’t have any antibiotics,
actually, injected into them. So that alleviates right there, any pesticides or antibiotics
or anything like that, that might actually be in the meat. Another thing that you want
to look for are the words, “grass-fed” or “free-range” meat. And basically what these
animals do, they’re actually out there eating grass, which is what they were meant to eat
by nature. What happens with these animals because they’re eating healthfully and eating
things that they were meant to eat in nature, just like what happens to us when we eat healthfully,
what we are made of is much more healthy. That’s what animals that are grass-fed, or
free-range (another word for grass-fed) happens. They’re much more healthy. What’s included
in this meat is higher omega-3s. I’m sure everybody’s heard of the hot button omega-3s.
Basically, when you have a higher amount of omega-3s, you have less omega-6, and omega-6s
are good for you also, but you need a lot less than you do for the omega-3s. Omega-3s
are what people think about when they think of, like salmon, fish, or cod liver oil, or
fish oils. They’re thinking, “Oh, I need more omega-3s!” What’s great is, with the free-range
red meat, is it actually has more omega-3s. Another thing that it has in it is CLA, which
a lot of people that body-build, or know all about muscles and that type of thing, they’re
all into their CLA. It’s “conjugated linoleic acid”. Basically what that does is it helps
facilitate weight loss. That’s another thing that free-range meat has a high amount of,
and not its conventional counterparts. So when you go to the store, you really want
to pick up this type of red meat. This is the healthier version, and you know you want
it, so you’ve got to have the healthier version of it, so you can alleviate any problems that
will come from the conventional red meat. Those are the ones that are the heart disease,
and those type of issues. So basically, another big thing with free-range meat is it has more
vitamin E. It just has a lot more nutrients to give and a lot more health benefits than
its conventional forms. So pick this up instead, and you’ll be all good to go.

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  1. this is a really good video it explains alot about why america is so fat this is about the way meat should be .Delicious host too , can I say that ….

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