How to Shop for Healthy Foods : Eating Healthy with Whole Grains

How to Shop for Healthy Foods : Eating Healthy with Whole Grains

Hi there, welcome back! Actually, there’s
another great tip for when you go for your healthy food shopping: Grains, which are so
important, especially the whole grains, got lots of nutrients and they’re all nice and
available to you, especially if you have them prepared the right way. Another thing is that
you want to look for when you’re buying your grains–it’s kind of similar to produce it’s
always good to buy, if not in your state, at least in our country. The reason being
like in this one, it says “grown in California”–the reason why they actually put that on there
is because a lot of people know that when it’s grown in our country or in our state,
it doesn’t get sprayed with pesticides on the way into the country like it does, even
if it’s organically grown in China or another country. When it comes into our country, it
automatically gets sprayed especially with grains. It’s so difficult to wash these, so
even if they were sprayed, it’s really difficult to get that residue off, and it’s not like
you can use produce spray on those things. You’re really not going to get them off really
well, so you really want to watch out for that. Buy organic, buy in our country. That
alone will help you out health-wise and everything else. Obviously you want a lot of the oats;
oats are a really good grain to buy. They’re very moistening to the body, lots of nutrients.
Nice meal it makes, especially oatmeal in the mornings. Very soothing to the digestion,
which is something that I focus in on my practice, is healthy digestion, because without that,
we don’t absorb the nutrients properly. Another thing that’s really good and there’s a huge
thing where people are like, “Oh, I’m avoiding bread!” I’m like, “Bread is not bad! Bread
is good!” This right here is sourdough whole wheat bread and it’s made the traditional
way. Which all that means, is that it was naturally leavened bread. What it does is,
actually, it rises all on its own. It’s a process that takes about 16, 17 hours, which
makes it kind of difficult for people that want to just manufacture their breads really
quickly. But when it’s done like this, more nutrients are available in the naturally leavened
breads, like sourdough, than any other regular bread out there–even if it’s whole grain
bread. So what you want to look for on the labels for this is, make sure that it has
no yeast listed, and if it does, it has to say “natural yeast”. Other than that, it’s
more than likely a yeasted bread, and there’s not a lot of nutrients in there, and actually
a lot more anti-nutrients. So this one’s best, and it tastes so much more delicious.

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