How To Start A Keto Diet – Keto Flu – Water Only Fasting – Fat Adapted – Signs Of Keto

Keto Is Gaining Popularity Hello, Dr. Urba here. Today I want to talk
about Keto. Keto is a short word for ketones and in the context of I’ll be
using it we’re talking about an energy source that you can use for better
health. In fact this is going to be a bigger and bigger issue as the benefits
of the keto diet. become better known and more established.
Ketones are made in your body and you’re making them right now. So you can measure them.
You’re not making very many in fact on the order of about one part per
million. So what are the signs of keto The signs of Quito I would refer to when
you come out on the other end and you’re in established or therapeutic keto.
You have clarity. You’re feeling better. You’re sharp. Those are the signs
of keto but along the way going from no keto diet to keto diet you may have what
they called the keto flu which consists of things like chills,and you don’t feel
good, you’re just nausea, the lousy feeling. The question comes into mind
if you’re undertaking a keto diet you don’t go through the keto flu, do you have it? I
can’t answer that question. What is fat adapted?
Fat adapted means that you are using fat as the primary energy source because
your body can’t take fat stores and just turn them into energy. They have to make
ketones and there’s a process already set up and working that can do that, but
you have to stimulate it. Therein lies the problem. You have to get off
glucose. now if you are eating constantly that is to say all during the day, your
glucose levels will be up, your insulin resistance, your insulin levels will be
up trying to drive that glucose down and therein lies the problem. So you need to
start. You start a keto diet you have to spread
out the period between eating and then you need to switch to a more favorable
ketogenic diet and that usually is one in with which the fats, the healthy fats,
are 70%. Sugars are less than 10% and you figure out the rest, the protein. The
ketone is an interesting molecule which crosses the blood-brain barrier. It goes
everywhere to every cell and feeds it as an energy source going directly into the
mitochondria. That’s wonderful and that’s what you’re looking for. Water only
fasting means that you continue your fasting. Intermittent fasting generally
lines up with the circadian daily cycle. I may not be using
these terms in a way that will be established later on, but intermittent
fasting, for example, allows you to spread out the time between eating principally
and usually in the 24-hour period so that you may have as much as 18 hours of fasting, then an eating period. I’m really talking about going
beyond that, going beyond the intermittent fasting and that usually
takes several days. People talk in terms of a minimum of 3-4 hour
fasting is good and you will get some benefits and those benefits may be
things like autophagy and cleanup of debris and toxicity.
People talk about going three three days and then you kind of get through the
cloud of the flu and the real benefits of keto are available to you.
Fat adapted means you’re using ketones you want to go through the
keto flu and apparently once you do it is it’s
easier to do again. Keto flew to me is the water and the metabolites of sugar
metabolism coming out of your system along with some electrolytes. Hopefully it’s not too harsh on you, but you need to do
it and you need to change. There’s a machine that
can measure blood breath ketones and they say that as we talked about, one
part per million as your walk around doing nothing level. If you do a calorie
restricted diet you know the common calorie restricted diet doesn’t work. Usually you can
raise that ketone level to two parts per million and if you get a little higher
than that you can lose up to half a pound a week and that’s what we see. If
you raise it even higher, there’s a correlation between your ketone level
and how much weight you lose. So why wouldn’t you get the machine? There is a
machine. It costs 700 bucks currently and there’s a monthly fee. Well it’s a
lifestyle change. You probably had to consider the lifestyle change. Before
you make any lifestyle changes, please consult with your health care provider.
That’s just a common sense thing. So in order to use these access the wonderful
benefits of keto, You need the right diet. Usually a green vegetable
diet will give you the high fats By the way, if you take a low
sugar, high protein diet, you’re not gon to sustain keto, if you get
there at all. So it goes through high-fat diets, high healthy fats. You can read
about that. There’s a diet that I have recommended in the past and this is Dr.
Gundry’s “Plant Paradox Diet.” There are others, but you need to account for
leptins which are inflammatory and you need to
then ascribe to the diet. One final thing. There are problems with why I
think you need to go on a one day fast at least to start with and then eventually 3
or 3 plus keto diet dasys, because in the milieu of what you eat you can have
inflammatory conditions and that, for example, eggs, can be inflammatory. You may
or may not know that because it may be a mild inflammation, but that raises your
cortisol. So there you are eating supposedly a good protein and you’re
allergic to it. The egg raises your blood
sugar and therefore the three-day keto diet or at least the one day keto diet
sort of gives you that start which blasts you into the stratosphere where you can
become healthier May it be so for you.

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