How To Use Cocoa Butter: A Keto Chocolate Superfood

How To Use Cocoa Butter: A Keto Chocolate Superfood

– What’s up, guys. Colin Stuckert here,
founder, CEO, Wild Foods Co. I’m gonna talk to you about cocoa butter, how to use it, what it’s good for, and why this superfood
should be in your pantry. So stay tuned. No matter how you use it. (hip hop instrumental music) What is cocoa butter? Now it doesn’t come in these
nice, little wafer forms. When it’s extracted,
it’s hot because you have to press it out of the cocoa beans. You remove the cocoa solids, which is the dark part of chocolate. This is the fatty part of chocolate. This is what gives it that
rich, fatty mouthfeel. And this is full, the fatty
part, of antioxidants. The reason it’s good
for your skin is because of those antioxidants
and the antimicrobial and all the other benefits that you find in this delicious, nutritious, luxurious, smooth vegetable fat. In fact, this is one of the
only vegetable plant-based fats. I mean, olive oil’s good. You shouldn’t really heat it though. This is one of the only
ones that we recommend you eat on a regular basis. Seed oils and other oils that
are pressed out of plants that aren’t really designed
to have fat in them. The cocoa plant and the
cocoa beans, for example, is a very unique foodstuff from nature. Whereas if you have
something like canola oil, grape seed oil, what else they use? I mean, they use safflower oil, sunflower oil, things like that. A lot of nut and seed oils
just aren’t really something we should be eating on a regular basis because there’s a lot of
omega 6 and a lot of omega 9. I mean, there is omega 6 in cocoa butter. It just has so many other things to that. This is a healthy part of a balanced, nutritious, real food diet. And so this is something that
you can put in your skin. It’s something you can put in your coffee. And we’re gonna talk about how to use it and what the specific benefits are. So the first thing that most people think about when they hear of
cocoa butter is skin, externally use, right? But it’s also in every
chocolate bar on the planet that’s tasty, right? You can eat it, and
you’ll put on your skin. The reason that you get a
lot of the health-promoting benefits of chocolate
in a lot of the research that says that chocolate is
good for you and this and that, is because of the cocoa beans themself. And this is the raw cocoa
fat from cocoa beans. If you have 100% dark chocolate, you’re gonna have cocoa solids,
which are the brown part. And then you’re gonna have the cocoa fat, which is this blended in. If you have white chocolate, for example, you remove the cocoa solids
and you have just this. And then you would then add sugar, and that would make a white chocolate bar. Cocoa itself is extremely good
for you for a lot of reasons. And one of most, talked
about, the most marketed reasons why cocoa is good for is because of the antioxidant count. It’s one of the highest antioxidant foods that we eat on a regular basis. Cocoa butter is also
really good for the skin because of the same antioxidant load. You have this is lip balms, skin creams, anti-aging things, a
lot of cosmetic products because, one, it’s a fat. So it naturally is gonna help moisturize your skin and protect it. And it also has vitamin E and omega 3, very great for external health, but also good for internal health. That’s why you see this in all kinds of externally used
products, and it’s why most people usually refer to cocoa butter as something that goes on your body. And most people don’t
realize that it’s also in chocolate, so it goes in your body. So we know it’s got a lot
of nutrition and it’s good for you in that way. How would you use it aside from on your body and aside from external use? Well, this I put in my
coffee every morning. What I do is when I’m making
my Drink Your Fat coffee, which you can get the free
guide at to learn about that, is I’m
dropping a couple of these in. I also do a little bit
of grass-fed butter, and I do a dash of MCT oil. And all those nutritious
fats are gonna help me fast through the day while
also providing energy and giving me some ketone
production and fueling my brain. And so this is one of those pure fats that can go in that recipe because it doesn’t have anything else. It doesn’t have any carbs or protein. It’s just awesome. And it adds kind of a unique
cocoa flavor and aroma to the drink, and it’s just
my preferable way to use it. Now also if you wanna
make homemade chocolate, you’re gonna grab this. So you basically could take
our wild chocolate powder, which I don’t have any up here. And then you will take
this and you can melt it down so it’s nice and silky-smooth and the right consistency,
and then you could add some sweetener or whatever. You can put on a sheet
pan, throw it in the fridge until hardens up, and then you have a chocolate bark ready to eat. Now making chocolate and tempering it and getting it shelf-stable, those are all processes
that I don’t really know. I haven’t really spent
the time to do that. But I have made chocolate bark with this with a sweetener and with cocoa powder, and it’s pretty awesome
because it’s basically homemade chocolate at
home that you can control the amount of sweetener you put in and you control the other ingredients. You wanna put some nuts
and seeds, some flake salt, you make a really cool,
picturesque chocolate bar that is delicious and homemade. Aside from that, you can
cook this with some recipes. You can drop some in soup. I mean, it’s just a superfood, superfat. I mean, you can really do
all kinds of stuff with it. You can make your own body
butters and lip balms. You can put some on you lips
if your lips are chapped. You can melt it down and rub it into your hair, rub it into your arms. Now keep in mind it’s very
fatty, so it can be very greasy. So use a little bit at a
time and work through it. Now this is also an
ingredient in a product that we sell, partner
with Majestically Made, which is an awesome skin
care company that makes this in small batches, from scratch. Shea butter and cocoa
butter is what she uses to make the body butter
recipe that’s a very thick, luxurious, silky butter
body that you can rub on your skin and everything. And so it’s just an
excellent, awesome ingredient. It’s something that everyone
should have in their pantry, and I love the stuff. I use it pretty much daily. And so if you wanna get your bag, go to and
use promo code WILDCEO for 12% off and grab these
and just start experimenting. Put them in your coffee, blend it up, make a nice, little froffee. Yeah, that’s what it can be. It can actually be a
dairy-free creamer, right? You blend it up in a coffee
instead of using milk. You can use something like this, and it’s just spot on, all right? So that was today’s video, guys. Go ahead and get your
bag over at And get some cocoa butter in
your life because it’s awesome. And as always, life is too short to be anything but your best. Make sure you subscribe,
slap the Thumbs Up, jab the Subscribe button. Or jab the Thumbs Up
and slap the Subscribe, whatever works for you. Let’s get to it. Be your best self. Invest in your nutrition,
investing in your health, and I’ll see you on the flip side. (R&B music)

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  2. It looks comfortable to eat, since many healthy benefits of it. How to really feel good about yourself, only can tell exactly after getting one and trying it self, I guess.

  3. I will be a wild customer from now on !! Just bought my second bag today!! And I like your other products to. Im stocking up!!

  4. Found this on amazon, and decided to purchase your product because of what was on the packaging, and I love it. I use it on my cocoa drink and this serves as my pre workout and how to push my day. It’s legit. God bless you. 🙏🏽

  5. THANK YOU for this…I've been using this for skincare, only. But, it dawned on me..IT'S BUTTER!

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