100 thoughts on “I Get Paid To Meal Prep For A Family Of 7

  1. How can I be sure that I won’t gain weight while prepping food for others and that my taste buds would agree with theirs?
    And also I’d wear a face-mask, a hairnet and prep-gloves if I’m doing this professionally as it’s part of the kitchen bible do’s and dont’s, don’t you think so?

  2. I'm a mom of 4, total family of 6! I've always wanted 2 do this! Erica…what a blessing you are. You gift is amazing & thank you for sharing! I also enjoyed your video, short, sweet, & to the point!! You were incredibly thorough😊🤗

  3. Im a bad cook, live with my boyfriend and after long days at our fulltime jobs, have no energy to cook. we rush to the grocery store every other day… The fridge is empty and cooking is a chore… Its annoying. How to start? How to get motivated????

  4. i can actually do this as a side job and it would a planned and calculated meal version since I'm a registered dietitian but I'm lazy af.

  5. Wow! I didn't know this was a job. You must love cooking to do this as your job. Great job! Wonderful edit on this video.😊💕

  6. I dont know man… Its just quite sad that she worked so hard for that meal prep and then proceeded to throw everything in the trash. :/

  7. What! That’s the quantity you prepare for 7 people for 7 days. Are these people who eat food or hens who peck grain?

  8. This really caught my eye. Just the title haven’t watched the video yet but there are a lot of people in my community that would buy this in seconds…..I am going to look at your channel and any social media you have to get tips! I’m excited! Thank you!

  9. I work night shift and have 5 kids My weekend Sunday and Monday I cook for the whole week and prepare everything, it takes about 8 hours of cooking and two hours of shopping

  10. People pay for meals but you could save and learn more ways to cook and save by doing it yourself. I learn to cook by taking advantage of my Sundays to prep meals too for the week for 2 hours as well. I feel it has more value in the food 🥘 your eating and the money 💰 your saving is an advantage. Thanks chef for teaching me some vegan recipes for meal prep.

  11. I’m curious why go through the hassle of hand chopping when you are on a strict schedule. Does the use of equipment like garlic crushers to shave the 5 minute process of chopping garlic down to 30 seconds not have a place in professional use?

  12. You guys wish you were rich but you guys are sitting your butts down watching YouTube. That doesn't make sense to me???????? Great video btw Erica and sorry for these incompetent people in the comments.

  13. People are saying how rich it must be to have a professional meal prepper. But…. Little did they know… The really super rich have stay in chefs.

  14. …. Because the upper class rich are too busy screwing the lower class poor people they don't have time to cook ~ how sad

  15. What a wonderful little business. I wish I had you when my kids were growing up. This would have saved the landfill from filling up with crockpots. Lol

  16. I am in Sacramento California and wanna find a job like this! How can I? Would you please recommend resources? Thank you

  17. I hate cooking… I can't stand it but I have to cook for my family. Its midnight here and im.already stressed about tomorrow's meal. I need a vegetarian chef pronto… Im running out of ideas

  18. Are we just gonna ignore the fake times she was telling us? She was still in the kitchen at 1:30 and then did a bunch of stuff and it was still only 1:45?

  19. I wanna be rich enough that I have time to cook and money to buy good ingredients, not hire someone. Cooking is fun, yall are lazy

  20. Imagine being too thick to throw together even the most basic things like this. If the parents are oh so busy with their high flying jobs, even super young kids could manage idiot proof recipes like this…

  21. As a mom of 7 plus a husband and we have a dog that we feed raw food omg this video is so real 😂. We have 3 fridges and 3 deep freezers.

    Least she gets paid for it 😑

  22. Awesome tips! I didn't know that allowing your food to fully cool before packing it away could maintain freshness. What a fun job to have!

  23. All these folks in the comments saying how jealous they are to be able to afford a personal chef but I'm here thinking about how I would not want to be showing the world my face if I was doing this much conspicuous spending during a time of economic revolution…just seems gross to have that much extra money to me.

  24. Wish we had the chicken thigh marinade.
    Your job looks so fun. I can tell you really enjoy it.
    I used to give dinner parties every wk.
    It was such a challenge! I had to shop, prep,cook & serve.
    Then clean up. Sigh!

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