in December of last year I let loose and did something I’ve never done before i binge on junk food with absolutely no limits look at me so cute so burgers pizzas noodles fried food sweet treats I had them all I went all out during the holiday season because I knew I was going on a gut protocol with my doctor to fix some gut health issues since I was a child it wasn’t the healthiest thing to do but I just wanted to have whatever I want cause my doctor said that once I start potentially I had to eat clean for up to six months half a year with really clean eating that’s a tough pill to swallow so yeah I’m gonna talk about why sugar is so addictive why it is so bad why it is so hard to quit sugar how I feel my results and all of that but before we do that smash that like button smoosh it real hard and let’s jump straight into it so what is sugar so bloody Dan so sugar activates the reward system in your brain that gives you happiness makes you feel really good and drugs like cocaine and nicotine do activate the same system as well so that makes us wanna have it again again and again wanting more and more so that pretty much you know create the addiction we all know how delicious ice cream and cookies are croissant bagel biscuits oh my god I love my chocolates so why is sugar so bad got problems weight gain which is pretty obvious diabetes heart disease because of inflammation skin inflammation like acne rosacea eczema tooth decay damage metabolism fatty liver and also kidney damage which is pretty serious it also changes in your life fluctuations in your mood because of the up-and-down blood sugar so how did I quit sugar for three months and what are the rules so first you gotta like and subscribe so you need to identify what is sugar there’s a lot of different form of sugar it is very deceiving there’s a lot of packages out there that say that there is no sugar added but damn sort of sugar alcohol added or artificial sweetener and those are so bad for the gut so what are the different forms of sugar there’s grape sugar honey icing sugar invert sugar malt syrup maltose sorbitol palm sugar powdered sugar raw sugar brown sugar natural sugar sugar cane sugar theyed sugar corn syrup oh my god that’s really bad high-fructose corn syrup that’s really really bad castor sugar coconut sugar coconut palm sugar sounds pretty healthy but it is still a type of sugar so for example this chocolate bar says that there’s no sugar added but if I look at it closely there is Polly Destro’s that is a form of sugar every toe a form of natural sweetener I think it’s natural I’m not really sure and also stevia which is definitely a natural sweetener but so I’ll give stevia opossite if you really really want to have some sort of like sweetener that’s natural then you can try stevia because it does not have any impact on your blood sugar which is great but at the same time if you get triggered by stevia in a way that you want to eat sweet things more and more because stevia is sweet so it makes you wanna have more sweet stuff because you know it still activates that happiness in your brain you know it’s still in addiction you know I mean so if that triggers you then you probably have to stop stevia as well so my point is that all this food let’s say that there is no sugar added this probably some sort of sweetener add it to it there is no way that this is sweet without adding something sweet to it right like it doesn’t make any sense so rule number two is to donate everything out or just lock it away in a corner just so that you don’t see so it doesn’t remind you of all these yummy snacks that you have at home out of sight out of mind so whenever I’m bored I’ll go to my fridge or my pantry to look for something sweet or snack and it’s pretty much out of a habit like I do this hose everyday and I’m used to it so yeah having it out of my sight really help because now I don’t have it in front of my face and I want snack on it which leads to rule number three now that all the temptations are gone you gotta replace your fridge and pantry with whole foods so you gotta shop for healthy alternatives Whole Foods things that really natural okay so whenever you’re hungry and you feel like eating something go for Whole Foods like fruits or nuts and seeds or vegetables like there’s so many options out there they are healthy so you can trophies or berries because they are all very low glycemic index and they are really good to not increase your blood sugar like drastically so you want crave for more sugar you can try almonds or seeds or celery or cucumber or tomatoes there’s so many options and also another very important tip when you’re doing grocery shopping is to not go to the chocolate and candy aisle hey that’s not gonna help you you’re gonna want to buy something so just don’t put yourself through that torture so the final rule is to have a plan we’re so used to like you know just going out for lunch and not really care about what’s in the ingredients like when you go to a sushi bar a sushi rice sushi restaurant you think that like you know so she’s pretty healthy right it’s just rice and fish like there’s nothing bad added to it but hang on guys there’s so much sugar added to sushi rice it is so sweet so sweet which is why we love sushi because it is tasty as heck and also sometimes when you go to work and you colleague decided to bake something really nice and treat you guys it is so hard to say no to those sweet treats so you gotta be prepared guys have a plan bring your own snack a fruit or vegetables or such little snack that is sugar-free so guys when I say have a plan you should know what you’re having for your lunch your dinner your breakfast and also for your snacks so preferably you plan your meals for the week for the entire week just so that you have everything sorted out and the chances of you cheating is a lot less so when you’re hungry or when you’re Benji you wouldn’t go like oh let’s have Macker let’s have this chocolate because you know your plan you have your plan set up and it is just for 30 days so it’s not too difficult and to change a habit it takes some time so that’s the reason why quitting sugar for 30 days is a great statue you know get rid of that sugar craving now let’s talk about my experience and it’s not easy okay it’s not easy on week one I had major sugar withdrawal which is why I had so much cherries I had so much berries it is definitely more than recommend that I was having like 500 grams of cherries a day a kilo of like just fruit sure it’s like that is not that healthy Belle’s looking for an option to satisfy my sugar craving and that’s a lot healthier than eating processed sugar and a week two and week three that’s when things got a little bit easier I still kind of want my sugar like who doesn’t want sugar it just makes me feel good thinking about sugar and I felt pretty good I lost a little bit of weight and just generally felt less the target another positive aspect of quitting sugar is that you stop having cup pressures and that’s the great thing about it because I felt less lethargic I feel more energetic that’s that’s very important when it comes to my work anyone’s right now from week four onwards I stopped craving for sugar like I know the taste of chocolate I know the taste of ice cream they just make me feel really good but I don’t crave for it so it’s really hard to explain because I know how good it tastes but I don’t actually want to have it anymore does that make sense like your body is not actively craving for it anymore but you know how good that feels like yeah that’s how it is yep yeah so after week four I kept going with it because I was doing my gut protocol I couldn’t have like a sugar to my food anyway at one point I stopped having fruits for about two weeks and after that I brought it back in and when I want to have some sort of sugar I’ll have some berries and I feel really really satisfied I’m really really happy we’re just eating berries at a point after three months I decided to have my first sweet treat so I started with some vegan ice creams and I thought there was so sweet like seriously super sweet and I just don’t think that they are kind of okay like I used to think that they are not that bad they are actually not as sweet as the normal ice creams I used to have so yeah my taste bud has definitely changed like everything that is kind of sweet is super sweet now and so I decided to get some chocolates because I love my chocolates and this chocolate that I normally have panitch Auklet is not as sweet as the normal chocolates I used to get like cabaret or lint so I got Planet chocalate and I thought that is the perfect sweetness so it is still not too sweet for me so I love it so much I had a whole bar and guess what I felt so sick afterward because that was just too much sugar and fat at the same time and I just couldn’t really digest it well so a lesson learned not too much sugar and chocolate at one go because I felt so so sick so after my first encounter with sugar after 90 days I gotta say I was craving sugar for the next couple of days it is an addiction guys like it is real this addiction is real so I tried my best and I told myself no I’ve done so well for the last 90 days don’t screw this up that I just want to be good you know but after that I’ve decided that I’m only gonna have sugar once awake I just don’t want this sugar addiction back in my life but maybe it will be because I’m heading to Japan in the month which is a sweet heaven so now I’m going to show you my results after three months and also what I look like right now after three and a half months so obviously I did workout during my first month and then I had a break for about two months without working out I just started working out again but not really intensely I just like just a couple of times a week or maybe like twice a week just because my body is still healing right now so I can’t really work out that intensely but Adrienne on the other hand didn’t really work out and he has such great results – and that’s all for today’s video I challenge you to try to quit sugar for at least 30 days and you know document your process and let me know how you feel use my hashtag Chloe teen challenge if you want to and yeah I hope you guys liked today’s video smash that thumbs up button subscribe and also turn on notifications and I’ll see you guys in the next video so there are a lot of processed food yeah so Shula oh my god honey so loving

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  1. Time stamps!

    Why sugar is bad: 0:38
    Rules and how to quit: 1:50
    Chloe’s experience: 6:38
    Before and after results 10:14

  2. I'm a sugar addict as in I will eat a jar of Nutella straight up with bars of chocolate in one night.
    I stopped eating sugar for just two weeks in high school and of course substituted fruits and eventually even a banana was SUPER sweet to my taste buds. This does work. However I started eating sugar again and I'm bag to my pig self. I need to make an effort this year SIGH

  3. I just saw this video and I've decided to try not to have sugar for 90 days! This is going to be hard 😂

  4. Thank you for the motivation! But I have low blood sugar. Do you have any advice on how to do this no sugar diet if you have this condition?

  5. The thing for me is that I don't really like chocolate and stuff like that but I really love eating a lot of mangoes like a lot and many fruits with high sugar level… And because I don't really like chocolate when my friends or my parents offer me an ice cream or chocolate or any other sweet things I couldn't resist and after eating the sweets they gave me I'll start eating a lot and a lot then the next day I'll regret it because I really don't like eating a lot of chocolates 😭😂

  6. I will try this. But is honey bad? bc I add it to my tea instead of sugar. I feel like it's a healthier option. Okay I mean.. me cutting off sugar won't be 100% perfect since sugar is in sooo many things and I cannot stop eating everything and also i don't think i'll be able to make sure that everything I put into my mouth is sugar free, but at least no sweets, chocolate, cakes and so on. Let's get it.

  7. I'm addicted to junk food for sure… I can't even imagine not eating it daily. I also developed a binge eating disorder, since 4 years (almost 5 years) and I hate it. I want to be in control of what I eat. I decided to start this challenge on 23 June for 30 days and hopefully I'll get some great results and quit binge eating!

  8. I did this a few months ago for 3 weeks, no processed foods nor sugar. It was great, I felt better, I didnt lose much weight but whatever, but then social life happened and screwed that up. And I felt you when you said you were coming to Japan, because I came for 3 months and there is no way Im not eating all that cheesecake. But as soon as I go back to Hungary I will do it again for a longer period of time. And this time I wont allow social life to f**k me up.

  9. If you need extra motivation I recommend the documentary that sugar film, I’m pretty sure it’s in netflix but watching it really give some that extra boost of motivation to cut out added sugars after seeing it

  10. Do almonds count as healthy food? And is is promoted to have corn with homemade butter? MY KIDS AND I JUST CANT STAND IT!🍦🍭🍿🍩🍪🍚

  11. Just a tip for those trying to go without sugar. If you feel yourself craving sugar have something with fat. You'll feel satisfied and will no longer be hungry! Or if you are thinking a lot about it, take a little walk and remove yourself from the craving!

  12. interesting you just explained what happened to the brain with dairy products and specifically cheese, casomorphin does the same that sugar and the other drugs you described

  13. So I've been dieting and I've lost some weight but quitting sugar is too hard, I love eating ice cream too much

  14. I quit sugar a few days ago and already feel great! Now, I'm receiving sugar by having fruit instead.
    I have a lot of energy, my sleep improved as well as my sex drive!
    At the gym, I'm thriving and can't wait for summer to expose my body!!!
    Whoever edited this vid, did a very good job! Actually, a very smart vid.

  15. I was ur regular viewer …for a long time i got detatched from ph..omg u r so changed u becamevery funny…n u look different…love ur videos :*

  16. My trick is just to take out the sweet out from the cabinet when I’m craving sugar, and put it on the table, like I did today 😀
    I was craving Nutella, so I took it out, put it on the table and continued minding my own business. After a while, I don’t crave it anymore, then Id just put it back.

  17. i hate anything sweet but when i was having my pms i crave for chocolate so bad(even though i hate the taste of it). no wonder whenever i eat the whole snickers bars or kinder bueno, i will feel sick after eating em like legit wanna puke and dizzy. hmthis is actually interesting. and i didnt know that sugar has to do with eczema, good knowledge! 🙂

  18. It feels impossible for me, because my family always makes fun of me, saying 'we're on earth for a good life not for a long one' and it's sooo hard cause I also think like, why should I cut out all of this tasty food if I also can lose weight with simply eating less calories 😪

  19. My mi is in a very specific diet where she can’t have chocolate. And let me tell you, she was ADDICTED TO CHOCOLATES! But she has been on the diet now for about 2 weeks (she hasn’t eaten any) and she has lost almost 3inches off her stomach! She is so proud of herself 🙂

  20. Dates are a great substitute when craving sugar! Also you can make banana milk (mix a banana and water, quantity is up to you) and it has the sweetness of the banana but it fills you up a bit more.

  21. My ongoing health issues:
    Depressed bloated has weight issues lost period has lymph nodes
    Oh lovely, sounds just like me

  22. I enjoy watching your video while eating mac & cheese ooppps. 😂😂
    I'm planning to challenge myself not to eat sugar for 1 week, if I make it I extend it to 2weeks to 1 month.
    I'll come back here again tom. if I make it. Good luck to me! and thank you! 😊 hello from 🇵🇭

  23. I know a lady who went cold turkey on chocolate and went into withdawls. At least that is what she said and I trust her. She was addicted it does become addicting

  24. I’ve been doing low to no sugar these days and my first treat made me very sick 🤢 so I just won’t touch the stuff anymore because being sick isn’t worth it. I used to be immune to sugar and could chomp on candy 24/7 now I eat maybe 1-2 squares of cacao dark chocolate maybe 1-2 x a week or sneak a piece of my kids fruit snacks but I have found it very easy! I occasionally feel a void and want to snack but knowing that I’ll get sick is reason enough to stay away for good! My goal is a year I want to do it for my kids. Although unlucky us the candy aisle is joined with the baby aisle(funny how that works) so whenever we go to grab wipes and diapers we walk pass the forbidden aisle but have learned to just walk on by! Plus all that money saved you can get the good stuff like seafoods and delicious steaks!

  25. I remember in Fall 2016 I tried a diet where I avoided sugars and processed carbs and lost weight most effectively (10 lbs in 2- months). I need to go back to doing this. I don't believe in not having sugar in a certain amount of days in a challenge, I believe in making it a lifetime lifestyle and eating some sugar every now and then when the cravings hit.

  26. Hi cloe I love you videos I live in Melbourne too and I feel like I have seen u at Melbourne city before but anyways!! I love your videos they r so Inspiring and motivational!!

  27. I know someone whose a qualified fitness trainer and she says it's actually bad to completely cut out sugar and can make losing weight even harder

    She makes her clients this system of points so they know how much sugar they shud eat, but basically u shud have something sweet/unhealthy every 1-4 weeks…even if it's just a biscuit with ur tea or a small bar of chocolate once a week or a big takeout once a month…

    u need to get that sugar if u want to lose weight quicker/easier!!!

  28. Tip: drink water, like a LOT OF WATER, too much water that you cant eat anything, so much water that your body is NOT ABLE to digest food. Basically you will know when you want to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes XD.

  29. For me i really hope i have that ridiculous amount of willpower to stay away from sugar .im so addicted to sugar after i got binge eating disorder. Binging 3000 cal of sugar everyday really not a life man!! WISH ME LUCK😭

  30. Erythritol is an alcohol sugar that does not get absorbed into your body at all. In fact it actually LOWERS your blood sugar level. Allulose is another good one. I dont like Stevia because it's very bitter.

  31. The only wrost thing about food… All products have a little sugar😂🤦‍♀️(if u don't believe not my problem)

  32. I said to myself a week ago I would try no sugar….just had lemon cake, icecream ysterday, and day before that…*sigh*…

  33. sorry but, in each video you show this clip, when you are full (probably) and your stomach is swollen.
    i don't understand why, but  i'm feel mocked.

  34. I decided to quit sugar by the beginning of August, and it's getting easier everyday ♥️ soon it'll be 2 weeks as I'm off it. First 3-4 days were the hardest, then I started to feel better and I get a lot less cravings. It's really worth it!

  35. "believe then exists" that's what I did I convinced my brain that I hate sweets and I don't know how but it worked 😂😂😂😂 now if I eat something sweet after a little I get disgusted

  36. thanks for all the tips and your experience! I remembered I tried that in the past, and sometimes I don't know how I did it. Because I didn't have a deadline of how long I was quitting sugar, my plan was to quit sugar forever. lol But now the thought of quitting sugar again seems quite impossible.. but perhaps possible if I only do it for x amount of time 😛

  37. It is so true that after going so long without sugar, the taste feels ten times stronger. I went for 6 months without it, and I can only have it in moderation now, like just a small quantity. My advice if you don't want to be so extreme is just stop drinking soda and fruit juice and don't add sugar to your tea or coffee. Drink lots of water and as Chloe said, eat whole foods as much as you can even if you can't do it every day. Also, if you buy canned food always rinse it to get rid of the sodium (I know this is about sugar, but too much salt is also harmful) or the syrup.

  38. Gurl! Gurl! Ooo gurl! I am trying to not eat junk food + sweets for a week. That junk food is going SOOOO good WITHOUT that stupid sweets. I am dying!!😢 I just have to eat something sweets once a week, but something like impossible to me!! I NEED HELP!

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