[Music] so I’m going to weigh right now this is before the cancer diet 54 kilograms [Music] [Music] I think that’s too much water so I’m gonna pour a little bit of water out so right now I think it’s done I think I put too much water but I I think it’s gonna be fine yeah so this is roughly about 15 minutes this is what the pumpkin torch looks like and I don’t think I’m going to have white rice because this is just basically white rice and pumpkin so this is kind of like a pumpkin porridge I don’t know but I’m just going to have this since it already has white rice in it so I’m not going to have any white rice so this is what my dinner looks like this is sweet potato one toast and some lettuce [Music] [Music] so this is three days after the cancer diet and I’m going to weigh now and the result is it’s the 3.1 kilograms which means I’ve lost about almost 1 kg [Music]

100 thoughts on “I TRIED KANG SORA DIET | LOSE 1KG IN 3 DAYS (Indo Sub)

  1. kalau habis dinner biasanya kk ada aktifitas lainnya atau langsung istirahat di kamar, kalau ada kegiatan tolong sebutin ya kak. Thx💖

  2. Looks gross 😂 i don’t understand why these diets never contain more vegetables they have almost no calories and theyre filling! Good job doing this tho i could never!

  3. Hi, I love your content and I sometimes binge watch your videos to motivate myself on going on a diet. But I have a suggestion for you, can you do a banana diet? It’s basically just eating 25-30 every single day. It would be really nice of you to try it! I was planning to do this as well but imma wait till my budget is a bit higher

  4. Hi I love your videos your videos are great❤️❤️❤️I don’t want to be rude or anything but it’s pronounced lett-ICE not lett-UCE like it is spelt it’s confusing 😂💕

  5. Nice video!? But just wanted to know how much weight you have lost in total since you have been doing your diet videos ?

  6. i watch all your videos theyre so good!!! could you please try intermittent fasting because there was so much hype around the 'diet' (more of a way of eating) and i want to know if it actually works. You basically eat the same amount of food you would in a normal day, but eat it all in within an 8hr window, then you fast for 16hrs, which is mostly sleeping anyway!!! pls try this out im so curious on if it works because apparently is has heaps of health benefits!

  7. Remember the tumeric and pepper drink ? Yeah I tried it and lost 4kg in 5-7 days, it works but it works differently for different people, or maybe because I have too much fat, idk

  8. im impressed that u can do this kind of extreme diets for so long, if it was me i only can maintain diets for literally 1 day. ❤ you

  9. Egg diet by versatile vicky. You legit loose 1 kg in just 1 day. Please try it🙏 Its very healthy and it won't let you to starve yourself. Please check it out🙏

    Thankyou for your diet video. You're the one of my inspiration to loose weight😘

  10. Please don’t do these diets
    Diets don’t work , you just lose water weight and then gain it all back as your metabolism slows down

  11. Jihyo TWICE please, penasaran banget dari awal dia debut sampe sekarang dietnya cepet turun wkwk apalagi dia dulunya tipikal paha gede 😂😂 .

  12. It actually seems like less of a starvation diet honestly. It seems healthier than the IU diet, or the Wendy diet. Just sayin. It should be around maybe 900-1200 cals. Still not enough but it’s an improvement

  13. Lol I'm here to say that I love your videos sosososso much. I'm on my diet right now and watching you dieting too gives me motivation. Thank you lol.

    I've been watching your vids since the summer and now I feel like we're friends or smthn like this. Weird but true.

    Try drinking diet someday, it's really interesting.

  14. Stop doing this diets, girl! This isn’t good for you at all. And also you guys should stop telling her to do this. This isnt good for her, and also not good to who’s watching, bc encourages them to do the same, just stop!!!

  15. Thanks ❤ but isn't yogurt sweet it does makes you fat right? And yeah sweet potatoe is so famous for this Japanese girls 😂😂

  16. Kak coba diet pagi 2 jeruk manis siang 1jagung dan 2 tomat .sore 2 telur rebus . Dan pake olah raga kak 1 jam an .satu hari bakalan hilang 1kg

  17. For people who want to include rice in their diet, this is a diet created and tested by me,and I did this diet for 9 days and I lost 3kgs,so by this diet you will loose 1kg in 3 days (I gained only a kg back after very precise 20 days because we had celebration)
    BREAKFAST:green tea ,a stick of 🥕,a stick of cucumber or chia seeds(a teaspoon soak them in a glass of water you will feel quite full very highly recommend)
    LUNCH: 1 glass of water before eating,a small bowl of rice🍚 (smallest bowl in your kitchen)with any sort of side dish (should include mostly veggies or a little bit of chicken breast)
    DINNER:same as lunch
    You don't have to do any exercise and REMEMBER : RICE 🍚 In a small bowl
    Listen to and believe in subliminaks for MIND SET (believe in it ,it will really help)

  18. This diet… To much karbo. I think.

    Rice +pumpkin?

    Bread +sweetpotato?
    I think… More better we eat oatmeal.

    Or be vegan

  19. I don't do these diets but I like to watch people experimenting with them only for entertainment purposes. I would do them only if I would be a masochist 😀 I noticed that all of them lack logic – how can you burn fat when eating carbs mostly and in such a small portions. the only thing you can loose with these diets is water weight short term and your MIND long term. I am not familiar with k pop culture but I WISH SOMEONE WOULD EDUCATE THEM that you can eat loads of veggies some meat and blah blah (and I am not referring to string Keto/low carb, which at least diminishes hunger) and still be lean and healthy…
    P.S this video made me say wow because it contains even a normal vegg…pumpkin!:d

  20. You know there is group called gfriend and they doesn’t do anymore diet anymore now because their ceo are allowable them to eat what ever they want but they are doing diet in healthy way but can you please make gfriend diet please

  21. How you know kang sora take such type of diets its at all not healthy actress always have fresh skin and high energy but this diet only take you down

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