1. Finally a diet video!! Hope you r healthy and I get motivated by your videos .. you can also try bae suzy diet if u want😊

  2. I try to start doing a diet but by the end of the day it's a bust I have no control lol I envy those who can do diets thx for the video

  3. I made my own diet while being inspired by her diet✊🏻😔 and ofc i added exercises to it. I bet u would have lost more if u exercised too. Also thanks for this video. I watched while i tried to eat my lunch slowly

  4. Please try salt water flush,you can loose 2 kgs in a day.in warm 1/2 litre water mix 2 spoons of salt and lemon juice.drink before sleep and check weight in the morning.iam waiting for this video

  5. I gained a bit of weight again with these diets, I had so much cravings, so that I binge eated. I was nearly underweight, now I have normal weight again, if I want to loose weight again I just eat healthier and not restrict me, like I did at the beginning, I lost 20 kg in one and a half year. I eat/ate plain Joghurt or Skyr with fruits, a healthy lunch and for dinner scrambled eggs with vegetables, soup or just vegetables. Sometimes I switch dinner with breakfast. I think thats better for me than any diet. I can just suggest the Victoria Secret Models Diet, it's a bit like my diet plan and more sustainable and healthy than Kpop diets. Maybe you want to try them out, because I never had cravings or felt extremely hungry.

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