I Went On A High Fat Diet For A Week To Lose Fat (Ketogenic Diet) – No Sweat: EP7

I Went On A High Fat Diet For A Week To Lose Fat (Ketogenic Diet) – No Sweat: EP7

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  1. I’ve been on a keto diet for a fewmonths now and can vouch that its really good! Apart from weight loss my skin has cleared up so much its amazingg. Also, when you first start on keto, the first few days/week is usually the worst because that’s how long it takes for your body to transition from burning carbs to burning fats. Lethargy and dehydration are one of the symptoms that tell you your body is undergoing the transition (: but once you push through it its much easier after! Try making cauliflower mash, its bombbbb

  2. Tried keto and it affect my mood so bad… Kudos for people who can endure it, I prefer to stick with OMAD and IF to go into ketosis.

  3. you can take artifical sweeteners if you are really craving for sugar… like Coke Zero or sugarfree sweets. and for cheaper keto diet, eat mainly sausages, bacon and roast chicken (those that you can find from supermarket)!

  4. You needed to do a bit more research before you can come to this conclusion. You need to retrain your body to burn fat it takes more than a week!

  5. Haha if keto is bad try the warrior keto diet (24 fasting in between meals aka 1 large meal a day consisting of your daily calories + making sure the diet is keto) its pretty awesome after awhile but at first it'll suck real bad

  6. For those trying Keto: you are never supposed to go in cold turkey. Your supposed to slowly add in keto foods for about two weeks so your body can ger adjusted and more importantly your gallbladder can start breaking down the fat. So your slowly getting into the keto diet . Realize our diets are not healthy so they need time to detox.
    It can take up to a month to get into ketosis. If you arent taking in enough minerals and sal you will get keto flu.
    Also bulletproof coffee when first starting keto can be either coconut oil or butter (both if you need th fat) and you can do cream and a sweetner . Still getting into ketosis takes time not a week. The first few weeks you'll loose water weight and swelling will go down due to inflammation from carbs/sugar/soy

  7. Also i lift on keto and im fine and there are many keto bodybuilders…this diet is workout friendly.
    Also keto isn't about losing weight its about making us healhty and curing diseases

  8. Great video about your experience with keto, although more research is needed before jumping into a new diet (regarding constipation..etc), or a new eating lifestyle. A week is hardly enough to feel a change though… totally not easy to give up carbs but in today’s society, we’re hardly labouring enough to consume that much carbs…

  9. 1 week is not enough to adjust. It usually takes anywhere from 30-60 days to adjust. This is not doing the keto diet justice!

  10. Doesn’t going into a Ketosis state take about 3-4 weeks? Seems to me like 1 week would not be enough to really get accurate results…

  11. Like with any diet change ur body needs time to adapt. U need at least month to see any results. I was on keto and it did wonders. Yes the first 2 weeks were hell but once ur body adapts and gets into ketosis the benefits are immeasurable! And all these videos that these so called fitness people are posting about trying this diet for a weeks arent even following the diet properly. Theres way more to it than just eating high fat and low carb. If u really want to learn the real deal about keto follow and watch videos of people who actually live this lifestyle long term. Like keto connect and dr. Berg. Or watch the magic pill on netflix!

  12. Having tried Keto diet for 2 months and being a mom to a picky toddler, the diet to me was easy to follow at first but after I experience all the symptoms you went through, I couldn't run the day like I normally would. Mental fog, unable to focus and low on energy was big for me as I need to take care of business and my son. At the end, I gave in to a bit of carbs, one meal a day, and that helps a lot with maintaining my energy level, being able to focus and still do my intense workout. So glad I'm not the only one feeling like crap. A lot of people here says it takes 2-4 weeks for it to take effects, that's too long for me to push it out with my toddler. But to each their own, I think every diet comes with its own challenges and it needs to suit that person's lifestyle.

  13. It actually takes longer than one week to get into ketosis, but I personnally tried and hated the keto diet. I love fruits, white rice and bread so high carb works better for me and I still have abs! If you have a sweet tooth high carb is better, but if you're not really into sweet things then maybe give keto a try, a high fat diet might suit you!

  14. You should list down all the measurements of the food, because it seems like the protein is quite high, and with protein glycolysis, youre gonna bump yourself back into burning glucose for fuel. Also, the bulletproof coffee should have more butter.

  15. Hi Tyen, my coach puts me on keto diet for my comp prep. It's insane coupled with all the intense comp workouts but it definitely work for me as I have a horrible sweet tooth. We do have a refeed here and there depending on my progress. To up my fibre intake, I take psyllium husk capsules 😊 we go diary free too, aka no cheese 😅 peanut butter is life while on keto.

  16. hi there, i did keto for about less than 1 week and I couldn't sustain it that well. I swear i was super cranky etc. Reason being I was training for triathlon & i do cardio almost everyday and Strength 3 times a week. Its a no go for me. Yes im trying to lose weight, however i need to cut on junks, sugary stuffs and carbs. Many told me to do keto but i did i tried and failed. So its abt calorie Deficit 🙂 heheeh.

  17. Lol to lose weight you just have to be a caloric deficit, it really doesn’t matter whether you get your calories from fat or carbs and there are way more calories per gram of fat than there are per gram of carbs. By cutting out the carbs entirely you don’t notice but you cut out a lot more calories probably because it forms the largest part of our diet.

  18. Also I’ve used to sporadically try keto dieting for some meals and I find it incredibly difficult myself to stay away from carbs, just because. It was absolute torture IMO and I gave up on it altogether.

  19. Going on a Keto diet is good for weight loss in short period of time, but it’s not really a good idea in the Long run, cos carbo provides a source of glucose to your brain that helps to concentrate and function properly. That is why in day 4 she starts to have difficulty focusing.

  20. Eh pls la don’t cheat.. that is totally not a high fat diet.. where is the lard and oily kway Teow from the hawker centre. And if you are trying to lose weight u need to do alot of running and Cycling.. Low carbs all the way. Don’t anyhow…

  21. Not sustainable.. Tell that to my blood tests that improved across the board for everything. Groceries are expensive for first 3 months then it actually goes down due to the fact that you just stop wanting to eat as much as before. Constipation is real for first few weeks though, but once you're pass that stage.. Let's just say it's smooth sailing😂

  22. I'm in my one month of being in the keto diet and I have lost 10 lbs. I also do fasting 1-2 days when it's my workday so that way my body has more time to go to ketosis or simply just burn the remaining fat off. I think you went a little too strict on the keto diet for a person who hasn't been on the diet before. Its normal to crave carbs because you were use to it with your previous diet and its okay. Eat those carbs! Just in moderation. Just tell yourself you'll do better on the next meal or try harder again tomorow. When your introducing your body to something new it takes time to adapt, like weaning off carbs.

  23. As much I don't doubt tyen's training program I have to question her understanding of nutrition differences in the diets. As others have pointed out the keto diet depletes water storage in muscles and that is the resulting cause in the weight loss. Price wise keto can be affordable if you stick to mostly chicken and occasional variation of meats. Olive oil, butter, salt and pepper is all you need for seasoning too.

  24. This diet is meant to be for diabetics (type 1) and most of it has been changed to help non diabetics loose weight. This diet can extend a diabetics life by 15-20 years, worth the sacrifice if you ask me.

  25. Uhm.. what are you guys eating?! I get fiber from leafy greens and low starch/carb vegetables as a keto ovo-vegetarian. You could even incorporate meat and fish to that without getting constipated, but lighten up on the flesh, guys.. The cheese/dairy/meat focus is what will bung you up.

  26. I think is up to individual i guess? Like some comment mentioned keto give them more energy etc. But i guess at the end of the day is the comfort level? I dont mind eating fruits and vegetable with little carbs and do tons of workout. But asking me to eat lots of fat, i really cannot… 🙁

  27. Wuuhuuu..its so so expensive to buy all that keto menu in my country..😥 its good to see the result..but i can't spend that much just for weight loses.. i just can do normally diet + workout everyday for 30minute.. thnk u for sharing this keto diet..🤗

  28. Research not doing enough about keto diet. And the way you eat that you post totally not keto diet. Keto means high fat , yours are all meat only not much greens at all. And every meal needs goods oil goes along at least 50ml . No sugar as well not only carb . The sauce u eat should not hAve ingredients "sugar". Water really need to drink at least 2.5 litres a day.

  29. I am not on the keto diet, although I have tried it, and like I do with all diets, I take what works for me from it and leave the rest. But I feel you were incorrect to say it restricts fruit, it only means high carb fruits like tropical fruits. Not all of them. And btw I am allergic to bananas so if I somehow needed them for the potassium then that would be an issue hahaha. Avocado has more potassium than banana btw, also spinach has more too. I would just have spinach and avocado with egg after my workouts. If I needed fruit sugar for quick energy then munch a bunch of berries mmmmmm hahahaha

  30. i don't recommend this diet to students. i've tried the diet and i was so tired all day and can't focus at all. i was also feeling so hungry and i have no energy at all because i ate less than 50g of carbs. being a student requires a lot of energy especially being a teen

  31. ketogenic diets, are the worst diets for your body…sure, it results in weightloss, but your body can't handle it, and you will, most of the time, end up sick.

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