I Went Vegan for a Month. Here’s What Happened.

I Went Vegan for a Month. Here’s What Happened.

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  1. Hi our family is vegan and the spagetti you ate had eggs in it. We eat rice noodles of many kind, but in moderation because it is also processed food in a way. Thank You for your video. Great exploration!

  2. chia and quinva is between the best quality fibres you can eat with no gas or diarrhea. Excessive gas coming from mixing too much food together, If you want to be a vegan eat simply do not mix many veggies, legumes and grains together to avoid excessive gas and bloating. Good Luck!

  3. Thank you for being honest and light-hearted about this. Sometimes I feel suffocated (and daunted) by extremist views out there . They feel like just another kind of tyranny. Scary.

  4. I was Vegetarian+Little Ominivore for like 10 months 2 periods of Vegan 3 Months and 4 months, felt better in a long time, while losing 25+ Kgrs or 55+ Lbs never felt weak even made 24 hrs and 48 hrs no-food respectively, never felt acidity or even anything related to digestion, sounds, burps, farts almost or no smell, no movement or the usual things I noticed while I was Omnivore. To do this I first watched several documentaries, and applied after a small skeptical research on my own, I ate a good variety of Vegetables like 7-10 on each meal, and have a 2 serves a day, to full my stomach only, a portion, sometimes only 1 serve at noon and something lite at night, everything boiled or raw, nothing fried nor baked, dessert fruit or lemonade, no bread, nor Sugar, Stevia instead did some exercise daily on my own, push ups, squats, plank, nothing else; Never felt weak, or dizzy or in need to eat something else. The Vegan periods improved my health and drastically lost the fat and increased mental ability https://linkstothefuture.createaforum.com/general-discussion/live-up-to-20-years-longer-healthy-drug-free-watch-these
    If you fill full, or with too much energy, don't eat, if you feel bad, you're not eating variety enough and are uncompensated

  5. Im finding it difficult to implement a plant based diet with 4 little ones and a meat loving husband 😩. Any tips?

  6. NEVER BE A VEGAN!! I am a fit and healthy male in his 40s and tried the vegan diet religiously for 6 months a few years ago. It was the worst thing I did. I lost a lot of strength and body weight (mostly muscle or lean tissue). I could no longer endure high-intensity workouts and people asked me if I was ill. I looked and felt sh*t.

    So, I decided to go back to a meat-based diet but cut out the processed carbs and sugars. I quickly regained my strength and muscle but kept the fat off. I now look and feel 100% great. A diet of lean meat and quality carbs is the ideal way to eat and I’m living proof.

  7. Dude…. I love you and your parents!!!! You need your own show on television… seriously this was the funniest video on being vegan. Your wife called you an “average slug” 😂😂
    Yes I subscribed and rang the bell 🛎

  8. please try barefoot shoes/going barefoot for a month!! brands such as lems, vivobarefoot, and the famous vibram fivefingers are all brand options

  9. I tried to quit sugar and on the fourth day I was so angry I trashed my kitchen. I tried to go vegan and about two weeks later I ended up in the hospital for “malnutrition” so now I just eat everything just small portions

  10. Thanks for being responsible and getting professional advice and not just assuming and therefore declaring that the vegan diet sucks!

  11. Please eat cooked food, raw veg/salad/fruits are dangerous and harm vegans health in the long term, cooking makes the nutrient more absorbable and safer, western vegan foods do more harm then good,

  12. wow when she said "Are we just going to eat Potato chips and Oreos?" I felt attacked lmao

    (That's the vegan I was in college) ooo boy

  13. I'm seriously in love with your parents! The are hilarious and cute at the same time❤. BTW! Just found out oreos are vegan, I know you are done but 💁

  14. Thanks for the honesty. Humans need meat, it’s why we have sharp teeth. You should go raw carnivore now 💪🏽 that will give you some results

  15. Actually easy vegan sandwich: whole wheat bread, hummus (I use roasted red pepper flavor) greens like spinach and arugula, and tomato. I love to toast my bread with this sandwich so it's crispy too.

  16. Great Video! Also another great thing to look out for is Vitamin D. Two "vegans" acquired Celiac Disease at my work both also have a Vitamin D deficiency. Usually Celiac and Diabetes risks can raise with a Vitamin D deficiency. So you really should see a dietitian and really watch what you should eat. Soy products, Mushrooms, and Orange Juice are good. You do get some vitamin D from the sun but you still need some in your food.

  17. i been vegan all my life iam 20 years iam 6,2 and mtb all the time like 20 milles have a six pack and fit as any thing you can grow up just fine on a vegan lifestyle it has everything the body need and better for you then animal products no chance of heart disease less chance of cancer it's a no brainer what gose wrong is people not trying properly then feeling like shit and say it did not work thats only coz you did not do it right simple do your full research on everything first then do it not half hearted like a lot do

  18. oh no thats wrongif you put toxins into your body all your life your body will lock them away in bones fat and tissue when you stop having the toxins body starts flushing them out sometimes not being albe to it a basic fact lol its medical science lmao and that doc guy is silly/dum wow how can he say clean as a whistle my mum use work in surgery and that's bullshit what he said you can see all the shit in the body and everything that they have eaten and how it stuck in the gut as meat dose lol he is so misinformed

  19. wtf iam in shock fish oil is harder to digest than hemp oil flax witch are the best omg they are so misinformed wow how is this even possible coming from these so call Professionals there full of crap b12 is a bacteria found in soil the only reason its in meat coz the animals eat a bit of soil if we walk bear feet and eat some soil/clays we get all the b12 we need its not hard yeah they would say that so they can make a $$$$$ from selling supplements lol its mostly a scamm

  20. so if you value your taste buds over the lives of sentient living beings how sad just because of convenience how do people sleep at night oh yeah willful ignorance every living being on this planet has inalienable rights to live if you willfully infringe on those rights why should you be afforded the same rights? this is hypocrisy

  21. 34 days into the vegan thing. Skin is less oily, feel less full, lost 15 lbs, BUT the big thing is that my blood sugar is down by half what it was and I've reduced the meds I was taking to control my blood sugar. That makes it worth it to me on its own. I have not been doing the recommended exercise I'm supposed to be doing either. Had I been more active, the above numbers would be even better.

  22. I can follow any Vegan or Vegetarian diet that contains meat. Red lentil dahl with diced bacon (lots of it) tastes really good!!!

  23. @wheezywaiter The thing about fibre is that you need to get it from multiple sources over the whole day. And also, going from a standard american diet where you almost get nothing to 70g+ daily will shock your system.

    I experienced the same thing so I cut down then went up slowly.

    Now I average 80-120g every day and I have no trouble with my digestion. Pre-civilization humans got 100-160g every day but all the microbes in your colon need time to be replaced over time to get used to all the fibre!:)

  24. "It's a viable diet even though it absolutely doesn't work for me 100% without a doubt made me feel like crap but yeah go for it, looks good on paper"

  25. I loved this video but I do want to say that the World Health Organization and others have said a plant based diet is safe for all stages of life from pregnancy through old age.

  26. Going vegan was the best thing Ive ever done for my mind body and soul. Never felt better. What you don't realize when you first go vegan is that you can still eat everything from your old life- but as a vegan. You can still eat BBQ, and fancy meals and at restaurants. You realize you don't have to plan ahead. It gets easier.

  27. When you go vegan, you need to do it smart and not starve yourself of essential nutrients so you don't die from malnourishment.

  28. I guess from a ethical vegan standpoint bees are being used as a commodity for their honey, but there's really not ethical problem with honey. It's the problem with Monsanto that kills the bees, not using them for a commodity of wax, honey and pollen., which is all NATURAL and doesn't ethically hurt bees and it's the natural way to live with the bees, I'd rather use beewax for ointments than chemically processed crap. I don't understand how "ethical vegans" go all about the animals, but ignore the fact our environment is being filled with plastics and we literally breath petroleum fumes when we light a commercially made candle in the house. Glade is the real killer. I know a vegan who eats refried beans dishes at Taco Bell,, she's very unhealthy looking.

  29. It's so frustrating. If we all went vegan, we could actually save the world. But people won't, so….we're all gonna die as we watch the nightmare of our beautiful earth turn into an oven. And, eating animals is so completely absurd and unnecessary and bad for our bodies.

  30. Got it! Alpha's can't eat only beta diets and beta's can't eat Alpha diets at all. Oh and soy milk causes hair loss in males and other things but that is another story.

  31. If you want to know how to pronounce 'kurzgesagt' or other words (in most languages), then go to google translate. There's a little speaker icon. Just click on it and tadaaa! dict.cc is also a good way to do this for several languages.
    And by the way, in the kurzgesagt video he actually says the word at the end in the commercial part.

  32. 19:40 Cows burping methane is a non argument because that's just coming up from digestion and goes back from where it came from (grass and crops the cow eats) by the natural circle of rains, soil enrichment and fertilisation. It's not like the defrosting of the methane contained and trapped into the Siberian thundra. How a PhD biologist can be so approximate is beyond me…

  33. 21:09 yes, that point is actually very important and at the same time being glossed over all the time. A lot depends on your dietary habits before changing to vegetarian, vegan, Keto, Mediterranean, low-fat, high fat, carnivore, fruitarian or whatever…

  34. You’re spewing so much misinformation that it’s not remotely worth watching. There are a ton of foods, including sweets and fast food that is vegan, including Oreos and French fries (which are fried in veg oil, not animal fat).

    Clearly you were doing it for all the wrong reasons so you neither tried very hard nor did you give it a fair representation.

    As for your wife saying she didn’t want your veganism to damage the baby, she should do some serious research. It’s feeding children ANY animal products from birth that truly damages the system. If people understood how damaging animal products are, it would be considered child abuse to feed it to them.

    And, btw, many vegans eat honey. Its not taboo, it’s personal.

  35. Vegans are right hypocrits….they wont eat animal products to "respect/protect living things, but still eat fruit and veg…which is ALSO LIVING….lol and to add to that, without meat we wouldnt be here, its because of our ancestors ability to eat meat when no vegitation was around that abled us to evolve further…… science lesson over lol #MeatRules

  36. Most thing I dislike about the majority of vegans is that they think humans are NOT animals! We are superior animals (intellect, capability of gathering resources and make our life challenges easier) but we are still animals. I could be wrong, but that is the impression I get from my vegan friends and others. We as animals had the neccessity to eat meat, fish, fruits… We evolved as omnivores, not as herbivores. Our body NEEDS and expects animal based food in our diet. We cannot function properly without them, sooner or later the body will give up (it could take months or years, but the effects are noticeable). If those needs aren't met! You can take it or leave my comment, but I would encourage for those who are vegan (and meat eaters of course) to do regular blood tests, hormonal markers… Your life has worth, treat it well.

  37. I've been vegan for about 6 months now and I've started a YouTube channel documenting my journey and sharing vegan recipes that I'm discovering and trying out. Great video 😊

  38. 15:37… I remember gov't cheese when I was a kid. Parents got divorced. My siblings and I lived with our mother afterwards, and we were poor, poor enough to qualify for welfare programs like free school lunches. We also got free butter, powdered milk, and cheese from a gov't office.

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