Indian weight loss meals PART:1 – Wife Mom Boss

Indian weight loss meals PART:1 – Wife Mom Boss

Hi everyone today’s video is about what
my husband eats in a day to loose weight just for your information he has lost 23 kgs. This is a typical day when he is in weight
loss mode vs the maintain weight mode.If you like this video give it a big thumbs up and
subscribe to my YouTube channel with bell icon.First thing in the morning my husband
drinks green tea or detox tea links are in the description box, the idea is not to start
a day with any sugar content as he follows intermittent fasting as he try to eat his
first set of calories around 1 pm And he keeps drinking water till lunchtime For lunch i
am going to make a mix roti made up of bajra, wheat aata and flex seed powder detail recipe
is in my weight loss meal planning video. bajra aata being high in fiber takes longer
time to digest and keeps feeling full for longer period of time and releases energy
slowly , and flex seed are vegan source of omega 3 fats and are important for cognitive
functions.Then i am going to make a sprout moong curry, moong daal is rich in protein
and fiber which helps for weight loss. fo that i am going to cook overnight soaked
whole green moong in pressure cooker . i usually keep this onion and tomato gravy
ready and believe me it helps a lot to save time while cooking any vegetable or daal. Detail recipe for curry and few important
tips and tricks are there in my weekly my meal planning video don’t forget to check
that out. then i am adding tomato onion gravy in hot
pan and just add cooked moong, and water let it cook for few min and the curry is ready. Then i am going to make a chickpeas salad
for that i am adding overnight soaked and pressure cooked chole, tomato, onion , cucumber
and other ingredients in it do check out my 5 salad recipe video.if you are trying to
loose weight have any specific questions about your weight loss please comment down below. and i will answer them in next video. if you like this video please do share with
your family and friends. the lunch will be served with couple of dates
and i will prepare low fat buttermilk with the lunch. after lunch try not to eat any snack or sweet
items and drink as much water as you can.for dinner which he typically consumes around
6 pm i will be preparing lentil mix veg soup. this one bowl recipe is rich in vitamins & nutrients. this soup keeps you full for longer period
of time. i am soaking toor and masoor daal in water
1 hr prior cooking and i am going to add garlic green chillies onion and whatever vegetables
i have in my house, then first in olive oil I’m going to sautés all the vegetable then
add soaked lentils ,water , salt to taste and cook in pressure cooker till 2 vestals
and serve it hot. there are so many cooking ideas and recipes
are there in my weight loss meal planning video which can help you to plan your meals
in advanced do check it out link is in the description box. thank you so much for watching this video. give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe
to my channel for more such videos. see you soon bye…

13 thoughts on “Indian weight loss meals PART:1 – Wife Mom Boss

  1. Green tea in morning is not good, as it effects the liver. Start the morning with lemon and honey warm water as it also helps in detox. Green tea is best after meal.

  2. Nice 👍🏻👍🏻 thanks for sharing
    Would also like to know if there is any workout or exercise routine with this diet

  3. Hi swarada weight loss recipes really helping a lot to me. Please make more viedos on this. Tq for sharing dear.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Nice video!
    You what’s hard though when you’re cooking for the whole family and trying to lose weight yourself! Talking from experience here!

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