Intervention: Jaden Smith’s Vegan Diet Turned His Skin Grey?

Intervention: Jaden Smith’s Vegan Diet Turned His Skin Grey?

It’s Mike here And today we’re gonna do a quick video on Jaden Smith whose parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith recently Had a bit of an intervention with him when he was on his vegan diet because he apparently wasn’t looking so hot. According to them He wasn’t getting enough protein and had greyish skin, which is a new one. That’s one I haven’t heard before in all my years as a vegan who deals with this crap all the time But based on what he says, it appears that he may have never even been fully vegan but the same points in this video do apply to why he may have failed to transition and I normally don’t like to talk about Celebrities but in this case is just such a textbook example of the press misconstruing an issue as being veganisms fault as well as just a textbook example of Somebody having a poorly planned vegan diet. So there are a lot of lessons to learn here so my goal here is not to judge Jaden, but hopefully Illuminate a solution and back when I first went vegan I had a bit of a similar situation with my mom but the results ended up differently and I’ll talk about that at the end All right, let’s go. So the media has gone absolutely insane with this. We have USA Today CNN CBS and a ton of other media outlets largely blaming veganism for this problem. Let’s just get right into it Here’s their family discussion on their show Red Table Talk Yeah protein deficiency is still a thing in 2019 and here comes the great part. He was actually undead now we’re gonna have to hear that veganism turns you gray for the next few years sadly I do want to mention there’s so much conflicting information About the timeline here and whether or not Jaden was actually even fully vegan if you listen to what he was saying Closely after they talked about the intervention. He says wait a minute I’ve actually been vegetarian for a year and I’ll just go vegan for like a week at a time So is it that he you know was playing with the idea of going vegan here and there but was never actually really vegan for a meaningful amount of time? It was just vegetarianism in which case this whole conversation is completely null and void But it’s worth mentioning that this whole discussion was sparked actually because of Will Smith’s dietary health issues. For example, he had broken 225 pounds he had an issue where he was getting lightheaded when he bent down and stood back up He had some shaky hands occasionally He also went periods where he didn’t poop for three days and had like bad Constipation and bad gas as well as high cholesterol and being medicated for it. It’s funny how I didn’t see a ton of headlines about his dietary issues Probably because he isn’t on a vegan diet and if he was it would be like vegan diet gives Severe gas to Will Smith and he can’t even stand up anymore Will Smith loses his legs on a vegan diet and his skin turns blue, but let’s get back to the protein comment first of all how did Jada know that he had a protein deficiency was this just a guess and assumption I highly doubt they actually looked at his Blood protein levels and that they were low it is worth mentioning to zoom out at vegans in general because they actually have higher levels of free blood protein likely because of lower levels of Protein sucking inflammation. It’s hard to tell just from the brevity of the conversation But I really hope that Jada just knows that you can get enough protein on a vegan diet I mean looking at somebody like Kendrick Farris who set the U.S. Olympic weightlifting record and was the only male on Team USA to make it to the Olympics. I mean, he’s definitely getting enough protein No, it’s not a vegan diet specifically that drained this dude And there’s a pretty clear answer here and I was actually mind blown by some of these statements as Jaden mentions here Holy crap. First of all, that’s not a vegan problem That’s just a starving yourself problem. This is what the number one vegan failure reason is I’ve said over and over again not enough calories because animal products have a higher calorie density one meal a day Maybe you’re eating some snacks That’s like a thousand calories a day two meals a day is probably putting you in around 1500 calories These are I’m not even exaggerating. This is the amount of calories that people ate in concentration camps Is that what veganism is let’s let’s look at the definition of veganism. It says right here eat 1,000 to 1,500 calories a day Oh and and no animal products either. Oh wait, that’s not the definition of veganism It’s simply to not eat or use animal products to do the least amount of harm practically possible He said that in general he has stomach pains that prevent him from wanting to eat and to that I will say one thing that does help I have seen help is Maybe starting off the day with this smoothie or eating something more liquid like soup Because the emptying time for your stomach with liquid food is way faster than solid food. And so that could just mean less pain So you can eat more calories either way It’s not like vegan food was the only thing that hurt him is like the vegan label made his stomach hurt No, it was food that did that in general vegan or not. He could have just as easily Added more calorie dense plant foods like avocados and nut butters which probably would have had the exact same result I’ve also noticed a lot of these titles are like after dramatic weight loss Jaden Smith has family intervention it’s like how much weight did he actually lose it never really says and he was skinny before during and after I mean Maybe he lost like ten pounds. It’s unclear but there’s no like whoa He lost a ton of weight as for his gray skin tone This is pure speculation but I would have to guess that he was becoming anemic and Again, a vegan diet is not causing anemia in general It’s worth mentioning from this recent study that looked at blood levels. The vegans did not have statistically significantly different Rates of iron deficiency than the omnivores they were the same But people who eat anorexia levels of calories clearly have higher risk of anemia That’s what it is less food less iron much of these pictures smearing his quote unquote vegan diet where from this Louis Vuitton Event. These were also the images by an anti vegan channel used to criticize his appearance on a vegan diet funny stuff I think this is all because he decided to do something that makes everybody look less healthy, which is lighten their eyebrows Obviously it’s doing some some fashion stuff. But the reality is that when your eyebrows look lighter, you look less healthy I mean here’s here’s an example of a photo from that shoot here is him with his lighter eyebrows and lighter hair color You know not looking SuperDuper healthy because of that, you know almost looks like he doesn’t have eyebrows But then here is him with his eyebrows in his hair color, you know crudely photoshopped back on taking it off and back on It’s a pretty stark difference. You know, we associated the no eyebrow look with a cancer patient needs chemotherapy. Of course We’re not gonna associate it with healthfulness. But the reality is there’s not a lack of hair there. It’s just lightened I mean my eyebrows get bleached in the Sun I put sunscreen all around them But then they end up getting bleached Then I get more comments about having hypothyroidism and crap like that Last point here is my similar story that I had when I first went vegan my mom was like “Oh my god, your bones look like they’re about to snap cuz you’re on your vegan diet” And I was like Actually, I weighed the exact same amount as I did before I went vegan So clearly there’s a little bit of a preconceived notion here You know people have been primed probably because of all the articles like those that were written about this to think that vegans are less healthy frail and dying but at Least for me I went on to gain 15 pounds as a vegan, so I’m happy that I stuck with it I’m stronger than I’ve ever been but the story plays perfectly into those preconceived notions. Don’t go vegan. Never go vegan You’re actually gonna get a protein deficiency Your skin will go gray and so forth and the most ironic part of all this is they have someone come in at the end Of their their you know roundtable family discussion to give them health advice and do some tests and it’s actually Dr.Hyman who is known for promoting a low-carb diet and from this meta-analysis low carb diets increase mortality risk by 30% On the other hand Will Smith mention his father who passed away recently who had all the diseases he said such as heart disease and diabetes. Well vegans from the Adventists study had a 78% lower total risk of all diabetes Which is insane and we have clinical trials showing the reversal of heart disease on a whole food vegan diet So yet a vegan diets what we’re making out to be an enemy here and in the end if you are going vegan Please eat more than one meal Please eat more than two meals a day eat three meals a day and I always say this everybody should do this Just check out one maybe two days on another free nutrition tracker just to see how many calories are eating where calories come from where nutrients come from It’s an awesome learning experience and in the end definitely don’t go attacking Jaden on this, you know, he’s 21 He’s still learning how to feed himself apparently and you know, he’s still been doing great things He’s had a vegan food truck giving food away to the homeless people. He still periodically eats vegans for…. eats vegan for weeks at a time He’s a cannibal anyway, so hope he figures out how to eat more calories Maybe even follow a vegan bodybuilder and get jacked on a vegan diet. That would be awesome. Alright, that’s it for today let me know down below what you think about all this and like subscribe hit the notification bell as usual and and definitely share this in response to all of those articles smearing a vegan diet that way hopefully people will See the real picture. Alright, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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    "Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice." – nytimes

    "Eating red meat is not bad for you, controversial new study says" – scotsman

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    "You DON'T need to cut out red meat: Scientists say official advice on eating less beef, pork and lamb is based on bad evidence and having it four times a week poses NO cancer risk" – dailymail

  2. Hey have you tried Leafside meals? They are based off of Dr. Greger's daily dozen.

  3. Parents got worried he wasn’t going to be eating human babies anymore. That would make the family look bad at the next Illuminati ritual sacrifice party. Although It’s possible eating babies gives constipation? That could just be a rumor.

  4. I guess they are going to keep this going..check out this article

  5. If he was eating one meal a day when he was a vegetarian he was not looking grey or loss enough weight where it was noticeable he looked healthier. Why would he all of a sudden just start eating one or two meals he must have been doing that when he was a vegetarian and he didn’t look sick

  6. So infuriating. People who know nothing talking about shit they have no clue about. That also goes for the news. I hope laws against false-news becomes a thing, especially for organizations who keep repeating it.
    The long term effects of this for society can't be good. Information is all we have to make decisions, so false-news is legitimately undermining society and disabling good decisions.

  7. The weightlifter went dairy free, and he’s only recently went vegan. So his weightlifting has nothing to do with being vegan.

  8. Omfg, y’all look so childish arguing over this and this is coming from a 13 year old🙄 Everybody’s bodies are different, not everyone’s body is going to react the same to a vegan or vegetarian diet. Not everyone needs the same amount of carbs, protein, iron, etc. We all have different bodies that need different amounts of things, not everybody is the same. Also the topic of him eating only one meal a day, maybe since he was so busy being on tour and promoting his new album. He didn’t have the time to have a proper vegan diet which caused his health to go down. It’s not the fact that their rich and can easily hire a dietitian, which they can. It’s the fact that their so individually busy, that they don’t have time to think about their nutrition. Also I think everyone is overreacting, this probably happens to most people who participate in vegan/vegetarian diets because their bodies isn’t getting enough nutrition. Like I said before, not everyone’s bodies are the same and need the same things. But honestly that’s all that I have to say on the matter.

  9. Will Smith go vegan ! You will poop and your cholesterol will go down. I thought this family was more woke than this.

  10. How thin is your neck? That's tshirt looks like a womans blouse because it doesn't fit. I'd say your mother just gave up trying to help you because you're very closed minded and can't see your own deterioration.

  11. People who flirted with scientology long term now coming after Vegans…. ugh I don't know why everyone gives them such a pass.

  12. This is clearly an agenda. I've been a plant based eater for 4 years. Let's just say I'm currently losing weight, because I have so many options and I overeat.

  13. Grey skin is a common symptom when reaching the end of life. I wish we could have been given a breakdown of what he actually was eating. Likely it was due to not eating enough and not consuming enough macronutrients. Definitely not a vegan diet but rather like you said “starving yourself problem”.

    Thanks for the content. Great video as always! 🙌🏻

  14. I’ve lost all respect for that family. Throwing their son into the pit for clout. Like wtf man. I don’t care what he eats. He does not deserve that.

  15. So much wrong with those stories. Aside from the mislabeling there’s just the fact that the kid wasn’t getting enough calories and yeah he probably wasn’t getting enough protein cause he probably didn’t bother to do any real research or speak to a nutritionist. THAT was his issue not that it was a ‘vegan’ diet. The only thing that the vegan diet, especially the way he was probably doing it, might have caused is the stomach pains. Cause when you go from a heavy meat diet to a heavy vegetable one sometimes you get a little bloated while your body makes the adjustment. But not eating anything isn’t the way to fix that. And not shocked that they brought in an Instagram Expert Doctor who pushes meat based diets. Agenda much

  16. Im 36 years in not one day did my ass turn grey😒 this is some bs to stop the unstoppable awakening that is taking's time to evolve! Wake up!!!! Eating corpses is coming to an end meat companies!


  18. This is a famous family blaming veganism as a way to blow smoke for their dysfunctional son. People were talking about how he was wasting away and this is how they are spinning the story. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  19. Cool Your Tits Babe! Brown people do look grey…if they start losing iron! Iron & Vitamin D deficiency & is a majjjjjjjjor issue for African Americans. Just Watch the Invisible Vegan & Learn why Black People are choosing veganism instead of coming all TRIGGERED from your CULTURAL & POLITICAL vegan choices. He was intermittent fasting too…just watch the Invisible Vegan on Hulu & CHECK YOURSELF. HE DID LOOK GAUNT!


  21. Go Watch The Invisible Vegan on HULU & Get A Clue! Cover some of that viewership since u wanna REPRESENT.

  22. He was trying to intermittent fast too.
    He was trying to minimize overworking of his organs! He has gastrointestinal stuff that he tries to resolve by any means necessary. He wasn't trying to bash anything & they were just concerned parents. The media is the villain. They sensationalize. Black people have statistically significantly higher issues with Anemia & Vitamin D deficiency & that greys u out.

  23. More fake news and controversy to misinform the public about the vegan lifestyle. Jaden was driving towards a eating disorder.

  24. The kid needed animals foods, he was starving of nutrition, he went down hill fast, whereas you are rolling down it at a slower pace but you cant hide it either.
    We all see it

  25. This guy is a fashion model…..starving yourself is BIG in that circle. That should not be a surprise. On a sidenote: I personally did not reap the health benefits I was hoping for when going vegan. I was feeling a bit better but nothing life changing. ONLY when I ALSO threw out all grains did I manage to heal everything that was plaguing me for my whole life. Many of us are intolerant to grains and do not know it.

  26. Also: Will Smith does not know how to eat to be healthy and happy and slim? WOW. That guy is overweight, constipated and on anticolesterol drugs? WOW. So a super-million-dollar-star can be THAT ignorant and uneducated on the most important topic on earth? Congratulations! You know these videos where Will talks about controlling your mind and motivating yourself to be great and believe in yourself and never quit bla bla bla. WILL take a consult with Dr. Neil Barnard, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Dr. Michael Greger…..and get your health together.

  27. Herbivores taste better than carnivores or omnivores.

    So I hope more humans go vegan so that when society crashes I have a tasty food source. I wish they would take in more calories though, and get a little meat on those bones… as it sits, I'll have to kill one vegan per 2 weeks instead of one per month if they would put on another 40 to 50 lbs on average.

  28. Low carb diet studies where the definition of low carb =40% of your calorie are not to be taken seriously. Low carb diet recommends max 15% of your calories coming from carbohydrate.. so quoting studies which shows negative impact of low carb diet, when the definition of low carb itself is erroneous.. is seriously compromising the studies result itself. So please do not suggest low carb diet is dangerous, unless you have more serious studies The below studies take lots of liberty in defining low carb definition. 
    heart disease and on low-carb diets:

     all cause mortality on low-carb diets:

  29. Im not a vegan and honestly dont know a single one personally.

    My hair has fallen out and thinned significantly. So has my eyebrows.
    My skin is yellowish and grey at times
    Bmi is 29
    My foot hurts randomly and doc said it may be arthritis
    Depression n anxiety gets really bad for days and months at a time to the point of being bed ridden
    My eye whites are yellowish
    Sometimes standing for more than 30 mins makes my feet turn red and painful
    Sometimes if i touch my skin on my back it feels painful so wearing bras are super uncomfortable
    I get acne still
    I got no known allergies according to my allergist
    No lupus no hypothyroidism
    Endoscopy showed gastritis. So thats painful.

    I just look not great and feel not great

    Where is my intervention? No one ever sat me down to talk about my love for red meat or junk food or whatever.

    Not being perfect on a SAD diet👍👍👍
    Looking "grey" on a vegetarian diet(that u swear is no different than a vegan diet) 👎👎👎👎👎

    Honestly i think im a bit greyish for avoiding the sun bc of my bed ridden depression but 🤷‍♀️ im no doctor

  30. Mike the vegan is disappearing
    Poor guy.i wonder if he will ever snap out of it.have you seen his before and after pics Vegas are decintagrating.

  31. I was Vegan for 8 years. You will end up deficient if you are not careful ( supplementing with B12, DHA/EPA, Vitamin D and possibly a multivitamin. I use to be extremely pro vegan as if it was the only thing that could save the world. 2019 I eat chicken and fish often, while maintaining a balanced diet (mostly plant based).



  34. Bull shit. Jermaine Dupree, Russel Simmons, all of the Wutang Clan, Mya’, Usher … man I can go on and on they’re all vegan and they look amazing. He probably does coke… explore that.

  35. I was vegan for 5 years .. had chronic constipation on a high carb low fat diet. .. went high fat didn’t work and also supplemented with probiotics etc .. I ate eggs and fish for 2 months I could go again. I’m back to being vegan again because what o was eating was grossing me out but what an odd experiment I wonder why I could go again just by eating animal proteins again

  36. Shoot what’s my problem then I been vegan for 4 years and I cnt loose weight. Lol I’m serious here, if I were a guy I’d be huge.

  37. I don't think it's even true, because I just read that he opened a vegan food truck for the homeless. I doubt he would do that, if he wasn't vegan. I think it was about 10 years ago and he had just gone vegetarian, then.

  38. Becoming suspicious of many celebs publicly going vegan lately. I am waiting to see if it will be followed by them publicly saying how Ill it made them. In order to put other off , illuminate trickery.

  39. They just doing their job – acting. Wonder how much they were paid. Maybe they're just really miserable on the inside.

  40. Balance balance balance! It's as simple as that!

    Will I can poop 2 times in a day! Man you need to look at your own diet first before looking at your sons!

    "Eats vegans" 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Are you sure Will Smith mentioned in that table talk that it was high cholesterol? I tried to show my wife your video but she stopped watching after you said it was cholesterol, because she remembers it being high blood pressure and her defense was that if you got one fact wrong, that negates your whole video and then there's no point in watching the rest.

  42. I went vegan for 6 months when I was 14 and turned grey. That's what living on vegan sweets and pasta will do to you…. Now I'm back at it and actually eating PLANTS. Not things that are just technically vegan

  43. His problem is from eating plants whether you are vegetarian or vegan. God designed humans to eat meat. You morons don't have stomachs like ruminants. Our stomach's have hydrochloric acid like wolves that are carnivores. Health problems come from eating food we are not designed to eat.

  44. Unless they redefined the color grey, Jaden's skin was not grey. He do vegan careless, probably calorie deficient. With fiber deficiency, constipation happens. Vegan needs careful food choice for good health., but it's worth it.

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