Introducing +Color, a fresh way to eat healthy

Introducing +Color, a fresh way to eat healthy

Hi, I’m Dylan Dreyer. Some of you might recognize me as a meteorologist
for NBC’s Today, but what you might not know is when I’m not out covering the worst weather
this country has to offer I actually prefer to be at home cooking up a storm of my own. And you know, I think we all need help sometimes
leading that healthier lifestyle. So, to help me, I’ve brought in fitness goddess
Tiffany Rothe Tiffany, it’s nice to have you here. Hey, Dylan, so listen, can you make it rain
in the kitchen? I bet you can. I try, although, hopefully, it’s not the sprinkler
system going off above from the smoke detectors. Now Tiffany, you are a force to be reckoned
with in the on-line world. You have more than 750,000 YouTube subscribers
which is incredible and your workout routines have been featured in national magazines like
Harper’s Bazaar and Women’s Health. You are busy. Yes, I’m super busy, but you know what? I’m fortunate because I’m living my passion
and I really like to focus on having a fit lifestyle. So it’s not just about the workouts, it’s
about how you think, what you eat, and what your habits are each day. That’s why this so exciting to be here talking
about this plus color campaign with you. It’s a whole package. It’s a whole package. Yeah. Since you are such a YouTube sensation, how
cool is it to be in the YouTube space It is awesome! I love it! New York, okay, you get a thumbs up, a double
thumbs up. Because this space is awesome, so creative
and inspiring and cool has the edginess. Love it. Cool is the keyword there. So, yes, we are here in the YouTube space
in New York City. We have taken it over to launch this plus
color initiative, it’s the first of it’s kind initiative from the American Heart Association
presented by Subway restaurants. And it’s such an easy, simple idea. It’s a national effort about adding just one
more cup of fruit and vegetables to your diet. Yes, so you’re talking about one cup which
is like two servings right, Dylan? Yeah and so why is that so important? Well, you know, it’s so important number one
because it’s such a simple step. I mean, everybody can add an extra cup of
fruits and vegetables to your diet. It’s all about making your life more vibrant
and it’s also helping to close the gap recommended what Americans eat fruit and vegetable wise
and what were actually eating and it closes that gap by half. Wow! You know, I think it’s not just about adding
color to your meals, but also to your life. You know, because when have a colorful meal
you you enjoy it more with your friends, the presentation is great, it encites new conversation,
you take more selfies, you share it. Right just all around is better for you and
more vibrant living. It’s certainly true, and it’s all about the
pictures, too. And we’re not just talking about fresh fruits
and vegetables. Although, that’s the best if you can get them,
but sometimes you can’t so go with the frozen, the canned, the dried. They are all good, healthy options. and they all provide health benefits. And the American Heart Association is now
working with Subway to bring a plus color life across America. Like they want to work together to empower
Americans to make bold yet achievable goals you know, because if you take charge of your
health it needs to be easy you know…it has to be something that’s really achievable…otherwise
you won’t do it. Otherwise your not going to do it. We won’t do it so, if you think about having
spinach, cucumbers, green peppers that are really super accessible, and fresh avacados,
I mean, I’d love an avocado right now, today. Everybody is getting into the action of healthy
eating. It’s such easy steps. And really, I speaking of Subway, I know that
I’m always just putting all the extra different things I can on top and I feel like I’m eating
healthier after. And I know that you probably have an extra
special reason why you want to add some more color to your diet. Is it obvious? I’m not hiding it very well. You look amazing. Clearly I’m eating for two. We are expecting our first baby in December
which we’re so excited about so….eating healthy and just living a better lifestyle
has been extra important recently. But you also understand the importance of
that healthy lifestyle. Yes, my motto has always been to train the
mind, work your body and life the spirit. And the vibrant living, the healthy lifestyle
is really important to lift your spirit. So, it’s not just about, you know, working
out and being tough it’s really about, you know, how can I do little changes every day
to make a big difference? And that’s enough talking about us. Let’s tell America how they can get involved
on the plus color movement. Step 1-You can check that off, because the
first step is just watching. And you’re watching right now and we need
you to share these plus color videos and empowering information on the American Heart Association
website. and everyone can go there
and learn more about how adding just one cup of fruits and vegetables can change your life. Okay, so, I’ve got to know, are you down with
fruits or veggies? I think I’m fruit, but I do try to add veggies
as much as I can to every meal. What about you? Well, I’m a fruitaholic, but you know what,
as a fitness coach I know you’ve got to get those veggies in so I’m always looking for
quick and easy ways to get them in and make sure that I’m feeling good because they really
rejuvenate you. And they’re great after a work out. And you like smoothies, too. I love smoothies. And, you know, we want you to weigh in on
our plus color Twitter poll. So we’ve been asking Americans to vote for
their favorites, fruits or veggies. We started this yesterday and all you have
to do is #teamfruit or #teamveggie and we want to see which one you like. It’ll be interesting. Don’t be straddling the fence there, right
America. Pick a team! I like to go, you know, straddle both sides
because I can’t decide. Yesterday we actually did something really
special in New York. In Union Square we brought out the The American
Heart Association’s brand new plus color food truck and we set up shop. If you’re not familiar with Union Square…
there’s tons of restaurants, but there are also unhealthy options, too. Sometimes, you just want to indulge, but this
was a day to bring the food truck out and hand out free food to folks, so we handed
out all sorts of different fruits and vegetables. Skewers with fresh green peppers and cucumbers
a little bit of dressing. We also did fruit skewers with pineapples
and strawberries and a little bit of yogurt dressing. It was incredible, the feedback we were getting
because there were healthy options when there were unhealthy options nearby and people were
really enjoying it. Yeah, I’m getting hungry just thinking about
it. You know what, I also heard they had something
I never heard of before. Avocado frozen pop or something like that. Yes. I don’t even know who invented the first frozen
avocado pop but everyone was just raving about it. Yes, I mean, I love avocados, I say that I
want one today. I get it, you love avocados. So yeah, it was definitely a fun experience
to share plus color experience down in New York City. So, we had some fun with our plus color campaign
yesterday but you’re also been doing a lot with the plus color campaign as well. Because you are one of the American Heart
Association content contributors. Well, I wanted to blend the goodness of both
fruit and veggies as we talked about, but initially I wanted to say…make a statement
about how if you have a bland dish that’s just sort of cream and brown it’s not as exciting
as if you have a vibrant colored dish. So I started the video out with black and
white and then – ba-ba-boom, you know with color- and you know, for all my followers
out there who really like to know what do I eat that’s healthy after a meal? I said this is a great smoothie that’s after
a workout, it has protein, lots of vegetables so I wanted to inspire them to not only be
more vibrant, but healthy. Awesome and I think we have the video, so
lets take a look. -video-
Hi, I’m Tiffany Rothe and I’ve joined with the American Heart Association and their national
presenting sponsor, Subway, as a part of their plus color campaign to show that adding a
little color to your daily life goes a long way for the healthy lifestyle. The smoothie I’m about to make is called “The
Friendly Big Green Monster.” It’s a recipe created by the AHA for kids
but I love it because it’s good for everyone. You’ll need one full green apple, 1/4 of a
cucumber take the skin off, a skinless kiwi, two handfuls of spinach, and you’re gonna
squeeze two tablespoons of lemon and then we’ll need one cup of water. Delicious. This is a great way to add some color after
any workout. For more tips on how to get more fruits and
vegetables into your diet go to Wow! That was incredible and exactly what we’re
talking about how easy it is to get more servings of fruits and veggies into your diet. Yeah, that’s why I really love smoothies because
you can just take your fruits and veggies and throw them in there and it’s perfect on
the go. It’s easy. Yes, it makes it so much easier and do you
know what? The nutrients and the vitamins are what really
make a difference in your daily life, your healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that nearly 40,000 lives
and 7.6 billion dollars in medical costs can be saved each year just by adding a servings
of fruits and vegetable into your diet each day. Staggering. Okay, so clearly, we’ve moved locations. We are now in the YouTube space’s kitchen
area and I’m excited to introduce our next guest Lanette Kovachi. Lanette, you have served as the global dietician
for Subway restaurants and you’ve been instrumental in the chains healthy initiative. It’s so nice to have you here. It’s nice to be here, Dylan, you know, the
plus color initiative just goes hand in hand with Subway philosophy. We’ve had so many veggies on our menu forever,
they really take a starring role on our menu and it’s just, you know, anyone can come in
and really get that plus color on their sandwich. In fact, a lot of people don’t know that you
can get one cup of veggies on a 6-inch sub. That’s two servings so it’s really great and
the other thing is, salads, you can come in and get your full days worth of veggies on
a salad. It’s 2-1/2 cups or 5 servings right there
and you’re done and you’re good to go. So Lanette, are there some creative ways you
can really dress up your salads or your sandwiches because most people think you know I want
some lettuce but we want it to look spicy, right. Right, like you don’t need just some lettuce. It’s great to add cucumbers, they have a lot
of crunch, tomatoes, spinach, red onion. All that tastes great on almost any sandwich
you can make and you get that cup of extra vegetables. And not only that, they look beautiful and
they pack in tons of nutrition without packing in a lot of calories so you really that nutrition
bang for your buck when you add veggies to anything, not just a sandwich. That’s what I’m always doing at Subway, I
pick out my sandwich and then I stand in front of the veggies for the next 5 or ten minutes…I
want that…I want that…I want that so… It makes it more fun, too. I know, it’s more enjoyable when eating it. So this is all great stuff thank you so much
for your insight on that, and how we can add plus color to our six inch sub. OK, so we mentioned the Twitter poll at the
beginning of the show. Did you vote #teamfruit or #teamveggie? We didn’t ask what yours was? Well can I do both? Hahaha. I think that’s allowed. I skew more to the veggie side. I know. And I was skewing a little more towards fruit,
but we like them all. Here’s what some of the votes are showing. Payton from North Caroline went for #teamveggie. While MaryAnn from Minnisota went for team
both. Ok, so we can do team both. Because so many people are still voting, we
want you to keep voting for a little while longer so we will bring you the final results
on the American Heart Association’s Twitter channel. And to keep us all thinking and living +color
we’re asking America, ok, to share their favorite colorful fruit and veggie pics on Twitter. And hash with #addcolor. Your great fruit or veggie photo could be
used as part of the AHA’s +color social media throughout the rest of the year. And remember, all it takes is just one more
cup of fruits and veggies any day every day to make a noticeable healthy change. Well I want to thank you both of you ladies
for being here in our youtube space as we took it over here in New York and loved hearing
your insight. And I loved just talking about this and making
this more a conversation. Maybe it’s something people will think about,
when you plan your meals later today. American this is where you can help. Please share the YouTube link with you friend
and and help us keep plus color growing. Share, share, share!

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