Is A Vegan Ketogenic Diet Healthy? Dr Greger & Dr Barnard

Is A Vegan Ketogenic Diet Healthy? Dr Greger & Dr Barnard

One of the most popular diets at the moment
is the ketogenic diet. This diet was originally discovered as a useful
treatment for epilepsy, however it’s being widely used today for weight loss and there
are some clinical trials providing weak evidence for an anti-tumor effect, particularly for
glioblastoma. The ketogenic diet consists of roughly 90
percent of calories from fat, 6 percent from protein, and 4 percent from carbohydrates. Carbs are limited to less than 50 grams a
day which basically means no fruit and a strict cap on vegetables. A classic keto diet is centered around animal
fat, for example marbled steaks, fish, eggs, streaky bacon, butter and lard. The concern with this way of eating is that
people are taking in huge amounts of class 1 and class 2a carcinogens, as defined by
the world health organisation and only taking in small amounts of antioxidants, polyphenols,
fiber, vitamins, minerals etc as they are restricting fruits and vegetables. But about a vegan ketogenic diet? Would we be able to get all the benefits of
a keto diet without the detrimental effects? Well the problem is we don’t have enough
long-term evidence on what happens to our body after ten years of ketosis and whilst
research does suggest keto can help slow the progression of some cancers, it has been found
to speeds up others. So vegan or not, is being in a state of ketosis
long term safe for our body? Well let’s take a listen to Dr Michael Greger
and Dr. Neal Barnard as they share their thoughts about a vegan ketogenic diet. Dr Greger’s audio comes from his April 2019
Q and A. The links to the original videos are in the description below. [MG] Thoughts on vegan keto? Ketogenic diets basically encapsulate the
worst possible advice for healthy eating. So for example the global burden of disease
study the largest study of human risk factors in human history funded by the Bill and Melinda
Gates foundation, I have a video showing that the number one dietary risk factor for death
on planet earth is inadequate fruit consumption! So kills more people than soda and processed
meat, inadequate fruit consumption kills more people than anything else so that could be
used as, kind of like a B.S detector kind of like a whiff test for any new diet that
comes along, the first question you ask is, well if that’s the number one risk factor
for death, does this diet advocate for lots of fruit? Because if it doesn’t then immediately it’s
off the list, and so there, the keto flops on it’s face vegan or not. Asks, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a
nutritionally curated whole food plant based keto diet. I’m not even sure what that means nutritionally
curated? I don’t think any kind of keto diet would
be a good thing unless in some cases of intractable pediatric epilepsy, it can so change the brain
chemistry you can actually have some benefits but certainly not for anyone without certain
rare medical conditions. It’s been called the 80 billion dollar weight
loss gimmick and that is the rapid water loss. Right we store carbs as glycogen in our muscles
and they’re complex to water as soon as that glycogen starts getting depleted we get
that tremendous diuresis of course we have to get rid of the ketones too and so people
look down at the bathroom scale and for the first time in their lives they went on this
new diet and one week they lost 5 pounds. What?! 5 pounds! So then they tell everybody, they tell their
friends they tell their family everybody goes out and gets the book. Ok then what happens is as obviously we know
what happens it’s just water weight that they’re losing and in fact they’re losing
more lean mass. You know NIH did those beautiful metabolic
ward studies and actually showed that these extremely high fat low carb diets slow the
loss of body fat. What’s happening on the scale is the opposite
of what’s happening inside the person but what do you see you just see the bathroom
scale and so by the time they figure it out they’ve already told everybody about it
and then of course they blame themselves and come crawling back to it. But seeing those pounds come off, even though
it’s not body fat that is what drags people back over and over and over again! [NB] Well I think it’s fine to test these
things in research studies and to continue to do that but as a recommendation for anybody
I actually cared about I would be very nervous about that really for this reason we have
to remember what is a natural diet for humanity, just big picture, we are not blubber eaters
for the most part we’re not eating huge amounts of fat all the great apes eat enormous
amounts of vegetation particularly fruit and it’s a high carbohydrate diet either simple
sugars in fruit or starchy food that’s what’s natural to us. When we take those things out of the diet
then what we’re left with is a huge amount of fat. Don’t get me wrong vegetable fats are much
better than animal fats they really are, if a person tries to do a ketogenic diet with
animal fat in about a third of cases their cholesterol levels really go up significantly
sometimes they go up through the roof. If you’re doing a vegan diet that’s’
high in fat and low in carbs that’s less likely to happen but it’s still possible. Now luckily when a person does a plant based
diet they lose weight almost no matter which way they go and any weight loss is supposed
to lower your cholesterol so that normally does happen however with oily food let’s
say it’s olive oil, the saturated fat of olive oil is lower than beef and chicken but
it’s not zero. The numbers are beef is about 50% saturated
fat chicken about 30% olive oil about 14% but if I’m not adding that olive oil I’m
not adding any of that so it gives me a step ahead. So any way I think almost for anyone who’s
doing a ketogenic diet doesn’t know how to do this in a vegan way and my good friend
David Jenkins has said well do it Eco Atkins meaning 100% vegan and I think studying it
in research is an interesting thing to do but I don’t think we’re at a point of
really feeling comfortable about it yet.

53 thoughts on “Is A Vegan Ketogenic Diet Healthy? Dr Greger & Dr Barnard

  1. Hope your Plant Based channel will stop being sooooo Vegan. Vegan is NOT Plant Based. The Vegan diet is not safe for many people, imo, and I failed on a WFPB Vegan diet after 1-1/2 years. I think ketosis is a metabolic state that everyone should do with fasting and intermittent fasting every week. We are eating too often with too many meals every day.

  2. It’s just crazy that people love high fat yet those foods irritate my body so bad! 🤷‍♀️ I’ll eat the whole foods.

  3. This is utter nonsense high carb low fat diet three meals a day is the only scientific proven diet to work the rest is theory and made up bro science this channel promotes what ever diet is trending just remember this channel is here to make money first

  4. I have been on a whole food plant based diet for a short time, I am borderline overweight/obese and I have had epilepsy for over 30 years.
    I realize that the keto diet is meant for children, but could the keto diet be a win-win for me.
    My neurologist has allowed me to go on it after I asked about it ( My doctor suggested the Vegan diet first months before to lose weight.).

  5. Exept the firt métabolic part related to a anticarninogenic research pist where cétones are invoveld, thoses déclarations are totaly inepts.

    Loss of weight due to glycogen depletion pass the first Week is faster than lipid restriction diet.
    Futhermore, it is few muscles loses keto diet is strongly anticatabolic .

    Poor incults doctors…

  6. Now THIS is a topic I'd like to hear!
    FINALLY, somebody is addressing it! 👋👋👋

  7. Who guidelines is bs. They could have been more specific in what is supposed to be the carcinogenas content in the keto diet. And keto advocates do not even condone bad meats. And this moron says the one dieter cause is too little fruit? WHAT A MORON!
    Nothing so far he has said refutes anything. I hate ideologues that just simply pretend to know shit. Everyone knows it is water weight and there is no proof that there is a loss of lean mass. Quite the opposite has been shown.
    This is a moron who would get a patient that has reversed his diabetes and having it at check, saying it had nothing to do with the diet and a vegan diet must be magicly better. Although several meta analysis show that stroke and CVD is not higher among meateaters. And several documented cases has shown a reversal of plaque buildup.
    Diets need to be personal and not generalized like this whiny b does.

    A cop is a a cop while even sleeping until he does something which is outside his rights. A Doctor kvack that talks shit is just a shittalker at that point. The man also than uses anecdotal evidence rather than scientific when he mentions cases of outcomes as negative, when it says nothing about the conclusion of what could be drawn from the studies main focus; it is just anecdotal at that point, or he will just have to accept cases that who have been on a carnivore diet to Cure cancer, and than suggest the diet cures all cancers! Only a moron would come to such a conclusion!

  8. I listen to a lot of vegan/pbd videos. They are all preceded by ads for statins or diabetic meds 😂

  9. Thank God for Dr Bernard. There are so many bad apple's out there giving horrible advice like that fraud Dr. Berg who is just a chiropractor. Both of these Dr's here are wonderful! I also like Dr. McDougall.

  10. I enjoy plant based keto/low carb eating, fasting, intermittent fasting and wider window eating. I cycle through them all and do better on fats than carbs. I feel sluggish when my carbs are too high.

  11. Although I agree that a ketogenetic diet is not safe or healthy. I do not agree that you only loose water. Poeople loose serious amounts of fat that way. So if anti keto doctors want to be taken seriously they can,t make such a statement cause some poeple had success.

  12. Dr. Greger oversimplifies. It's a fairly healthy diet. Listen to Dr. Berg sometime. It's main drawback, as far as I'm concerned, is it's expensive and I can't eat the foods I like such as pasta, rice, beans, potatoes, and sourdough bread. It's just modern ideas of eliminating a certain food group to lose weight, whether that's protein, fat, carbs, or whatever. Just suck it up and take in a few less calories. Eat 3 meals a day and eliminate most empty calories like ice cream. It's like all the semi-crazies who think they are sensitive to gluten because they felt better when they eliminated donuts. Just eliminate the donuts and forget the strange idea that a certain food group is bad for you. Sure you can lose weight, but you can also lose it by eating a healthy, balanced meal.

  13. Keto might be good for certain cancers, like brain cancer though. Since cancer cells gobble up huge amounts of glucose, it might be doap for cancer.

  14. Right and when you do the vegan diet you have to check a box before you come out of your mom's womb so God can make sure to give your vegan starter kit with syringes of B12, taurine, etc etc. It's natural to poke your ass. Eat meat once in a while is the key not eliminating it. We're all going to die.

  15. Great good common sense and science from two of my favorites.
    Thank you once again my London friend for bringing us The voices of reason, rationality and health!!!💪💚🌱👋

  16. Thank you! My 82 year old mother who has Type 2 diabetes and heart disease has been convinced to start a keto diet. Her doctor thinks it's fine. Of course, I am concerned.

  17. At the end of the day, you eat what you like eating. I like fruit and spuds and i hate bacon/chicken/milk etc. So i‘m never going to eat that stuff.

  18. The ketogenic diet is not only just the most boring fatty diet on Earth, it is also the most unnatural diet that the human species has ever came up with. It just goes against all of our natural instincts for foods. And if you have cancer or wants to prevent cancer, then take your daily dose of papaya leaf tea. In some countries, they even use the freshly cut ones cooked as vegetables. That's a healthy habit.

  19. Keto is another marketing strategy like Paleo was and its a easy to market because it says you can eat the crap food you love like bacon

  20. Back before I became vegan, I ate low-carb and got under 100 lbs (I'm 5'2). But my cholesterol shot up over 200. 😲 I think you're better off fasting than doing a keto diet. It's more natural, and you don't raise your cholesterol.

  21. It's all about BALANCE and the Microbiome gut brain axis…and by the way – Bill and Melinda Gates are Frauds – Their only interest is Power Brokering and Nothing Else..

  22. These guys just don't want to let it go. No one is afraid of saturated fat anymore because we know that neither it nor "elevated Cholesterol" are causes of obesity, cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

  23. What about the pesticide, oxilates, and lectins in plants? Seems like these two are really biased in their views on meat because they push a vegan diet… which is not healthy! No diet has had adequate research because it is impossible to control data without locking up humans to do said research and that is unethical. Plant based diets starve the body of nutrients so yeah you will lose weight, but you will also destroy your body with plant toxins…

  24. Heart disease is linked to hyperinsulimia and non alcoholic fatty liver, all linked to carbohydrate consumption.

  25. This doctor do not know what he is talking about. 56 pounds in 6 months is water weight? On top of that, I stopped my hbp med and statins. I love losing water weight.

  26. Listen your body, observe.. Take a look at Science but First Look at you everytime, Science have no 100 % right.

  27. Lots of research indicating carbs as a major cause of inflammation. Which is a killer. I chose low carb, but as a vegetarian. My health has been very good. Blood sugars are very low.

  28. Check out doctor David jockers YouTube video on the vegan keto diet! The body needs fats and oils to synthesize proteins and hormones to repair and build the body. Maybe that's why doctor G looks Like he ages in dog years.

  29. There's no strict cap on vegetables unless their high glycemic In the forties and fifties everybody was in ketosis several times a year cause they ate from the farm and they ate seasonal kind of like our ancestors ! If our ancestors never used Furr for clothing would they be walking around naked in the winter ?

  30. The ketogenic diet is not 90 % calories from fat, 6 % from protein and 4 % from carbohydrates! It's about 70-80 % from fat, 20-25 % from protein and 5-10 % from carbohydrates!! It also seems like it's possible to be in ketosis on other macros too. 😊 A ketogenic diet can absolutely involve fruits or any other carb source you like as long as you don't eat more than about 30 grams of carbs/day, and sometimes even up to 50 grams/day.

  31. Restricting vegetables on a ketogenic diet? Who says that? Small amount of antioxidants? really? So much misinformation on this video. And what vitamins/minerals can I get EXCLUSIVELY from fruit that I cannot get from vegetables? Name them! Otherwise, this is just an excuse to eat sugar. If you were talking about potatoes or rice, I could accept it. But FRUIT? REALLY???

  32. My 73 years old father started vegan his debetis has gone but he felt weakness, vertigo & low BP

  33. Love the compassionate caring & healing brilliant Doctors🌟🌱Dr. Greger & Dr. Barnard are two of the magnificent & incredible Hero Brilliant Doctors❤️

  34. I don't need anyone to tell me that the keto diet is unhealthy. I'll feel sick and groggy and constipated if I eat meat three days in a row. You don't have to have a video about it. Let people try it and they will come off it on their own. It's unsustainable, and expensive.

  35. I hate how these doctors are scared of a few calories from olive oil. Just work out for 30 minutes a day and all that olive oil will be gone, and your food will have tasted much better

  36. oatmeal(steel cut)…and too much fruit too …. spikes my blood sugar…i tested with my meter…so i dunno…low carb vegan is the way to go for me:…especially if you have high blood sugars

  37. I'm living proof keto and plant based keto can improve quality of life and significantly decrease bodyfat.

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