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  1. Researches show that caffeine helps to control multiple sclerosis. And, although people say that caffeine makes me anxious, I feel fine and calm when I take it. 😉

  2. remeber guys that this is for a fresh mans yr in cofffeee we that done this a while dont have same effects but ok shes right at dehydra

  3. I never used to drink coffee 5 years ago,always tea,now i drink about 15 cups a day and cant sleep without it lol..

  4. I drink 2 litres of 32mg per 100ml energy drinks and drink about 7 2 litres bottles of water daily, apart from twitching every second, I'm great.

  5. I didn't say that you need to ignore bad effects,but every body works in a different way.For some people coffee is a really bad thing,but for others it helps in multiple sclerosis,it speeds up your metabolism and helps against obesity and,researches also show that also works against depression.It works for everybody?Of course not!I can't remember a single thing that works just fine for EVERYONE,but it really works for some people-including myself.And I also drink a lot of water,so don't worry!;)

  6. hey, I didn't say it's completely bad for you, I just meant don't let yourself believe that because it has a benefit, then it's ok. I drink a lot of energy drinks, and in fact it's the other way around, it causes depression, stress and anxiety, caffeine causes your body to not work correctly and pulses unwanted stress signals to cause the brain to work even if it doesn't want to, thats a no no for weight loss, believe my words I tried and know. but caffeine is like alcohol for others to me.

  7. I know what I am doing is bad, but like you said, it works differently for people, apart from the factual standard effects, for me it's a stress relief sort of thing, it's probably what's causing my stress but it doesn't feel like it, I'd rather drink energy drinks to alcohol.

  8. So,if you have your metabolism working very well, it helps in your diet and exercise. Don't believe that ANYTHING in the world will help you in weight loss by itself because you can acctually lose weight but you will gain it even more. But in a obesity factor, metabolism is a really important issue. Many people can't lose body fat because of it.So,in combination with a healthy diet and physical exercises that fit your life and your body,coffee can be a strong ally in the war against the obesity.

  9. You CAN drink coffee. But anything in excess is left over. And leftovers are garbage for your body. So, what I recommend doing is taking four cups of coffee at most and also add to your routine green tea. He has a remarkable flavor and is also a thermogenic food. I personally prefer coffee because it helps to control my multiple sclerosis and has a very positive effect in my body, but many people prefer green tea. You can take it cold or hot. Good luck!

  10. Yeah! And I do believe that,if the energy drinks works for you and if you keep healthy with it, it's totally worth! Health is really important and know our body is even more. We need to understand what's good for us and use it for our sake. And I agree with you by the fact that swimming is really good! I love it. Good luck 😉

  11. One cup makes me piss like a race horse. I was forced to give it up after my lips got so dry they started cracking leaving permanent scars.

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