100 thoughts on “Is Nutritional Yeast Healthy for Everyone?

  1. It's always fun to have a little something to sprinkle on rice and vegis but it doesn't seem to agree with me. When I discovered nutritional yeast, I have to say, I didn't like it very much. Just imagined that it was a nice little "cheesy" sprinkle. Decided to used it more and more. Over those few days, I started to get belly aches and large lesions on my face. Connected? Who knows? I didn't connect the symptoms. I started cutting out gluten. The doc took a biopsy of a lesion on my face. I was pretty miserable. I cut out more and more foods. Finally I stopped using nutritional yeast. My belly pain stopped. The doc started treating the lesions as rosacea. Gave me a tube of stuff to put on it. It's getting better. Still not gone and I have no idea what made it bad and what is making it better. I do think it's connected to the belly pain so it's off the menu.

    I'm going back to the plain and simple, lovely whole foods with a few herbs. I feel better and the skin is clearing. Thank you Dr. Greger for your post.

  2. Anyone else wait for those inevitable lines and then say them in unison with the doc? 😂 "…until now" & "well you don't know until you …put it to the test"… Literally the best parts of these vids.

  3. Haha Dr Greger you are so funny… Its nice that you tell the truth but add a funny joke or two to lessen the blow.
    Sigh… There goes my yeast.

  4. and what does this now mean for people with candida symptoms? I don't really understand 🙁 please make a video about if candida is real or not and how to cure the symptoms. thank you

  5. You do know that nutritional yeast isn't brewer's yeast? It's the deactivated form. Noticed he compared the two as the same. :/

  6. Every athlete in the world is eating eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, fish. Look up Matt Lalonde. He has a PHD in organic chemistry from Harvard. Nothing wrong with eating animal matter. These plant nuts are fin wrong.

  7. 1) Um, nutritional yeast is not live yeast, fool.

    2) Do you realize how much power for change you could have? Do you realize you are alienating a lot of your supporters without cause? Step out of the plant-based, nitpicking minutia, learn some compassion and go after some real problems in this world: humans torturing and eating animals.

  8. And how about who has Crohn's disease and is ASCA negative? The doc should talk about this because looks like there is no problem for him, no reaction to yeast.

  9. If eating meat causes cancer than everyone in the United States should have Cancer. If you are just 20 years old and have been eating meat your whole life that means youve been eating meat for seven thousand plus days yet you still dont have cancer. If it caused cancer, I think it should do it faster than 7000 days.

  10. So helpful!! I've been battling a staph infection for several months (PCP and dermatologist couldn't help). Saw a naturopathic doctor, was diagnosed with candida, leaky gut syndrome, and food allergies (almonds and soy being the worst). After cutting out my food allergens, the infection got better. When I eat more whole foods, it clears up. As soon as I started eating a lot of nooch and drinking lots of kombucha, the infection came back and was angry! This is a bummer, but it's good to know how to heal my body. Thanks Dr. Greger and team!!

  11. There is a lot of protein in nooch. This must be factored in for gut toxicity. Also bakers yeast is the less lactic of starch eating bacteria.
    Bakers are having gut problem since they stopped making Sourdough

  12. I don't think nutritional yeast is good for me. I sneak it in some times when I'm going to cook something pretty well and seem to do ok. But nutritional yeast is supposed to be deactivated. But I found accidentally when some dropped in a can containing beans and it sent out runners pretty quickly that it was quite active. So I use it sparingly and only when cooking it well, as in vegan pizza. I don't just drop it on top of steamed veggies etc.

  13. for everyone here who have gluten insensitivities, try einkhorn wheat. its an ancient form of wheat, not the more modern problematic kind of wheat. who knows, maybe u can tolerate it

  14. WORST NEWS EVER 🙁 I have 2 autoimmune skin diseases, and now I must try removing NOOCH from my diet… NOOOO!!! Part of me hopes it works because then I'll be rid of these horrible conditions. Part of me hopes there's no difference b/c I love nutritional yeast sooooo much.

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  16. Can you do a video on going yeast free? I tried cutting out yeast before I went vegan and didn't notice much of a difference… I want to try it again and see if I can come off of my medication but I have no idea where to start and it seems like I won't be able to have any processed foods (making it more difficult)…

  17. You mentioned grains near the end, but can you do more research on white grains vs brown or whole wheat grains? I heard that white is better because the hull is stripped off which is full of lectins. Or are the lectins destroyed when cooking the rice? Would like to know. Thanks

  18. Please check your subject doctor ….whole video is about bakers yeast and subject is nutritional yeast ….both are different. ..bakers yeast is live yeast and nutritional yeast or medical yeast is inactive yeast and it is extremely important for human health….I was not expecting this video from Nutrition facts.

  19. Could you speak a little more clearly please..or is it just naturally your style? You are racing through the info as if your rear 
    is on fire. could have done a lot more justice to the topic

  20. Reg the gloves: maybe that hand in the picture wasn't a doctor's hand, but the patient's or some of the patient's relative's hand showing the fistula to the camera. Doc probably had his hands full with operating the camera. Or the pic might have not even been taken in the doctor's office at all but at home by the patient himself/herself or by some patient's relative(s) to be shown to the doctor later. Just sayin'. 🙂

  21. But dose it show any similar Maleffects in people not affected with crohn's disease that part isn't clear from what I can discern

  22. B vitamins are also listed, so that means -you know what I'm gonna say next! – No vit B12 supplement? They also switched people to soy milk – which is normally fortified with b12

  23. There are at least 2 different types of yeast. Natural yeast (live bacteria) and chemical yeast. The 2nd one is not very good for health. The studies discussed do not mention what type of yeast was tested.

  24. Recently I kept getting really bad migraines where I could barely function or think straight. Then realized it was always right after I ate a plant based "chzz sauce" I made with nutritional yeast. So I started doing research. Others have the same symptoms as me. Sad though I really liked it. But it is not worth it.

  25. I’m confused because all of these studies he sighted said bakers yeast and he’s saying not to eat nutritional yeast, but they aren’t the same thing.

  26. Wait so I should stop Nutritional Yeast? I thought Nutritional Yeast was inactive. I don't have Crohn's disease but I think my immune system is weak.

  27. Mycotoxins and aflatoxins in Beans, Corn, Coffee, Nuts, especially PEANUTS, apple cider vinegar, mushrooms, grains and dried dates, prunes and raisins would make a great video. Also mold poisoning and detoxing of the cytoxins that cause CIRS chronic inflammatory response syndrome.

  28. Honestly no matter What you do or Eat in life has effects ….. Everything in moderation and be Happy So hopefully you live a long life.

  29. So should we all just not use nutritional yeast in case it gives us Crohn's disease , even if it mite not be the only thing that can trigger it , perhaps nutritional yeast is just not worth the risk

  30. This would be a great video except for the non distinction between nutritional yeast (which is inactive…ie, non expanding) and the other 'active' yeasts. I do not have crohn's, yet my body does not react well to active yeasts, even in gluten free breads…yet, I can tolerate small amounts of nutritional yeast daily, with no problems..no edema…no extreme bloating etc. Do you consider the processing of nutritional yeast to distinguish it somewhat from brewer's, etc? Having said that, even inactive yeast is best consumed in small amounts, if at all.

  31. I'm not yet sold on the 100% plant based idea, but I'm addicted to Dr. Gregor's videos. So well put together, and never fail to make me laugh. Love this guy!

  32. @nutritionfacts.org Is it only while you're healing or should you stay away from it all together. I'm following Dr David Kleins healing plan.

  33. hi guys need help, would it also have negative effect if the selenium supplement that I am taking is derived from yeast? and I have an Grave's.

  34. Holy cow, I was thinking the same thing, “Why the HECK is that doctor not wearing GLOVES?!?!?” . . . Especially when he said it was some sort of anal condition. Yikes!

  35. This video is worthless and worse misleading and not understandable. The title is misleading as well. What I want to see is not a bunch of papers being highlighted and read from. I want to see a video about why or why not I should consume nutritional yeast especially on my popcorn which I love.

  36. Oh great….just another thing I cannot eat. What else is new.
    My unopened pkg is staring me down….daring me.

  37. I have/had Crohn's (no major symptoms in 20 years) and tested very high for food sensitivity to Bakers/Brewers/Nutritional Yeasts. I have actually been getting better scores on that through the years (3 tests over that period from an off the charts 4+ to now just a level 1 reaction). Am wondering if things like pickles, kimchi, sake, wine, vinegars, miso, and other ferments should to be avoided as well? Help, Dr Greger!

  38. Bakers yeast isn’t nutritional yeast right??? Nutritional yeast is supposed to be inactive….Anyone here feel strange when consuming nutritional yeast?. Trying to figure if it’s ok or not for me.. Maybe it’s even the amount used? The taste is defin addictive lol! Maybe too much neuro-excitatory….?

  39. confusion, following Dr Gregor video shows that it helps fight cancer! "Benefits of Nutritional Yeast for Cancer" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_fZze3JAWU

  40. Is bags of “Large Flake Nutritional Yeast” made of dried yeast (in the ingredients it is labeled that way) have the same potential for problem?

  41. I thought nutritional yeast was deactivated and not inflammatory? I just opened a box believing what I just wrote. I will see how I will react. My nose is already stuffed. My candida seems to like it!

  42. Had nutritional yeast for the first time 2 days ago. Yesterday felt sick, went to the doctor (nurse practitioner actually), he said allergies. Maybe just a coincidence because it is allergy season.

    New doctor today thinks I have MCAS. Guess I should lay off the nutritional yeast. That sucks.

  43. Does Nutritional Yeast hurt the gut microbiome? I don't have Crohn's but, I really like using Nooch in my recipes. However, if there are studies showing it hurts my gut bacteria, Good Bye Nooch!

  44. @5:05 It reads "Baker's yeast" but doesn't specify if it is a capsule of active baker's yeast. Nutritional yeast is the same organism but how it is made makes it become not active. Does that make a difference to the immune system?

  45. Nutritional yeast is made with molasses. It is then dried and fortified. I don’t think it should be used to get b12. I have never snorted the stuff since I was never crazy about the stuff. If I buy it for a recipe, I look for non fortified. I was hoping this video would have given more info on ny. But vegans should be happy that he didn’t say it was bad for them, unless you are suffering from crohn’s of course. 🌱

  46. Who gives a fugg about people with Crohn's disease??? Is nutritional yeast unhealthy or not, you dumb fugg!?!?!?

  47. Just reintroduced nutritional yeast back into the diet after several months and had a nasty, gut-inflamed reaction to it…

    Was farting maybe every fifteen minutes, it was a great time!

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