Is saturated fat bad?

Is saturated fat bad?

Is saturated fat bad? Yes, saturated fat
is extremely deadly, and that is why there is so much of it
in breast milk, in human breast milk. You can tell is bad for you,
because it’s in breast milk, that’s right. So, I take it,
you don’t really believe that? No, not at all. So, what will you say?
Is it, what, good, bad, neutral? I think saturated fat
is perfectly good and I like to look at everything
through an evolutionary lens. And I’ve done a lot of research
into comparative gut anatomy and physiology of humans versus other animals. And if you look
at what humans eat, it’s pretty obvious that we’ve had
saturated fat our entire existence and this has to be
optimum nutrition for us. So, we did not become
the dominant species on this planet because saturated fat
was bad for us. Is saturated fat dangerous? No, absolutely not. I mean, I think there is very clear that
have been three or four meta analysis, structured reviews
of all the literature and I think even the US Dietary Guidelines
people are saying that, you know, these things are not
so bad anymore. So, you know, I think it’s very clear now
that there was a horrible mistake when we demonized
the saturated fat and the cost of that to humanity
is immeasurable. But, I think it’s very clear
that saturated fat is not dangerous, I mean, probably in excess is, but an excess of anything
is probably dangerous. But saturated fat in moderation
is perfectly okay. Saturated fat…
is it really bad for you? I think this has been
one of the biggest myths and this has been propagated
for many years. We’ve been afraid of saturated fats,
total fats, but in particular
saturated fats for years. And I think that originally
there was a lot of confusion between naturally saturated fats
and trans fats. Trans fats are artificially saturated fats,
often called partially hydrogenated oils. And the thing is those artificial
man-made saturated fats were actually very bad for you,
those trans fats and we’ve recognized that
and nobody will argue that. Trans fats are bad, but it kind of gives
saturated fats a very bad name, as well. And if you go back, more recent studies
in the last say five years, have really shown that the number
of saturated fats you eat, really has no correlation
to heart disease, that people who eat a lot of saturated fat,
don’t get more heart disease. And this was always the biggest worry,
this is what people always said, “Oh, you are eating so much red meat,
which has saturated fat. Well, you are going to clog up
your arteries and die.” That’s not what actually happens
and if you look back, there really has been no evidence
that that is true at all. If you think about it,
of course, it makes no sense. That is… There are lots
of naturally saturated fats. Coconut oil, for example and a lot
of animal products are saturated fats. Do you really think that the foods
that our ancestors ate really were going to kill us? Well, if that was the truth,
then, none of us would be sitting here today, because people eat lots
of saturated fats. Right? If you think about lard
for example, what many people used was pig fat,
which is lard, and lots of saturated fats. They did fine,
there’s very little obesity, they didn’t have any heart disease
and they did fine. So, these are natural foods. Saturated fats are
in a lot of natural foods. And if it didn’t kill us
in the last 2000 years, it’s not likely that they’re going to kill us
just in the last 30 years. Right? So, it’s been a big myth and it’s been one
of the very bad things that we’ve told people is that “It’s bad for you,
that you have to avoid it.” It’s simply not true. Is saturated fat dangerous? Uh, I’m not going to answer that, because, thinking that saturated fat
is either good or bad is the problem. So, when we started
getting into trouble, is when we started talking about
our food like we were chemists. What we really need to pay attention to
is “Where did our food comes from? “How healthy was the place
that it came from? “Was it a factory farm? Was it a nice little biodynamic farm?” and then “What was done to it?” Those are the things that people talked
about for thousands and thousands of years and that’s what kept us out of trouble. When we got into trouble, is when we started
paying attention to things like saturated fat. If we look at the saturated
fat content of the food and try to judge
whether we should buy it or not, you have to know a lot of other stuff like
how to know, “Okay, well, is it margarine?”, because that has a lot of saturated fat,
but it’s bad for you. Right? So, it depends
really what it is. So, you shouldn’t care
about saturated fat? You shouldn’t even, you know,
bother looking at, if there is saturated fat
in the food or not? Well, my answer is… When people ask me what’s a good fat,
what I say is, “Nature doesn’t make bad fats,
factories do.” So, if we are getting
our fat from a factory, it’s not going to be good,
no matter what it’s got in there. It saturated fat dangerous? I don’t think so. The research that implicated
saturated fat, that then led to governments
and organizations getting on line, telling everyone
to avoid saturated fat, the research was really
kind of weak or poor, but, you know it was the research
that we had at the time, so, in today’s light
of how we do research it’s just, wouldn’t hold muster to say saturated fat
is bad or unhealthy. And I think that generally
is changing now. Several papers came out
over the last few years, at least the research world
is understanding that saturated fat is probably
not harmful. Is saturated fat dangerous? Look, I think it’s been well documented now
that there’s no association between saturated fat intake
and cardiovascular disease. Now, what does that mean for patients? If we are talking about patients
with type 2 diabetes, with abdominal obesity,
with insulin resistance, which is the majority
of patients I see, actually I’m more worried
about refined and processed carbohydrates. It’s not that I’m saying,
“Eat as much saturated fat as you want.” I’m just saying, “Look, for you,
for the way your body is at the moment, your problem is refined
and processed carbohydrates. Let’s not worry
about the other things.” That’s the way I manage this
with my patients.

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  1. This is pure genius. we need well-rounded, fact-based research from several credible sources for the best understanding. THANK YOU!

  2. Love this! Thanks Diet Doctor! I love the short clips of interviews with the experts on one topic at a time instead of long interviews.

  3. Cate's comments … nature doesn't make bad fats… factories do. Our bodies make saturated fat. It would be like asking… is blood bad for us?

  4. It's important to emphasize the context of the situation that matters. Of course, saturated fat can be bad for you if you combine it with processed carbs and sugar ala the SAD diet. Saturated fat on a whole foods paleo-esque diet is probably safe. So, it's never one macronutrient or food group that causes the issues – it's the metabolic context and the individual's current condition. With that being said, I wouldn't recommend people with diabetes or obesity to start eating a ton of saturated fat because they're still insulin resistant.

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  6. I agree with Siim below, and believe that this is a really simplistic and dangerous question to ask on YouTube.

    If you are in a carb burning metabolism, like expected by the US Dietary Guidance, then the answer is probably "YES." If you eat pizza and drink beer, and then decide to skip breakfast and have a Buletproof Coffee with 2T butter and 2T coconut oil thinking that is going to make you healthy, then you are in for a rude awakening.

  7. Saturated fat is approx 24% of our body fat- why would my body store 7 Kg of a "Toxin". BTW Saturated fat is essential for our bodies energy regulation via mitochondrial reverse electron transport- which is perturbed by PUFAs- the real culprit.

  8. satfat= very building type of fat
    if u r fatass or have shitty arteries stay away from it
    or pretty much all fat for that matter
    go fast u glutton

  9. There is no evidence that high levels of total cholesterol or of “bad” cholesterol cause heart disease, according to a new paper by 17 international physicians based on a review of patient data of almost 1.3 million people. The authors also say their review shows the use of statins – cholesterol lowering drugs – is “of doubtful benefit” when used as primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. The authors include Galway-based Prof Sherif Sultan, professor of the International Society for Vascular Surgery; Scottish-based Dr Malcolm Kendrick, author of The Great Cholesterol Con; and Dr David M Diamond, a US-based neuroscientist and cardiovascular disease researcher. Prof Sultan said millions of people all over the world, including many with no history of heart disease, are taking statins “despite unproven benefits and serious side effects”. XXX The failure of a study on the cholesterol-lowering drug evacetrapib was reported in April 2016 by its manufacturer, Eli Lilly, after spending $90 million of research and development costs. “The drug, evacetrapib, was pulled after it FAILED TO PREVENT one single case of heart attack, stroke, by-pass surgery, or angina—even though it successfully doubled levels of ‘good’ cholesterol and lowered ‘bad’ cholesterol. These results were presented to the American College of Cardiology's in April 2016, recounting that researchers found that drug did not demonstrate any clinically meaningful cardiovascular risk benefit, despite a 130% increase in “good” cholesterol, or HDL cholesterol, and a 37% reduction in “bad” cholesterol, which is called LDL cholesterol. In the meantime, Pfizer pharmaceutical famously spent $800 million on a large trial combining its blockbuster statin Lipitor with torcetrapib, a CETP inhibitor; the combination of the two drugs was ultimately found to RAISE THE RISK OF DEATH and heart problems in patients. In 2012, Roche also scrapped development of its CETP inhibitor, dalcetrapib, due to a “lack of clinically meaningful efficacy.” “This is a a blow to the cholesterol theorists.” Evacetrapib is the third CETP failure. The first, torcetrapib, actually increased the rate of CARDIOVASCULAR DEATHS and disease despite lowering bad cholesterol levels. Conclusion: the use of Lipitor and torcetrapib, dalcetrapib, and evacetrapib increased the good cholesterol while decreasing the bad cholesterol, however; it surely resulted in an increase of cardiovascular deaths. xxxxxxx Researchers at the Tulane University School of Medicine used electron beam tomography (EBT) to measure the progression of plaque buildup in heart-attack patients taking statin drugs. EBT is a very accurate way to measure occlusion from calcium in the arteries. Contrary to expectations, the researchers discovered that the progression of coronary artery calcium (CAC) was significantly greater in patients receiving statins compared with event-free subjects despite similar levels of LDL-lowering. Said the researchers: “Continued expansion of CAC may indicate failure of some patients to benefit from statin therapy and an increased risk of having cardiovascular events (Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, April 1, 2004).

  10. "We did not become the dominant species on this planet because saturated fat was bad for us"
    how arrogant this wiew is. human domination, really ?

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