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  1. Thank god that there is someone like Jamie Oliver who cares about all this children and teaches the parents about healty food!!!!

  2. My son chefmichaelrey wrote a book on healthy I really loved this video we were wondering how to get Jamie Oliver to go see his blogs he was also on tv channel 10 "sosacandco" he has been on a mission to get people to eat heathy also strong on every child like like Jamie speaks of, he started his mission 2yrs. ago & he sound and speaks about everything Jamie does please get Jamie to go see chefmichaelrey blogs they are two man trying their best to get parents to start teaching kids to eat

  3. he's not fat lol, he's actually fit and quite healthy, it's the just shirt he's wearing but if you see him from the back, you see how small his waist actually is as his shirt tapers inward. He is just barrel chested and has broad shoulders. True his food is in high calories but at least it's all homemade and not chemical laden.

  4. I love teaching my little one about food. She is 3 and has a larger food repertoire than the most adults. She loves fruits and veggies too, I always make homemade food for her lunches at daycare. Most of it organic. We don't do the fast food thing.

    There's nothing wrong with kids consuming sugar, HFCS, GMO's or any other processed foods?!
    Americans demand sweet, fatty foods. They demand soda pop, junk food snacks and candy bars. Food and soda pop industries simply cater to what Americans buy most, profit margins dictate food choices.
    Tasteless low carb "health foods" are a dying fad, the mainstay of the American diet is that which dominates every market; cheap, fast, rib sticking starches and sugary foods, whatever is profitable.

  6. yep i agree. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. And My senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise. get to know here : HEALTHYMEALSDIET.HOST56.COM

  7. Jamie Oliver Pollack Fishcakes (UK supermarket food product) contains yeast extract, a hidden source of MSG, a neurotoxin which is directly linked to obesity. Yeast extract contains free glutamate, MSG's most active ingredient. It switches off the 'had enough food' trigger in the brain.

  8. My grandma up until I was 9 years old would take care of my sister and I. She always made sure we ate food from home. She used to cook so good. If we wanted to buy junk food we would get one choice every 2 or 3months. That's if we had money left if there was no money for it and we needed to buy the regular food that was all. No crying. Other than that we ate what was at home. I moved with my mom and my stepfather after 9 and my mom would just buy us microwave food. My mom wouldn't cook either. When I turned 18 I learned about healthy eating. My mom was almost borderline of diabetes and I'm on her about eating healthier. We have also learned about home remedies just incase we get sick. I have taught my 6 year old niece about healthy or non healthy foods and she's always asking me. I'm glad I'm able to share with her some knowledge that no one can take from her.

  9. This amazing article in the Elephant Journal (the renowned yoga journal) talks about the balanced diet as a meat eating yogi!!  so good, you'll really get a lot out of it.  http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/05/a-meat-eating-yogi-is-a-veggie-diet-the-only-option-for-a-spiritual-person/

  10. I admire Jamie's passion and enthusiasm but big Pharma runs America and unhealthy kids are their bread and butter.. get 'em sick young and they have customers for life..

  11. Meat and dairy is the real cause of ill-health. Yt udderly amazing. Organic is just a word coined by farmers who want to charge more and have only used chemicals from a government approved list. There is only one way to guarantee good food is to grow your own -see back to eden documentary on growing without destroying/eroding soil.

  12. Jamie shows a graph of the causes of death in the United States; the top three are diet related diseases. This was very interesting to me because it shows that deaths can be reduced by eating healthier. Eating healthier begins with the parents, they are able to provide a diet and have healthy foods for their children. Obesity is a big issue in the United States because of our portion sizes. As a chef, Jamie should have touched base on how large our proportions are now because they have grown so much over the past couple of decades. I agree with him that food is important and you need to be healthy, but there is no way that every single person will give up fast food. If they are still craving fast food, portion size will be a key factor. Jamie shows a video of children naming vegetables that they should be able to name without a problem. In this video, the children had no idea what most of the vegetables are. This shows how necessary it is to teach kids about foods in their schools. The education of foods in school would definitely benefit the children later on in their lives so that they will be able to make smart decisions. These smart decisions will lead to less obesity and they will pass these good habits down to their children. Jamie also states that he believes if America begins teaching their children and lowering obesity rates that other countries will follow. This statement is strong because it is exactly what we need to do to limit obesity in our country. We need to educate children and parents, have healthier options available and make the healthier options easier to obtain. Just a few simple ideas can change obesity in one country and create a chain reaction around the world.

  13. Not all of those diseases are diet related. There are two types of Diabetes…Type 1 is an AUTOIMMUNE disease that perfectly healthy babies and children get because for some unknown reason, the most commonly accepted theory is a VIRUS triggers their immune system to destroy every last insulin producing cell, beta cell. It is so difficult for my young healthy son to keep hearing how Diabetes is diet related!!!! Type 2 is diet related. Please differentiate because it is so hard for young children to keep hearing this same message over and over again that is really intended for someone with Type 2 due to their diet and lifestyle basically wearing out their pancreas. Type 2 is 100% reversible and preventable Type 1 is a 0% preventable and reversible. Thank you for reading.

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