Jen Tries To Be Super Healthy For 24 Hours • Ladylike

Jen Tries To Be Super Healthy For 24 Hours • Ladylike

(slurping noise) (coughs) – I think this is bad for me. (laughs) Like a lot of young people, I think I take my health for granted. I don’t get enough sleep, my diet relies too heavily
on grilled cheeses, and I spend a lot of my
work days sitting on my ass. Recently I went to the doctor, and I found out that I’m anemic. What that means is I
have an iron deficiency, so there’s not enough iron in
my blood and it’s a possible explanation for why I
don’t have a lot of energy. The iron deficiency in itself is fine, I am taking iron supplements
and I should be totally okay. I am okay, but it was
kind of a wake up call. I want to make a change and
that’s why I’m attempting to live the healthiest
day ever. Cue fireworks. (fireworks popping) This day is going to
serve as a crash course, where I spend all of
it doing healthy things that I want to make habits. Now what actually
constitutes “healthy habits” varies a little bit depending
on your source, which is why I’m using the greatest
source of all, I found a couple Buzzfeed articles that list a bunch of healthy recipes. I found articles with charts
that tell you how much sleep you can have, how much
water you need to drink. I’m gonna be using those articles to inform everything I do tomorrow. I’m gonna make sure I get enough
sleep. I’m gonna make sure I’m eating healthy and I drink
enough water. I’m gonna make sure that I’m exercising and
then I’m also gonna make sure that I’m taking care of my mind
and my emotional well being. Look me in the eyes. Get
used to this, this smile. The smile of a healthy person. Alright friends, so I’m gonna kick off my day of healthy living tomorrow. But to start it off, I gotta
get a good night’s sleep. So according to the
National Sleep Foundation, as found in a Buzzfeed article, I should be getting seven
to nine hours of sleep. So it is currently 10:30 p.m. and I’m going to go to bed and then we’ll be rocking
a full eight hours. (happy music) Alright, it’s early in the
morning and I’m whispering because I don’t want
to wake up my roommate. My hair looks crazy but yeah. If you did, get up early
if you want to go for a run in Los Angeles, because
by the time it’s 8 a.m. it’s already really hot. Exercise. This is the part
I’m least looking forward to. I used to be a pretty active
runner. I’d probably go for a two mile run every
day, if not every other day. That has not been true since I graduated. It’s 6:30 in the morning
and it’s 67 degrees already so I’m in workout clothes and I am going to go for a run for probably the first
time in a year and a half. So I’m proud of myself
’cause I just got back. I ran about two and a half
miles and I actually ran it. I only stopped to walk the last two blocks ’cause they were uphill, but
I feel like if I do this again I would be able to power through. Also I just rewatched the
footage of me jogging. I look and sound like a
fucking dying seagull. During my healthy day, I’m gonna try and drink eight cups of water. I know when it comes to water,
I need to drink way more. So I’m at Trader Joe’s and I’m
picking out the ingredients, based on a Buzzfeed
article, so that I can have a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch. I got to work a little bit early so I’m actually not going to be late, which is very healthy even
though it was unplanned. So I made it to the office.
I’m gonna eat breakfast here, I’m gonna do some work, I’m
gonna try and stay active during the day. Gotta drink more water. This day is just sort of going
to be a test to figure out how purposeful I can be
with choosing healthy foods. According to Buzzfeed,
the healthy breakfast I’m going to have is an
easy yogurt overnight oat. I have my yogurt, flaxseed, and raspberry delight right here. I just keep having to go the
bathroom because I’m drinking so much damn water and I don’t like it. I have to fucking pee again in an hour. It is lunch time. So I
found a Buzzfeed article that gave a recipe for an
avocado egg veggie sandwich, which sounds delicious but
unfortunately I’m at the office and I don’t have access to a stove, so I’m not gonna use the egg
but I am going to include all the veggies and the avocado. We have a setback for my healthy day because I fucked up a little bit. What’s wrong with that avocado?
Why can’t I use it, Kristin? – It’s green and it’s hard. (trumpet deflating)
– What does that even mean? – It’s gonna be like cutting
into a bowling ball, my friend. – Kristin’s also going to make a sandwich ’cause we’re sandwich girls. – Yeah, also I saw that
Jen had sandwich fixings and I was like, “Yup.” – She’s a-fixing for my sandwich. That’s a lunchtime sandwich, baby. – It has a little hat. – I can’t wait to eat it. – Am I just gonna film you eating lunch? – I ate my whole sandwich. We had a good sandwich
time. Right, Kristin? – It was a great sandwich time. – On my healthy day, I’m
actually gonna try and slow down, and take specific time
to check in with myself. I found a Buzzfeed video that
said when you’re working, every half hour to hour you should get up and walk around for a few minutes. So I’m gonna incorporate
that into my work day. I’m just going for a little bit of a walk, just to get the blood flowing. And I meditated for a bit after lunch, just set aside 20 minutes just
so I could sit, be peaceful. Things are going okay. This water thing is really
pissing me off though. I was finishing up a cup of water and earlier my allergies
had been acting up so I blew my nose, and when
I was drinking that water I realized there was a used
tissue at the bottom of it that I didn’t know was in there. So that’s fucking disgusting. (laughs) After work, I’m gonna eat a healthy dinner and then I’m gonna go
to my friend’s art show, and I think that it’ll be
a really good way to just be at peace, and be thoughtful, and be with people I care about. When it comes to mental
health on the healthy day, I’m gonna be as introspective as I can. So now I’m out to dinner with friends, I didn’t get anything ’cause
I’m gonna cook dinner at home, but I have been drinking my water and I did have to go to
the fucking bathroom again. This is part of me trying to
make sure that I’m taking care of myself, but spending time
with people I care about. This salmon recipe looks
really good, pretty simple. I’m gonna make this for dinner. My healthy day is less about
whether I’ll feel 100% better after one day of being healthy,
and it’s more about testing how easy it is to incorporate
these habits into my life, to see if they’re things
that I could actually see myself doing every day going forward. The whole day was a little bit exhausting, just to keep track of the
things that I needed to do. It was hard to remember
to drink all that water, and then it was annoying to have to go to the bathroom all the time. It was also really
frustrating just to keep having my workday
interrupted, but honestly I felt really good the entire day. I felt really energized
’cause I got enough sleep, I really enjoyed most of the meals I had, and the best part was I felt
really calm throughout the day, and I’m generally like a
person that’s running around. I just felt calm, I didn’t
feel scared or anxious or anything, and then
seeing my friends at night just was the cherry on
top because it was, like, hey, this is a great way to cap off a day. So it’s good to be able
to see your friends and support them and
feel supported by them, that’s like a powerful way to end the day. I also think that introducing
some of these elements and making sure that I try to
exercise a little bit more, maybe not every day but
maybe every other day, will be pretty helpful
for me going forward. A healthy day, lady tested, lady probably healthier. Maybe. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Jen Tries To Be Super Healthy For 24 Hours • Ladylike

  1. When I’m at work I keep a reusable water bottle at my desk and drink from it constantly so when I have to get up to use the bathroom and refill I can get some extra steps in.

  2. Im also anemic jen your not alone i was in the hospital for it and almost died actually😔😔 but i got blood transfusion now im ok😛❤

  3. This was over a year ago. I'd be really interested in a follow-up video from Jen on which changes she made that she stuck with since then, & how long it took to incorporate those into habits. Also if she is still anemic & if she feels healthier.

  4. Great! Also, be careful with the iron supplements, as my aunt was prescribed the wrong amount, and was put into a coma. Luckily, she is fine now, but I am just letting you know. ^_^

  5. I would try and do this.. But I'd give in to my Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Mtn Dew within the first 30 minutes.

  6. Jen: Its already 67 degrees outside

    Me, dying in 97 degree weather with 90% humidity:
    HAHAHA very funny

  7. …I’m up at 3am binging Arrow on Netflix and making myself a grilled cheese…when you said the intro I Lowkey got psyched out

  8. Lol I'm enemic to have been all my life im 15 and it means I will have strangely heavier periods with a lot of clots low super low energy really pale skin and being endemic also makes it hard for blood cells to produce or transport oxygen to lungs heart brain etc manu who are enemic have died due to not enough oxygen many people who are enemic like me have a condition KNOWn as asthma our body breathes faster or inahkes faster than normal to make up for the lack of oxygen

  9. Hey so does she not eat between breakfast and lunch and dinner? No morning or afternoon tea? Or am I just wierd?

  10. Jen… try being diabetic drinking 8 ounces of water every half hour all day everyday having a 7 hour schooling and not being able to get up to go to the restroom every time you have to….. yeah it sucks asa

  11. Its easy to be just a bit healthier. Eat yogurt for breakfast with a fruit, pay attention to what you eat. If you cant pay attention to water, replace whatever you drink with a tea of sorts. Getting some exercise every morning helps too!

  12. Get a 32 oz. water bottle and drink accordingly and if you drink 2 you will have the same amount of water that you drank

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  14. Jen: healthy 8 hours of sleep
    Me: up at 3am watching this video
    Jen: healthy morning run
    Me: stayed in bed all day
    Jen: healthy food
    Me: eating nachos and ice cream

  15. Idky but I like to think of catchy endings especially if theirs aren’t all that thought out. So this is what I thought of for this video. Incase anyone is interested😂

    “Lady tested, lady renewed”

    🤷🏻‍♀️I think it’s a good one, lol

  16. The recommendation is usually 8 – 8 ounces of water. Which is the amount in a 1 cup measuring cup. Another recommendation is half your body weight. So if weigh 128 lbs. It would be 64 ounces.
    It was funny to watch you talk about peeing though.

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