hey guys welcome back to my channel my
name is heather Gerhardt and if you are new here thanks for stopping by and if
you’re not new here thanks for coming back I post videos every Tuesday and
Thursday all about life food family and fun and I’m actually downstairs today
not in my studio room because we’re gonna head into the kitchen and try some
keto brownie mix there’s my oven right now we’re gonna try some keto brownie
mix and see if it’s any good so if you’re interested in that stay tuned and
let’s do this you guys we are gonna try out a new
brownie mix that is keto and we’re gonna see if it is gonna make our lives on
keto just a little bit easier and if these taste good so let’s head on to
into the kitchen and see if these things are not only easy but delicious plus I
think I’m gonna add some chocolate chips to it because why not
okay here is the brownie mix it is keto and dough keto fudge brownie baking mix
one card per serving gluten-free non-gmo diabetic friendly he know friendly 94%
less sugar than leading brands make 16 servings and is supposed to look like
that which is awesome and all you need is this mix three beaten eggs some
melted butter and an 8×8 pan and then of it
now I’m gonna be adding some lilies dark chocolate chips because well do I even
need to explain yes we’re adding those alright let’s get
started okay so it says to use an 8×8 pan and to grease it it also requires
six ounces of melted butter that’s a stick and a half so what I have done is
melted two sticks then I’m gonna use some of it to grease this pan and then
we’ll just pour the rest of it in the bowl cuz you know a little bit of extra
butter can’t be wrong right so I’m just gonna take a paper towel dip it in the
butter and I’m gonna grease this thing it’s the excess butter you can use you
know whatever but the spray and all that but I just have this so that’s what
we’re doing okay and it says to just pour the batter in in the meantime
you’ve got your oven at 350 alright so the mix is in says to add the
melted butter just adding it all and I had a little clump of not melted butter
okay we’re gonna mix this around just like regular brownie mix just like that
until it’s incorporated okay then it says to add in your three beaten eggs
and we’re gonna mix that in by the way this is my new fitness tracker it’s not
a medical bracelet I have not escaped from an insane asylum alright looking
pretty good okay then off script we are going to use I’ll have a link in the
description box to get this off Amazon but you can also find them at like
sprouts and Whole Foods things like that but we’re just gonna put in about a half
a cup use this and mix it around then we’re
gonna pour it into our 8 by 8 pan and cook it for 30 to 35 minutes at 350 and
then I’ll meet you back here it is done and we have to let it cool completely
before we cut it so we will do the taste testing shortly see in a few what do you
think it’s what was that English amazing oh that’s not what that sounded like
and you squishing you mean fudgy would you eat another one yes okay it’s the
next day and I actually forgot to film the outer last night and the conclusion
but so beautiful outside I’m just enjoying the outdoors here in May but
anyway the brownies were excellent they are very dark chocolate so it’s
more of a dark fudge chocolate for sure and it did have a little bit of that
cooling effect but that might have been from the chocolate chips I’m not sure so
you do get a little bit of that but for a store-bought keto fudge brownie that
all you have to do is add a couple ingredients just like a regular brownie
mix this was a winner so I hope that you will try this out I’ll have it linked in
the description box below and I hope that you have found this video
informative and helpful and if you have please give it a thumbs up and otherwise
I hope you’re having a great day stay inspired and I’ll see you in the next
video see ya


  1. I love how you added the chocolate chips (as that is SO what I would have done..ha!) and using the already melted butter to grease the pan was a great idea. I love discovering new awesome brownie it was fun to see this was a success!

  2. I have to say even if I can't have it there are some store bought ones that my daughter loves because they are so moist!

  3. I still prefer homemade but it wouldn't hurt to try store bought mixes either, as long as they're good. 😆

  4. I loooove my chocolate! This recipe looks amazing, Heather! Love the idea to add chocolate chips. You can never have too much chocolate. 😉

  5. You look absolutely lovely Heather! I would love to try this brownie but I promise myself that I will do so when I am in maintenance mode. More Keto videos please! Thank you for sharing.

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