Keto And Intermittent Fasting I Keto Lifestyle 2019

Keto And Intermittent Fasting I Keto Lifestyle 2019

Good Morning YouTube Family y’all so we
are about to go to the gym today it’s gonna be upper-body day yeah I’m so
excited for that I got my boots over here in the backseat y’all always got
something my back seat my back seat can never just be clear first time or even
when I’m filming but um yes so I just got done meditating I’m feeling just so
happy and just high vibes over here y’all yeah I told y’all before that I
was gonna start back intermittent fasting and it just really did not like takeoff
for me y’all at all as much as I wanted it to like I would do it every once in a
while like throughout the week but I wasn’t being consistent and I will say
like I’m back to being on intermittent fasting now y’all for real for real. I will not
have a meal before 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. it just depends on how I’m feeling that
day I’ve been drinking a whole lot of water y’all just getting that water
intake in h2o yes we love that over here no matter what even if I’m not going intermittent fasting y’all I am getting my water in okay YouTube family so yeah we are doing
working out let me tell y’all so we like I told you I think I told y’all this
already we got so many new equipment y’all in the gym
I’m literally so excited like I don’t know where to start like every time I go
in there I’m just like I’m gonna try this oh I want to try this oh no no no I
wanna try this don’t forget that and so yeah I didn’t try one new machine today
and I did work my non-existent abs which was pretty cool I mean it hurt but I
tried itself progress it’s currently 1202 I’m gonna show you all the time
because you know I just started doing that showing you all the time because
that would definitely help me stay accountable so yeah from now on I must
show you all the time some type of way y’all right when I started to film this
return to 1203 but whatever y’all get the point it’s after 12 so I’m gonna get
some food we’re now you make it home I don’t know what I’m gonna get y’all but
we’re gonna eat something good yeah as always Alright y’all so I’m cooking my food but it
is literally 208 yes 208 y’all crazy so yeah I’m about to eat
and maybe 20 minutes but I’m gonna have some cucumbers because y’all I’m just
hungry I just uploaded my Keto Grocery Haul video y’all and I need some food in
my system so we bout to how these cucumbers and drink some water and wait on our food to finish y’all in between me recording this I’ve been like eating
cucumbers y’all but I don’t know if I showed y’all I have pink Himalayan sea
salt on here I don’t know if I told you that but just go with it okay all right
first meal of the day y’all I’m having chicken I’m gonna have some hot sauce as
well on my chicken of course duh then I have two scrambled eggs some green beans
three strawberries and today I’m just gonna have some water and some diet root
beer y’all so it is snack time so I’m about to have some salt and pepper
pistachio gotta be careful when you’re eating like pistachios peanuts cashews
that type of thing because they may not have a lot of carbs in them but you can
easily overeat and end up eating like a whole meal Oh nuts y’all so just be
careful on that so I got to make sure I measure the amount that I want to eat
for like pistachios cuz y’all I love me some pistachios peanuts pecans cashews I
love all those things and of course they have a whole lot of calories in them of
course okay yo so I am running late to Zumba class of course like always I’d
never changes apparently for me but again so you guys notice in the class oh
yeah I got my water over here it’s cold it’s refreshing it’s gonna be amazing
while I’m working out in the class oh man I forgot my sugar-free Powerade zero
okay I’ll say that for tomorrow all right
yeah let’s go to Zumba class okay YouTube family y’all see all this
sweating oh my gosh I really got me in a workout today in Zumba Class so y’all
let me adjust this so um today I think I’m gonna have like a keto taco you know
what I don’t even take my ground beef out of the freezer so it not having that
so I don’t know what I’m gonna have for dinner time that’s so much fun. I really thought I was gonna have some tacos today So you guys I have for dinner just a nice little keto friendly soup going on so
we have chicken in this we have green beans broccoli cauliflower it’s so so
good I just heated up one mission car balance wrap and I’m just gonna dip this
everyone surround my soup or whatever I don’t know I just want to put them in
the oven it you do with my soup so that’s what we’re doing the drink we’re
just gonna have some water and a little bit of diet root beer so y’all it is 816 and I’m having my
last meal of the day because I didn’t even actually I didn’t show you all what
time it was but when I actually had my first meal of the day y’all it was three
o’clock so yeah I’ve been enjoying a little bit of food over here that soup
was so good that’s for y’all I had okra in there too
I don’t think I told you that but whatever so now we are talking about the
halo top dairy-free candy bar ice cream okay beautiful just beautiful
hey YouTube family so this is actually the next day I’m about to go in the
house I’m just making it an’t from Zumba
classes in I remember I was like oh my gosh I did not close out this video I do
want to let y’all know today I actually tried a good amount of new equipment the
gym and of course it would be the day that I’m not filming of course you know
that’s so cool but um yeah so I can’t wait to share
that with y’all and we are like doing like this whole little fitness journey
over here and I’m you know I’m feeling really great about cracking down on
everything to just being more accountable regarding my eating habits
in a minute fasting my workouts as well like really giving it at least a good 80
percent you know what I’m saying yeah so if you are new to the channel welcome to
the film moving here documenting my keto weight loss journey and your girl
is sharing everything we are combating strict keto and lazy keto so join me
by clicking that subscribe button plus the notification bill as well so you
won’t miss out on any future uploads here I do upload three videos a week so
you can’t expect the video from me on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and we
have not miss an upload yet to my amazing beautiful wonderful fantastic
spectacular wow just coming up with all these words over here my mind YouTube
family thank you so so so much for watching this video as always if you
don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I will see you
in the next video which will be Friday yeah Friday alright YouTube family thank
you so so so much for watching this video and I will see you on Friday
stay safe I love you byeeeee : )

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  1. That's so cool that you're trying out new equipment at the gym. It's good to do some muscle confusion. Love you girl 😘💪

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