Keto Baked: Keto Diet Cookbook by Keto Kelly

Wanna know how you can still enjoy
your favourite cakes and desserts without suffering for it? Well in this video, I’m
gonna do a book review on Keto Kelly’s latest book called Keto Baked where you
find over 50 mouth-watering recipes all tried, proven and tested by Kelly herself
and in fact I’m gonna share with you my favourite recipe from the book right at
the end of the video so stick around! Hello hello, thanks for stopping by. My
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like this one but hey in this video I’m gonna do a book review on Keto Kelly’s
second book called Keto Baked and at any point in this video definitely check out
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any time. You know all I wanted to do was to have a look at all the pretty pictures
but then I started reading and I couldn’t put it down
and I was undone by the time I finished reading you know my tears literally
ruined my whole book so be warned this is no ordinary cookbook you have to have
your tissue boxes already because so much love went into the writing of this
book you can actually feel it, it’s undeniable. And maybe it’s also because I
could relate with her story you know how Asian parents seldom express their love
and appreciation to their children. Well I wanted to run away from my own home so many times and I did twice! To my grandma’s! So anyway, this book is a
bilingual book so it is both in English and Chinese so every page, every
story, even every recipe has both an English version and a Chinese version to
reach a wider audience. And on now to the design and layer of the book, it is 188
pages and if you were to ask me to describe it to you in one sentence I’ll
say that it’s a pretty picture book and the photos are useful because they give
you a visual clue on what you’re trying to make and as she’s got all these
recipes categorized under these main headings like cakes and breads and pies
and tarts and even Keto ice cream and it’s super easy for you to locate the recipe
you want and the corresponding page number and in fact you’ll find over 50
mouth-watering recipes along with eye-catching photos all beautifully shot, you know studio taken shots and they all convey this one thing – there’s no
deprivation when it comes to the Keto lifestyle. I mean I haven’t had a chance to try out these recipes myself I would at some
point and I’ll be sure to share my experience with you. But at the recent
Keto party that we were at, I had the chance to try the tiramisu, bacon
chocolate, cream puffs and also the Keto-roons amongst many other things
Keto-roons, by the way, is a much much less sinful version of the macaroons and
it was delicious! I had no idea that Keto cakes and treats could be so yummy! Kelly has been on the keto diet for the
last nine years coming to ten and so the stories that she shares in the book are
very honest and sincere. And in fact she tries to have a story accompany each
recipe so you get a snapshot of her life. And she shares both her fondest and
also her most painful memories with you very unreservedly. She’s like an open
book and her mission is undisguised – to reduce half of one’s total daily carb
intake and she assures you, time and again, that there’s just no deprivation
whatsoever when it comes to the Keto lifestyle. You still get to enjoy all the
foods that you love and then in the later part of the book, Doctor Dan who’s
Kelly’s husband gives a very solid landing to the whole reading experience
you know. He shares his insights and perspectives on issues like obesity,
metabolic syndrome as well as chronic inflammation and if you were to ask me
should I get this book? Yeah! Definitely! Get it for yourself, get it for your friends,
your family, your loved ones. Share the love. Well I hope you have a pretty good
idea of what Keto Baked is about and why it was written as promised I’m gonna
share with you my favorite recipe from the book, possibly the easiest as well,
but I mean who doesn’t love a hot cup of chocolate, hot chocolate. Anyway here’s
what you need, 1/2 a cup of heavy cream. Two tablespoons of 100% pure cacao
powder, 1 teaspoon of xylitol some warm water mix well and that’s it! Super
simple! I told you! What is your favourite bedtime beverage let me know in the
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and I’ll be back to help you be beautiful and healthy naturally in my
next video so see you really soon

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