what’s going on guys I decided that I’m
not making chili tonight but what I am gonna make is I’m gonna make some of
these jalapeno popper roll-up thingies and I’m gonna juice them puppies up you
want to see what I’ve got I’ve got 10 jalapenos I have cream
cheese onion and the zucchinis yes there is some carbs in this meal I have bacon
– roll it all up I’m missing anything comment below
all right now we can go ahead and tell you what’s in it right there’s gonna be
17.7 carbs in this meal so divide that in half and that’s eight point eight
five carbs which is totally fine for a meal right you can use if you don’t like
written on your fancy papers on my fancy paper y’all can go get your own
breakdown but I went and I look to everything that I did not deduct the
fiber from anything because I’m not worried about it
it’s not a high carb meal so let’s get into this put it together ain’t never
made this before it could go horribly wrong or it could go right let’s see how
it comes out all right there is the guts out of the jalapeno peppers we don’t
want nothing to do with these people this is the hot part of the jalapeno
these might be a little bit smoky though all right everybody I did forget to kill
you that I’m also gonna put mozzarella cheese in it
why I don’t know it’s just the way that’s just how my thinking is going
today so let’s cut these up you can come along for the cut up right let’s see how
long this thing you get that long enough yeah how much how many they’re gonna
take hello throw them out on the counter yeah the jalapenos that I told you about
the carbs in them right let me tell you there’s no grams of carbs well yeah
altogether 9 grams of carbs in healthy Gnaeus but I’m taking the pepper seeds
out and actually I think that is where the biggest part of the carbs come from
whatever is you know I’m just I’m just going telling you what the Google told
me so that’s what we’re gonna go on if you know how many carbs the seeds are
comment below I’d like to know because a friend of mine made this she made it
different of course and so I’m just you know I’m tinkering with it right
I made the zucchini and everything I just thought how you’d be kind of nice
to you know why not right can you have can you think of a reason Washington
need any horse zucchinis are good and but the jalapenos wasn’t gonna fill us
up the chili I was gonna make would’ve I felt like something a little spicy and I
am NOT south of the border and I got nothing else better to do okay guys you can see I have sliced up
the zucchinis you were here for part of that got a hole in the jalapenos and
then one piece of onion right and I told you guys I just made this up you know I
don’t know why I made it up look it’s not enough onion oh well I’ll
just break it up and make it work right Shh don’t tell her
she likes onion more than a mr. onion likes missus on you
I thought it’d be kind of good time to be like Castro in a way but not a
casserole now if he messes it up some some friends Marge say that I take that
zucchini and put a little pizzas that are Yeti sauce on it sprinkle little
cheese and pepperoni after it’s been crisped up a little bit and have like
that pizza both type thing with it so you know worst case scenario we can
repurpose it we’ll talk about that oh all right all right all right now I’m
putting the pits of the mozzarella cheese in here just pushing it in there
right and then I’m getting a piece of of my cream cheese and I’m shoving it in
there look at that all man-style and then squeezing it shut at this point in
time I should wrap it in bacon actually I should have the bacon out and ready
shit now but no I don’t I also don’t have any big sticky there so hey it’ll
be what it’ll be I’m gonna be I bet we’ll eat it either way I’m gonna be
pretty liberal with the bacon I’ve told y’all the only time you’re gonna hear me
use the word liberal and a good sense is when it comes to food
it’s alright see that how easy that is just stick it in there make sure your
cream cheese is facing up though oh my goodness how am I supposed to alright
cream cheese cream cheese will probably explode outside of it anyway stay it’s
trying to give me problems over here girl you can do it don’t like your cream
cheese beat you damn white ass cream cheese and Meriel didn’t come up with
bam all by herself right that the BAM thing was always out there just in case
once yeah yeah Emeril Lagasse hey he didn’t come thought you said Amarillo I
probably did he didn’t come up with that it was back in them days
everybody was damming their food oh yeah look at that
he’ll make how many carbs is in the bacon girl not a damn one that’s how
many I don’t know but I it’s a really nice I want hard it look good ain’t
enough making it Macon’s on the approved Quito is I don’t
think there’s any carbs in bacon if you got don’t get like the honey glazed err regular I’m leaving the little handles
on the on the jalapenos just because I can I don’t know if I should or not it’s
fine well I know I know there it is alright
we’re looking good hey this is this is looking really good
I’m feeling good about this I also don’t know how long I’m gonna cook this for
but I’ll let you know at the end do you mention your fitting that little bit of
mozzarella in there yes I did I don’t think it’s me I mean I pay great
attention she don’t know she could do better
she really could you know we talked about there being a winch changing you
know just I think about that kind of stuff
hey why don’t you winch come over here and turn the camera off and and we’ll
talk to y’all in a little bit lighter we don’t want to bore you with 45 minutes
of cooking 45 minutes stuff and peppers yeah I’m going pretty quick on that
actually I see guys where are you alright that’s what it looks like before
it’s going in the oven it should be a very very good tasty treat all right
guys it is complete pretty much have a look at what do you think
it looks pretty good to me so we’re just gonna do be a few a little bit of it up
here it’s bacon coulda used a little more cooking but it still looks good I actually do have a potholder I found
one bacon and veggies I think it looks pretty good voila guys that Kido meal fit for a
couple of dummies he speaks for himself I too


  1. The girl is losing her touch.
    She should've kept those jalapeno seeds and dipped her fingers in them when the eye poking commences. 😈😲😱😈

  2. That really looked good! I might have to make some of those for tomorrow!
    Happy trucking trails and be safe! Plus, happy Thanksgiving to you both and those loving kiddos "doggies" too.

  3. A) mix a little brisket with the cheese then add to the jalapeños
    B) what’s with that Star Trek shirt your wearing ?🤣

  4. The wife is doing the kato thing and she loves it when you cook so if you could put up more cooking things it would be great be safe out there the wife wants to know is the girl still boing the rocks she wanted to go looking for the dragon egg but she never got to go did anyone find it and do they ever let you know if they do

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