Keto Day 31 Update Week 4 Results | Fathead Dough + Weight Loss

Keto Day 31 Update Week 4 Results | Fathead Dough + Weight Loss

alright guys I have to share this
morning because it’s been a frustrating couple of days my weight has gone up and
down up and just my hair is getting more Milan you know you are not seeing thank
you we really been struggling like at the hundred and fifty six pound mark for
some reason but then I got up today at 153 and I was so happy I almost jumped
up and down on the damn scale but so we’re moving in the right direction that
means 12 total pounds lost since I like started doing anything which was on I
think the third of August I’m so excited I just you know I’ll you’ll see all this
in my week 4 update but I wanted to share hope you guys are having a great
day she did this thing called fat head dough so I guess he used like 5 ounces
of almond flour and 11 ounces of mozzarella cheese and a teaspoon of
baking powder and 1 egg what happens but this works I’m going to be very excited
because any kind of dough consistency would be signed by so that delicious masterpiece you just
saw was one made with Fathead dough but then I did another one with just
straight parmesan and if you guys want to see a video on how to do that I will
do it just put it in the comments below but basically it’s just Parmesan cheese
a little bit of tomato sauce and then turkey pepperoni on top but as you can
see it picks up just like regular pizza and it was glorious I don’t even know
which one’s my favorite and then this week I tried when I did my asparagus I
used MCT oil instead of olive oil and was actually really really good and
super light so something maybe just try and then I ordered bulletproof coffee
and if you want to see that check out my other channel I’ll put the link in the
downbar below but guys this product is amazing but yeah go check out that video
it’ll be up next week and this is my little helper helping me carry it inside
and I’m just gonna show you really really quickly just kind of what what
comes in the box if you’re interested in this this is not something that you need
you can use other people’s MCT xct oil and I explain a little bit more about
that in my review but I’m just kind of showing you what it looks like coming
out of the box because this guy looked a thousand times better than the stuff
that was in my vlog from like ten days ago which looked well there’s not a word
for it it was just a nightmare I’m gonna try again now because that
looks more like better what’s gonna tape alright guys and I know I left
disgusting right now but my children have been sick for like two straight
days so I have had very little sleep but I have to be honest it is so so good
like it’s super creamy and rich and there’s no weird separation like there
was and that other key thing all right and then just two last things I wanted
to share with you guys I created this keto pattern tracker and basically it
has all the dates and your weight and calories and macros and everything it
just is very helpful to log it every day number one for accountability and number
two it helps you to see patterns weekly patterns monthly patterns so it’s just a
free document I created anybody is welcome to download it and I will put
the link in the description box below and then the last thing that I wanted to
share with you guys is that my friends and I started a Facebook group for
people that are doing keto so if you’re interested in joining that group I will
put the link in the car in the cards below no in the description box below
obviously somebody wants carbs today it’s me anyways it’s silence of the
carbs and it’s listed down below so let’s wrap this vlog up well that’s
gonna be a wrap for my one month keto update I hope you enjoyed that I do post
weekly keto updates so if you want to join me don’t forget to leave a like
comment or subscribe and turn on that little bell so you receive notifications
every time I upload my weekly progress vlogs and I’ll see you guys in the next
one do me a favor don’t quit on yourselves just keep going

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  1. Hey guys. I just started on Keto and I thought it would be fun to share a daily vlog about what happens. Let me know what Keto questions you guys have? Subscribe to see my daily updates if you want to follow me on this journey. #ketojourney #askrl

  2. Fathead Dough Recipe: Melt 10 ounces of Mozzarella Cheese, oregano, garlic powder and other spices together. Place in the microwave 30 seconds at a time. Then fold in 1 egg. Slowly add 1 teaspoon Baking Powder and 5 ounces of blanched almond flour. Work together with your hands. Flatten between two pieces of parchment paper. Put in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes, pull out and add toppings and bake for another 8-10 minutes. Enjoy!

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