Keto Day 6 Update| Keto For Broke People

Keto Day 6 Update| Keto For Broke People

all right I’m just gonna go ahead and
address this at the front of the video because I know that they’re gonna be
some keto purists that are gonna be commenting down below
hating about how hey whatever well then you take me grocery shopping this video
is not for you this is for people who are on a budget and think I’m tired of
being a fluffy little whatever and I need to lose some weight to get myself
together and they have access to a Walmart and a hundred dollars that’s who
this video is for so if you’re a keto purist I mean if you want to leave an
intelligent comment down below knock yourself out
but if you’re gonna sit there and start busting on how this is not good advice
because this stuff is not the cleanest version of this powder the other please
spare us all the rhetoric because we already know that although I can tell
you guys is that so this is now day six the mental clarity is off the charts I
mean I feel like my brain is operating at like a hundred and twenty five
percent of capacity mood excellent energy excellent
hunger pretty much non-existent which for me is a major win because I mean I’m
always the kind of person like like I said in my video the other day I don’t
give a rip about sweets but if you put a bag of takis down in front of me or some
chips and dip or fries you better look the other way because it is going to get
biblical I mean like I hope you were not hungry because oh that’s a nice bag of
chips what are you gonna eat that’s how I am like I have a problem with snacky
and I have not had that problem at all and I think that’s because my sodium
levels have been way up my fat content way up so I feel satisfied I don’t feel
the need to eat all that garbage and you know it’s like my body wants to rest not
like I’m so tired because actually my energy through the day is crazy and this
is the first time in years all kinds of like you know jacked up on you know
energy pills and pre-workout drinks and protein powders and feel like I need to
apologize to your eyeballs for the way that I looked at that video yesterday
not that I look any better today but I was looking really rough I watched that
back and I was like damn that’s like some first dates I’ve been on you know
seemed like a good idea at the time and then you look back and you was like girl
what were you thinking I thought it would be fun if I show you like how to
do keto I just on a budget like I got janky girl if you have no money if
you’re a broke and you want to try keto I think it’s great if you just sort of
like try it out on the cheap and see if the general idea works for you and then
and then if it does and you want to like get cleaner butter and oil let’s do it
on the cheap first this is my life drive it on the road
have been on some bulletproof coffee I had a bulletproof coffee at 7:30 in the
morning and then I had my little DIY pre-workout worked out for about an hour
and a half and then I had my like pretty much all protein meal no protein powder
and then I was not hungry at all literally until 2:30 but between the gym
which was like 10 and when I actually ate which was around for the 2:30
bulletproof coffee I was pounding water like it was my job it was ridiculous I
was so first it was like no matter how much I drank I just couldn’t get enough
water so I don’t know what that was about but it’s great because you know
the more water the better and then I had the bulletproof coffee around 2:30 and
then I ate a meal at 4:00 and I had another one of my electrolyte drinks at
like 5:00 and then I had my last meal at 7:30 was not hungry at all
you know I stayed up late talking to one of my girlfriends helping her out with
something but other than that you know I could have gone to sleep easily at 9:30
and you know I slept until 6:00 so I’m not having any issues with sleeping and
by the way I did and do continue to take that magnesium calcium supplement along
with a collagen supplement at night so between that and the electrolytes and
you know all the water just if my body’s like yeah Queen we got this I’m finally
gonna weigh in I’ve had to exercise self-restraint of Gandhi and mother
treatment putting this stuff up but it’s so funny it says does refusing to do
cardio count as a resistance training how to get a little warm-ups head in 20
reps breathing huh now it’s time for the real wife fall okay right now is between
sets I just wanted to give you just show you what my workout looks like so like
squats 4 sets with a single drop weight press so as y’all can see I’m lifting
pretty heavy weight about every third lift and it’s a pretty long workout and
I’m able to do that with some and been 30 minutes of cardio at the back right
now I am right here on set 10 so I have one more rotation and I’ll be honest
with you the only thing keeping me going that’s the way I looked in my last
vacation photo it was not good that’s all we’re gonna say deadlift Tara time
to do those lunges that booties not gonna build itself
come on only one who feels like their butt is trying to climb down the back of
their legs leg gravity is a
this is what it looks like when Snap Fitness hands you your a pass or cream holy mess I love leg David joy looks so
nasty but it’s just hard boiled eggs with cheese olive oil and oh and tumeric
because tumeric is really good for reducing inflammation and I have a
condition called Addison’s which I’ll talk about in another video but so I’m
always trying to reduce inflammation and I would lick the bottom of this
container if I thought my tongue would reach I really would cuz with all that
olive oil and good back like a crime scene okay but do you see that right
there so don’t trip guys because I only have
one ounce of cheese per day but I cut it up into like little cubes and then I
have like pan-seared it was a little bit of olive oil and those hard-boiled eggs
and it made this little cheat that is a for real cheese ball it looks like bacon
but it is not it is extra sharp cheddar cheese and I’m gonna mess that up look
at it mmm look at it it’s like food P o RN that’s what it looks like to me
don’t judge me all you come on like you wouldn’t eat this I’m having lustful
thoughts about you cheese I’m having a better time with this cheese ball then I
have had on many many dates oh my god I’m legal I have things in person party
people look we are let’s go Kido hunting dooda dooda that you say did I put
lipstick on to go into Walmart what’s your dad let me tell you why because
when you smell the way I smell and you look as janky as I look right now
Keeley’s got to put your lips on so you can walk in here like I don’t care I’m
filming a vlog for my viewers you don’t like it Shh I don’t wanna hear a cool
little fact that bulletproof coffee gave me so much energy that only a half my
little DIY electrolyte drink so now I have the other half for post-workout another lifetime
to tell you that pretty much this whole aisle you can skip it because pretty
much poison if you’re doing this kind of where you want to stick with
respect to your carbs the vegetables so like this green cabbage broccoli things
like that you know anything that asparagus
great choice but like carrots potatoes things like that you want to leave that
her spices that you might want to pick up and guys are like a dollar each
garlic powder minced onion onion powder of course sea salt or Himalayan pink
salt and trying to find tumeric but you know it’s
all in this section right here so tumeric is so great for reducing
inflammation you definitely want that tumeric and ginger powder if you want to get into that and then
here’s some stuff that you may want down the road like tallow and that’s all kind
of confusing in the beginning so leave all that alone and then here’s another
bit of the MCT oil and avocado oils all of those are great what I’m looking for
but I just saw this look at this and it has a little that’s flippin genius all
right guys here we are in the flour section okay well you all can see that
you can get coconut flour and almond flour I don’t personally I’d probably
buy my almond flour on Amazon but that coconut flour right there is legit so
you could get that for MCT oil I have no idea why it’s over here but it’s with
all the vitamins and whatnot look my opinion you don’t need that the first
week but there it is if you want it that you collagen and magnesium but if you’re
just getting started I wouldn’t buy these huge bottles if you just do like
the Walmart grocery pick up you can buy the smaller bottles which would be
enough for like the first month and they’re about 250 per bottle but I’ll
put all this in the description box below but this is what I’m kidding y’all
this out you can just skip and if you look in the down bar below
I wrote a description and exactly like how much you need to buy of everything
to get to your first week I just remember everything you buy a lot of
that stuff’s gonna last too long gir than that first week but you know you
gotta buy it because you can’t feel it well looks Gordon orange no I hope you
enjoyed this video if you do enjoy videos like this you know consider
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notifications when I post new videos coming up later this week or early next
week I’m gonna do a video about um protein powders and how it affected my
weight training performance when I had a keto friendly protein powder after my
workout as opposed to just having like a a meal of food like salmon and eggs and
whatever just straight after my meal nope
teen shake so I thank you guys for spending some time with me I’ll see in
the next one five

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  1. Hey guys. I just started on Keto and I thought it would be fun to share a daily vlog about what happens. Let me know what Keto questions you guys have? Look in the description box to see the exact grocery list that I used for this first week. I will be adding what I eat in a day videos next week along with 1, 2, 3 and so on weekly updates. Subscribe to see my daily updates if you want to follow me on this journey. #ketojourney #askrl

  2. Yasss girl! Im going to try to start keto tomorrow. Im going on the journey with you girl. My husband is mexican so this will be hard for me lol but I need to lose this stomach!

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