Keto Day 7 | One Week Update + Quitting Keto??

welcome back this is gonna be day seven
keto update and today I am going to weigh in and let you know what happened
show you what my current body looks like tell you what my goals are and then give
you the top ten reasons why I am going to either quit or continue doing keto so
stay tuned for that this is how I’m feeling this morning I’m so glad I have
this on the back of what used to be my old workout Journal and is now my weight
loss journal always has Joe and today is the end of one week obviously seven days
and I weighed in this morning y’all I want to tell you that have good news for
you but I’m not a liar so that is not gonna happen the scale moved less than
one pound less than one pound all of that work I mean to say that I was
frustrated and frustrated would be the understatement of the century
I’m gonna roll into keto and do like durty keto and just oh let me just eat
whatever and see what happens and no I drank all the water that i was supposed
to i kept my electrolytes elevated i tracked my macros religiously I hit my
macros religiously I didn’t cheat a single time I was operating under the
assumption that I could eat 20 net carbs and my carbs are pretty much actually
are without exclusion coming from vegetables when I went and I did the
carb manager app today I doubt everything and really really tight so
that I have only 20 carbs not 28 net carbs if I seem sad I am sad of course
that’s sad um but I’m not gonna quit and and I’m so glad that I’m doing these
videos for y’all because of course it makes me more accountable and less
likely to quit it’s like when I used to train in bodybuilding you know there are
some weeks when I had major gains and there are some weeks when I killed it
and and either the scale didn’t move or the muscle groups that I was targeting
you know we’re not getting doubt in the way that I wanted but I didn’t quit I
just kept going you know and six months nine months
it took for me to get my body to be the leanest meanest greatest version of my
body that it had ever been you some people are gonna watch this video
and go oh I don’t I don’t want to follow this update because this girl’s not
losing weight okay well rome wasn’t built in a day so we’ll see what happens
in 90 days cuz I can promise you in 90 days we’ll be having a very different
discussion so I’m gonna stay the course I hope you guys stay along with me and
let me get into my top 10 reasons why I’m not gonna quit you know I thought it
might be kind of fun for you guys if I asked my kids if they noticed anything
so they’re standing right here and woman ask them so did you notice anything
different about mommy while during this last week and that’s not just like wait
that’s like mood energy I did and you didn’t lose your cool I did mommy ash
have you noticed anything different about me we did alright and it occurred
to me that I never show y’all like my full width’ body I’m only just talking
to you as a thief so I’m gonna flip the camera around and show you my body
preparing ourselves and I mean as you all can see like I don’t have that look
on camera but I mean you know I’m not like a giant person whatever the world’s
biggest but not really but that’s kind of like what we’re working with so I
weigh one like today after my massive one-pound loss 160 point 4 and I mean I
don’t know if I look like I weigh 160 probably so here like that’s my stomach
but I mean I’m 5 foot 4 I’m 44 years old I weigh 160 so if you’re trying to
figure out like kind of where I fall in this but I mean I’ve trained in as like
bodybuilding forever so I mean I have a lot of muscle packed on unfortunately it
is hidden under I don’t say like loads of fat but you know so y’all can see can
you see but I used to have I used to have ABS it’s just hidden under you know
a layer of fat my arms which let me move this so y’all can see ok
which actually and like there like that right behind your arm
area so I I can say this first her alright so we don’t need to exceed we
don’t need to keep looking at this mess let me turn the camera what I can say
definitively regardless of whatever the scale said is I wasn’t think Kroy about
a week and a half ago guys the pictures of my arm like the pictures of me I
looked so fluffy like my arms specifically I’m going to put picture in
here just so you know I’m not lying I can see a pretty big shift in like the
kind of upper arm fat and the fat at my waist even though as you can see I still
have a fair amount there that needs to go away it looks like it and if you’re a
girl no no I’m gonna sit down for a minute if you’re a girl you’re gonna
know what I’m talking about here like when you lay down or when you sit
down like when you sit down on the ground and then you kind of relax your
leg and lay your leg like left or right you know you get that sort of bunching
of um I’m gonna use the c-word y’all so don’t freak out no she didn’t yeah I did
um when I turn when I like relax my leg and just kind of let it sit there
there’s way less stacking up there so again even though the scale didn’t move
a lot the scale guys is one indicator one indicator of overall body
composition and body mass so do not let it be the holy grail of every single
thing because the goal at the end of the day is not to hit like oh my god I want
to be 120 pounds like yeah that would be great
but for me personally my goal is to just be 140 super lean and tight like I was
and I’ll put a picture of what I looked like at 1:00 well when I was training I
was like 124 and I and I loved my body there but I was in my opinion really
lean like almost overly lean and I’ll put a picture of that right here back on the grind you know like I said
at the top of the video today was disappointing but you don’t quit you
don’t quit you just keep going I mean I guess it you know if you’re a math
person if you quit you statistically reduce
your chances of success to zero percent whereas if you keep going it’s it’s even
if it’s only one percent better than zero so heading to the gym just gonna
keep pushing guys it’s becoming tradition today it says exercise I
thought you said extra fries french fries alright just got back from the gym
and I want to tuck into the ten reasons why I’m going to keep doing keto even
though I really did not have any weight loss during this first week decreased
hunger normally starting between meals doesn’t matter what I’m doing that was
not the case here there were a few times when I experienced hunger but it was an
exception not the norm number two improved mood I mean I don’t
even know how to say that like I felt I don’t say like a different person
but I certainly felt like the best version of me all week long three mental
clarity I know you feel when you just get a lot of really good rest maybe
there’s like a rainy weekend you just kind of later on it didn’t do anything
my mind was so clear all week number four less-expensive I was able to
this week get rid of energy pills pre workouts and protein shakes which 150
dollars basically a month that I was able to cut just by eating properly and
we’re eating I don’t say properly because maybe keto is not right for you
but eating in a way that served my body number five a more convenient I didn’t
spend six hours meal prepping and you know having to eat every two or three
hours and all of that nonsense I didn’t have to do that
I ate I had the bulletproof coffee and then I had like two other meals
basically throughout the day and that was it
and for a long time actually up until I started keto
I felt like my relationship with food was more committed than you know my
relationship to certain other human beings and that’s not natural that’s not
a that’s not I don’t want to say it’s not a sustainable state because I did it
for a very long time but I don’t know that I felt it was an enjoyable state
all right um number six tons of energy like a ridiculous amount again and
that’s without energy field I literally am the kind of person and you know I
took natural energy supplements but still they’re energy supplements and I
would not even leave the house without them I mean honest to God if my purse
were in here I would show you have a little thing in there it has like my
multivitamins and energy pills oh not leave the house without them
that is how basically dependent I had become on them did not reach for them a
single solitary time this week and I have to tell you that was really nice
number seven lean are feeling yes towards the beginning of the week so
days one through four ish I felt very lean in fact super lean but
for some reason in the last couple of days that has not been the way that I
felt I felt kind of bloated and fluffy and like last night when I went to bed I
was really really bloated I woke up this morning it was gone so I you know I
don’t know I suppose that’s just part of your body trying to figure out what what
are you doing girl number eight I kind of already touched on this less meal
prep okay that means I’m spending less money on food that means I’m spending
less of my time prepping meals I don’t have to constantly like when the kids
and I used to go out for the day I had to pack a cooler okay with multiple sets
of utensils multiple meals freezer packs it ran my life basically and I I didn’t
have to do that so even if the scale didn’t move at all my relationship to
food shifted considerably this week and for me this is a big win number nine
easier to eat and natural kind of already touched on
that in the less expensive if I’m not pumping my body full of artificial
things artificial sweeteners energy pills pre-workout post-workout protein
shakes then that to me even if my performance dipped a little bit in the
gym which it didn’t but my endurance you know I certainly felt like I struggled a
little bit with endurance this week but you know if you ask your body after 44
years hey I would like you to burn something else for fuel
now instead of what you’ve been doing your whole life you know your body’s
gonna go hey give me a beat let me let me catch up with what you’re doing so
you know I was not offended by that sorry I kept touching my face like a
little piece of hair on me or something um getting all of that garbage out of my
system is very important to me eating clean eating natural not having to be
dependent on like oh my god am I gonna run out of energy pills oh my god am I
gonna run out of pre-workout Lord in heaven I could not stand that I don’t
have that problem now because I’m out of food guess what every grocery store in
the world no matter where I’m traveling and that is important no matter where I
am in the world is going to have this stuff regular good old food you know the
stuff you’re supposed to put into your body and number 10 and maybe this is
kind of a compilation of everything less complicated it’s just less complicated
hitting my markers is less complicated the number of meals that I eat in a day
is less complicated meal prep is less complicated meal planning is less
complicated not having to take energy pills is less complicated not having to
distract myself because I was starving between meals less complicated I was in
a better mood I had more energy it was less complicated less expensive more
convenient I mean you know if keto were something that you could date I would
marry it today I am again like I said at the top of the video I know this has
been a long video so thank you for staying with me if you’re still here you
know did the scale move this week not really you know one pound but I feel
better all the way around I just feel like a better version of me so even if
the scale didn’t move I’m gonna continue doing keto because if
I can even if the scale never moved which of course is not possible but if I
could continue to feel the way that I have felt in this last week I would do
Quito indefinitely even if I did not lose another pack so you know if you’re
at the bottom of week one and you step on the scale and it’s a little bit like don’t freak out don’t quit I mean have
yourself a minute you know go cry kill a Kleenex whatever you need to do but do
not quit just keep going because even if it was only a pound this week how many
weeks are there in here how many 52 weeks in a year let’s say
that all you ever lost was one pound a week that’s still fifty two pounds in a
year plus you get to feel incredible so for me all the way around yes yes and oh
yes super yes so I hope you guys are enjoying these videos I know I am
enjoying filming them for you please post any of your comments down below and
I love engaging with you guys and answering your your questions and
responding to your comments next week I’m going to be doing the know protein
powder versus protein powder workouts and letting you know kind of how I felt
that affected my performance and then of course at the end of next week will be a
week to update and just you know hey like what did I find out about keto this
week what what happened in my life with keto this week so if you want to stay on
this journey with me please click like subscribe and turn on that little bell
so you receive notifications when I update your videos and I’ll see you guys
next week don’t quit on yourselves keep going

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