Keto Day 8 | Meal Plan For Next Week

Keto Day 8 | Meal Plan For Next Week

it’s breakfast hour wake up and smell
happy friday guys the kids go to their dad’s this weekend mommy’s going to a
concert in Mississippi always jokes because it’s their dad’s weekend
I can’t think but I think to myself every time I’m in a weekend to myself
laughing y’all alright guys today’s vlog is going to be short sweet and to the
point cuz I have to get ready for this concert but I wanted to show you guys
that this is the book that I got and it’s called keto meal prep and I know
that I said in the other day like you know that I loved keto cuz it reduced
the amount of meal prep that I’m doing and it does but I wanted to show I got
this book principally for the recipes but if you’re new to meal prepping or
you’re interested in meal prep at all I think this is a really great book and
I’ll kind of show you throughout the week but it has some really cool tools
in it like basics and understanding how long food can be kept for and I don’t
wanna bore you with that right now but there’s a lot of really cool information
in this book that is like this is a great example showing you you know how
long you can keep these things for them before they go bad what I’m gonna do
over this kind of week is I’m going to do this right here beginners meal prep
and it has really pretty pictures on some of the pages and I love this right
here you have the grocery list and then the three meals and then on each meal it
shows you the macros so this is the book that I’m going to be working with
this week to try to dial in my keto macros a little bit better so I want to
show you that this book has three different levels so beginners
performance and maintenance for meal prep the recipes in here are really easy
and they look delicious so I’m just gonna kind of play with some of these
and show you what it looks like and then let you know what my weight-loss result
was at the end of the week if that is interesting to you and you want to
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leave me a like if you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys in the next
one and I will leave the link to this in the down bar below in case you guys are
interested in picking it up have a good one that see you tomorrow

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  1. Hey guys. I just started on Keto and I thought it would be fun to share a daily vlog about what happens. Let me know what Keto questions you guys have? I will be adding what I eat in a day videos next week along with 1, 2, 3 and so on weekly updates. Subscribe to see my daily updates if you want to follow me on this journey. #ketojourney #askrl

  2. I’m a 👩 39-year-old from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and keto has helped me lose 🧘🏻‍♂️ 170 lbs (77 kg) in 1 year. So If you guys want my 😇 meal plan type "yes" or "xoxo" 🥰

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